First Snow in Troodos, Cyprus

There is one thing that you will probably never realise until you move to an island like Cyprus – how much you miss the seasons.

Luckily, yesterday I got a chance to experience pretty much all seasons in one day.

Leaving early afternoon from a relatively warm coast, we headed up north to Platres. Driving between rolling hills covered with autumn trees and ripening wines, olive groves that were too stubborn to reveal the season’s colours and sleepy villages.

Platres is a wonderful place this time of year, if you want a chance to avoid crowds, head there during the week. We had a quick lunch and warm up coffee in a restaurant on the main road and quickly headed to Troodos Square.

I was expecting to see a bit of white dust and certainly not a winter wonderland fit for a postcard. Snow, snow and more snow!

I think last time I was this excited about snow was when I was 6 years old. There is something amazing about being able to drive from a sunny beach to snow-covered mountains in just a few hours.

After the initial excitement, we realised we’ll quickly freeze without proper gear, so we headed up to the Troodos Hotel for a quick refreshment and warm up. Fire was cracking in the fireplace, barely anyone around and lots of comfy sofas to lounge on while sipping our wine.

After a short warm up, I popped out to get more visual memories of this beauty, take a look!

After good few hours in Troodos Square we headed up towards Mount Olympus. Despite being in Troodos many times I never got a chance to make it to the highest peak.

It was hard to judge if it was worth the drive because the peak was covered with a cloud. Visibility – none, spooky horror movie feeling – 100 %!

We quickly got last few shots on the camera before our fingers froze completely and ran to the car to defrost.

As we drove back, the snow started to vanish and to top of the amazing day, we were rewarded with beautiful sunset views from the mountain.

A winter like this?

I take it any and every year!


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