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My Stay at Casale Panayiotis, Cyprus – part 2

Without further delay, here is the second part of my trip to the village of Kalopanayiotis and my stay at Casale Panayotis. If you missed the first part, you can check it here.

Even though I was staying only for one night and a mere 24 hours, I could not fit everything into one post as there is so much to see in the village.

Starting where we left off – by the hotel building with this gorgeous red ivy.

As it’s officially winter in Cyprus (you can’t tell if you look outside the window), it was getting dark pretty quickly.

I wanted to check the Venetian bridge on the first night, trying to beat the darkness and sneaking in some pictures before heading back to the hotel for dinner.

The Venetian bridge is a short walk away from the hotel reception and dates back to 16 century. It used to be the only access point from the monastery to the village.

We didn’t stay very long as the night set in and we rushed back to the main square in search of Byzantino restaurant.

On the way, we made a quick pit-stop in the library that I already admired earlier during lunchtime. This time I had to check it out from inside.

I didn’t find much information about the library on the hotel‘s website, but from the looks of it, it is essentially what is says on the box – a library.

It’s very beautifully decorated, with plenty of books to go through, and each table has a button that will attract the attention of the staff who will bring you drinks wherever you sit.

I can imagine it is also used for small conferences or it’s a great place if someone feels like catching up on work in peace.

At the entrance to the building, you are presented with a beautiful hallway that is centered between two rooms and a spiral staircase leading downstairs.

Hoping to find a wine cellar, I only discovered another beautiful room with traditional stone walls, fireplace and plenty of comfy looking seats.

This place is perfect as a little hang out area if you’re about to go for dinner or a few drinks after dinner. I haven’t seen many hotels with libraries, but this would be one of the prettiest ones.

Back to the most important bit – the food.

The menu we were presented with was identical to the one we were picking from lunch.

This time we wanted to try something else, so I picked traditional Cypriot pasta with mint and my husband went for pork, I believe.

The food was good, but both of us preferred the choice we had earlier for lunch.

There was still enough time to explore some local gems on the way to our room.

This one felt like cut out straight from a movie.

Quirky decor, roaring fire in the middle of the room and a lot of character of Kafe Oinos made me want to set up a camp there.

Except two of us, there were just a couple of locals and another couple of tourists joining in later.

Chilled music, the cracking of the fire and a good wine turned the night into a perfect winter evening. Only thing that was missing was a bit of snow outside, but hey we can’t have it all!

Let me show you around a bit….

After too many wine glasses (again), we headed back to our room, to be fresh and ready for the breakfast next morning.

Greeted by beautiful sunshine and a fresh smell of nature in the countryside.

We took the pathway down the village, instead of the lift and couldn’t help to admire the ivy, again. I know you’re getting bored with it.

Bear with me please, it’s not every day I get to experience autumn first-hand in Cyprus!

We found our breakfast place just a few meters down from the reception building.

Overlooking the valley and with a pretty outdoor seating area.

The breakfast was superb, I have to admit I ate way too much and got obsessed with the mushrooms they served.

Great coffee, fresh good quality ingredients served in a relaxed atmosphere and with stunning views.

Even locals couldn’t resist the smell of the delicious food….

After breakfast, it was time to finish our tourist business, before returning back to Paphos.

Starting with the sulfur springs that we seemed to have missed the previous night.

The village of Kalopanayiotis is known mainly for the springs, which were closely tied to it’s status as a spa town in Cyprus.

The springs are accessible close to the banks of the river, by the Venetian bridge and date back to the ancient Kingdom of Soli. Kings used this area as their wellness resort and a stop-over during hunting trips.

According to legends, a temple dedicated to Aesclipious – the God of healing – used to stand on the spot of the current monastery.

The water from the spring is used even today and known for their healing properties.

And that brings us to the last stop on this trip.

The Monastery of St John Lampadistis – a UNESCO heritage site that dates back to 11th – 15th century (exact time is not know).

Inside the monastery you get a chance to admire one of the most beautiful Byzantine churches on the island, including it’s frescos, wooden carved doors and icons.

We just had a quick stroll around as a group of teenagers on a school trip started echoing around the whole village and spoiled the whole serenity of the place.

I sound like I’m 80 already.

The monastery is just a few meters away from the springs, so you shouldn’t miss a chance to check it out.

After we quickly checked the monastery, I was very keen to explore the quirky little shop opposite the reception building.

Unfortunately it did not open in time and we had to head back home.

There was plenty left to discover in the village. We haven’t checked the rest of the restaurant and bistro options and I didn’t explore the surrounding villages.

From what we’ve heard, the resort is very popular in winter when people come to stay and then go skiing in Troodos during the day.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of exciting new plans for the village and hotel itself.

I can’t wait to go back to check the progress and explore the remaining parts of the village and the surrounding countryside.

I only stayed here for a night, but there is something about this place that makes you feel like at home.

Until next time Kalopanayiotis!

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