Benalmadena Weather in September: Expert Tips [2024]

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Benalmadena Weather in September: Expert Tips [2024]

Is September a good month to visit Benalmadena?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place!

I have been living next to Benalmadena since 2020, so I am very familiar with the weather conditions all year round.

Not just that, but unlike generic weather forecast, I can also give you lots of practical local insights that will make planning your trip much easier!

So to answer your question: YES! September is an ideal month to visit Benalmadena!

Let’s take a look at what you can expect in September.

September on Costa del Sol

Spain’s Costa del Sol is known for its idyllic weather and beaches, and the beginning of autumn is the perfect season to take advantage of both.

In September, the temperatures are slowly declining (emphasis on slowly!).

It is still very warm and you can certainly enjoy your time in the sea, as water temperatures tend to stay pleasant throughout the month.

In September, the peak season is beginning to wind down, and so are the crowds that descend on the area in the summer months. As the end of summer rolls along, the Costa del Sol becomes less sweltering and slightly less packed. 

Temperatures gradually become comfortable, meaning you can enjoy the cities, beaches, and natural attractions without feeling overheated and overcrowded.

Benalmadena Stupa
Buddhist temple in Benalmadena

Benalmádena Weather in September: Overview

Here are some rough averages you can expect in Benalmádena in September:

  • Average High Temperature: 31C (88F)
  • Average Low Temperature: 17C (63F)
  • Sunshine Hours: 8 hours
  • Rainfall Days: 5 days
  • Sea Temperatures: 23C (73F)

Late Summer Conditions in September 

September marks the end of Benalmádena’s iconic summer season.

However, though the crowds get gradually smaller, the weather doesn’t necessarily let up – September is usually still warm and sunny enough for swimming or lounging on the sand.

You may feel temperatures cool ever so slightly, which can be a plus after a long, hot summer on the coast. 

Average Temperatures in September 

Benalmadena’s September temperatures reach an average high of 88F, or about 31C. Lows dip to around 63F, or 17C. 

This time of the year, the weather conditions are pretty stable, so even if you check the weather a few weeks in advance, there shouldn’t be any dramatic changes.

You’ll feel the lower temperatures in the mornings and evenings but expect hot, summer-like temperatures throughout the day.

coastline of Benalmadena

Average Rainfall in September 

Though it does signify the end of a long summer, September in Benalmádena doesn’t usually see much rain. Average rainfall in September measures about 33.7mm, which is just over 1.3 inches. 

This means you should expect no more than 5 rainy days throughout the month. This likely won’t have a huge impact on your travel plans, but always be aware of the possibility of a storm. 

As it’s usually the case with the rain in this region, this time of the year you might just encounter a quick shower that will quickly pas.

Sea Temperatures in September

Benalmadena’s September sea temperatures hover around 70F, or 21C.

This means it will still be warm enough to enjoy a swim in the sea, though you may feel the water start to cool down in the evenings. 

The sun chair rentals are still very much operational, so you can enjoy the beach without dragging your own chair and umbrella.

Sunshine Hours in September

Benalmadena’s September can often feel like an extension of summer, with plenty of sunny days to brighten up your stay. 

The month usually sees about 8 full hours of sunshine daily, meaning you’ll have no problem organizing beach days. Cloudy, overcast skies are also possible – however, this will likely feel refreshing after soaking in so much daily sun. 

Humidity in September

In September, the humidity in Benalmadena measures about 67% on average.

This isn’t high enough to be noticeably muggy, so it likely won’t have an impact on your comfort. Humidity increases as fall moves along and the coast gets more rainfall. 

Paloma park in Benalmadena
Paloma park in Benalmadena

What to Expect for Benalmádena in September 


If you’re planning on visiting Benalmadena in September, expect stable weather conditions that are perfect for a classic Costa del Sol beach getaway.

It will likely be hot and sunny enough for you to be able to spend plenty of time enjoying the surf, sand, and local outdoor attractions. 

September is not generally a rainy month, so powerful storms are less likely.

September’s predictable forecast makes it a great month to travel to Benalmadena with minimal weather-related disruptions. 


With stable sea temperatures, the Costa del Sol shoreline remains warm enough to swim and sunbathe throughout September. 

Benalmadena Pueblo


Thanks to its high temperatures and perfect conditions, Benalmadena stays pretty busy in September.

However, keep in mind that younger vacationers go back to school around this time, meaning you will be seeing smaller crowds. It’s mainly the Spanish holidaymakers that leave the coastline, but there is still plenty of traffic coming from Europe.

Benalmadena won’t be significantly quieter right away, but you may notice less activity as summer turns into fall. 

Planning Your Trip to Benalmádena in September 


When planning an off-season getaway to Benalmadena, there are a few necessities to keep in mind as you pack your bags.

September’s hot and sunny weather will definitely influence what you take with you to Spain. 

A compact umbrella and packable rain jacket are a great combo to throw in your bag just in case. September in Benalmadena usually sees only about 5 days of rain, but if any of those take place during your trip, you don’t want to be left without the right gear.

Make sure you also bring shoes that are somewhat water-resistant so that you can keep exploring even when it’s wet outside. These essentials shouldn’t take up too much space in your bag, and you’ll be glad to have them if it rains. 

Benalmadena Pueblo

September on the Costa del Sol is extremely sunny, so you absolutely need to have sun protection. Nothing disrupts a great trip like a bad sunburn, so take preventative measures.

Pack sunscreen of SPF 50 or higher, a wide-brim hat and lightweight clothing. Your rain umbrella can also protect you from the sun if you find yourself at the beach without coverage.

Benalmadena and nearby Malaga offer plenty of outdoor exploration, so if you anticipate hiking or walking the trails, bring comfortable footwear. A durable pair of hiking boots or sneakers is a good choice. Exploring Benalmadena or Malaga on foot is one of the best ways to see the cities, so make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. 


Though Benalmadena’s season starts to wind down in September, the city is still busy. Local events are a great way to meet people and learn about Spanish culture.

Benalmadena doesn’t see major holidays in September, but there are always performances and other events going on both in town, and in nearby Malaga. 

This September, keep an eye out for the Arabian Souk. This fair celebrates the region’s diverse heritage with music, food, crafts, and interactive activities. 


In a destination as popular as Benalmadena, planning beach days will be one of the most important parts of your trip, so be sure to do it right. Benalmadena’s beaches fill up fast, even in September, so plan to arrive early.

If you are driving, research parking rules before heading out.

If you are taking public transportation, check schedules twice, as details may vary based on the day of the week. Weekends are guaranteed to be more crowded than weekdays, but arriving extra early is always a good idea. 

Equipment rentals vary by beach, so it’s better to bring as much of your own beach gear as you can.

This includes sun chairs, towels and a beach umbrella. The umbrella is especially crucial, as you don’t want to be baking in the sun instead of enjoying the sand. 

Bring plenty of water and snacks or a picnic meal as well- while many of Benalmadena’s beaches are close to eateries, they may get extremely crowded at meal times.

If you’re able to pack a lunch that will last a few hours in a cooler, you’ll save yourself the trouble of leaving your spot to stand in line at a restaurant. 

Parque de la Batteria, Benalmadena

Things to do in Benalmadena in September

If you’re ready to plan your trip, here are the best things you can do in Benalmadena:

Benalmadena Weather in September: Frequent Questions

How hot is Benalmadena in September?

In Benalmadena, September temperatures can reach highs of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 31 degrees Celsius. This, coupled with 8 hours of sun a day makes September a very hot month in Benalmadena. 

Does it rain in Benalmadena in September?

It can rain in Benalmadena in September, but the month usually only sees about 5 days of rain. This is about half as rainy as November or December.

What is Benalmadena like in September?

In September, Benalmadena is extremely hot and sunny, and quite similar to summer months. This makes September perfect for beach days and enjoying cooler evenings. 

What to do on a rainy day Benalmadena?

If it does happen to rain while you are staying in Benalmadena, don’t worry- there are plenty of things to do indoors. 

A rainy day might be a great excuse to spend some time touring the nearby hub of Malaga. Many of the city’s museums, historic sites, restaurants, and shopping destinations are indoors, meaning you can explore to your heart’s content without getting soaked.

Benalmadena is known for its beaches and natural beauty, but when a rainstorm threatens to ruin your day, you can still discover the region.

If you enjoy historic attractions but don’t want to venture too far from town, consider spending the day touring Benalmadena’s Old Town, Colomares Castle or the quirky Enlightenment Stupa.

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