Best Restaurants in Limassol: A Guide by a Local Expat

(last update: Sept 2021)

Planning a trip to Limassol?

In that case, one of the first things to look for in a good restaurant, right?!

If you’re planning to start by a quick glance on Tripadvisor, please don’t. It’s full of some of the worst recommendations I experienced firsthand.

The last person you want to get local food recommendations is a tourist who follows the same advice found on Tripadvisor.

As you’ve probably already heard, the best place to eat is to find restaurants where locals eat. That’s sometimes easier said than done, especially if you’re visiting Cyprus in the high season.

I’m by no means an expert on the Limassol culinary scene, but in my 6+ years on the island, I have tried and tested most of the best and worst it has to offer. Most of my recommendations below were found by my friends living in Limassol or by random chance and lots of online research.

I’m only sharing those where I would happily return for great food, views & atmosphere.

I’ve had amazing food in other places all over the city, but wasn’t disciplined enough to make a note of their name (or to have a camera with me), so hence only the short list this time!

My favorite Limassol Restaurants:

If you fancy getting to know them a bit better, click on the link to the individual blog posts or read up further here.

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1. La Frenchie

Great for: mouth-watering French cuisine, black and white movies streaming on the walls over the weekends, vibrant atmosphere, attentive staff.

Where to find it: just off the main square in front of Limassol Castle, in a small alleyway leading back to the main road. The location is marked here.

Menu: check it on their website here.

My comments: La Frenchie is one of the places I kept coming back whenever I was in Limassol. It is hidden away in a small alleyway and always buzzing with locals. The food is superb and I have never been disappointed, also very reasonably priced. Book your table as its very popular especially at weekends.

2. Dionysus Mansion

Great for: summer nights, outdoor dining, a relaxing atmosphere, and bigger group dining.

Where to find it: on the same road as the main post office in Limassol. On the map here.

Menu: they don’t seem to have a website but publish regular menu updates on their Facebook page.

My comments: This place was a huge surprise as behind the bland-looking house lurked a lush garden with a fountain and quirky decor.

There is plenty of space for big groups but also isolated tables if there are just two of you and want to have privacy. Get there just before sunset to enjoy this glorious golden light.

Food was all cooked from fresh local ingredients and presented beautifully. They have also a great selection of cocktails.

3. Marina Breeze

Best for: quick lunch while shopping or meeting friends in the Marina, great for fine dining and cocktails. One of the less-crowded dining options in the Marina.

Where to find it: in Limassol Marina

Menu: check it here

My Comments: I found the restaurant by chance while trying to find a peaceful place to enjoy lunch, as a lot of the restaurants in Marina tend to get crowded around lunchtime (or closer to dinner).

They have huge windows that open up, exposing the sea and fish gathering under your feet. Get a table by the window to enjoy the fresh sea breeze along with some tasty culinary treats.

The menu was very creative and the food lived up to the expectations.

4. Gin Fish

Best for: seafood, sea views and gin cocktails

Where to find it: near Limassol Marina, check the location on map here.

Menu: link to menu available on their Facebook page.

My comments: a very cool place with stunning views towards the sea and Limassol promenade. Get there early to get the best seats in the house and enjoy uninterrupted sea views with an exotic Gin cocktail in hand.

Do you have some other recommendations for where to dine in Limassol?

Leave a comment below, please!

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