Weather in Fuengirola in September: Local Update

Are you planning to visit Costa del Sol in September?

If you’re wondering what the weather in Fuengirola is like, you came to the right place!

Fuengirola has been my home for a number of years now, and I had the pleasure of spending each start of autumn here. Personally I look forward to September each summer because it means that the crowds are leaving and the temperatures are going down.

This year was one of the busiest summers that Fuengirola remembers, and the shift in September is very noticeable. Almost all the local Spanish holidaymakers have left as soon as the school started, and even though there are still tourists around, it’s not as crowded as it was a month ago.

But let’s get to the weather update for Fuengirola in September.

Below is a summary of what you can expect, but keep in mind that the weather has some variations each year – some years the start of autumn could be more rainy, other years its much warmer and still feels like the middle of the summer.

Fuengirola weekend market
Fuengirola market in mid September

Weather in Fuengirola in September: The Breakdown


The temperatures in Fuengirola in September are still very warm, with an average around 28C and the lowest temperatures around 23C.

Even though its nice and warm during the day, the early mornings and evenings tend to be colder and it can go down to 19C.

Nights are still generally quite pleasant and unlike last month, you won’t need to rely on using airconditioning during the day or night.

Sea Temperature & Beaches

The sea temperature hovers around 20C, and it’s still a popular time for swimming and even sunbathing.

September is also the last month when you can still use the rental sun chairs and umbrellas on the beach – they tend to pack those away in October.

Rainy Days in September in Fuengirola

September only sees a handful of rainy days that are scattered closer to the end of the month. You can expect on average around 4 rainy days.

Even with a rainy day in the forecast, the rain normally doesn’t last all day and it clears up quite fast. So you can enjoy some sun still after the rain clears up.

How Busy is Fuengirola in September

Fuengirola is much more quiet compared to the previous month, which is the busiest from the whole year. Most of the regular tourists have left and even though it’s still busy tourist season, it’s much more pleasant thanks to less crowds.

In terms of accommodation and services, this prices are still pretty much close to the main season levels, and tend to start dropping in October.

Fuengirola old town
Fuengiroal old town in September

What to Pack for Fuengirola for September

For most part of the month, you will be fine with some summer clothes, and a light jacket or cardigan for the early mornings or late evenings.

You will be most likely fine without bringing an umbrella, as the chance of rain is very low. If you need one, there are lots of small kiosk shops around the main promenade where you can get one, and even warmer clothing if needed.

What to Do in Fuengirola in September

September is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and spend some time on the beach. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to do on your holiday, I have added some options below.

Monthly Weather Updates for Fuengirola

Here is a full list of the detailed monthly updates done so far, more to be added!

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