Day Trip From Torremolinos To Gibraltar: Practical Tips [2024]

Day Trip From Torremolinos To Gibraltar: Practical Tips [2024]

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to book a day trip from Torremolinos to Gibraltar, you came to the right place!

I have visited Gibraltar myself, and as I live on Costa del Sol, I am able to share lots of local insights and tips that will make your trip options much more convenient and save you a lot of time and hassle.

Day Trip From Torremolinos To Gibraltar Travel Options

Torremolinos is well connected with the rest of Costa del Sol with a train and bus network, but by far the most convenient travel option is local tour company.

Here is a list of all your options with full details for each below.

  1. Day trip from Torremolinos to Gibraltar with local tour company
  2. Rent a car and travel on your own (see notes re parking)
  3. Using public transport (not recommended)
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View from the Skywalk in Gibraltar

1. Day Trip from Torremolinos to Gibraltar with Local Tour Company

Using a local tour company is the easiest and most cost-effective option to see Gibraltar on a day trip from Torremolinos.

Click this link to choose your dates, add a number of passengers, and book in a few steps online.

This day trip comes with a FREE cancellation policy for up to 24 hours, and you can book the trip now and pay later (how great is that!).

Using a tour company has a number of benefits. In this case, its much better value for money compared to renting a car, no need to navigate the local traffic, and you also get insights about Gibraltar from the English-speaking guide on board an air-conditioned bus with wifi.

This day trip has a basic fee which includes transport to and from Gibraltar, but also an upgrade option to book the tour of the Nature Reserve, for an extra charge.

Simply select which one you prefer when you book using the link above.

view from pillars of Hercules

2. Day Trip to Gibraltar with Rental Car

If you already rented a car or planning to do so, you can also drive to Gibraltar on your own, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

While the drive itself is not too difficult, around 1.5 hours via the main highways, there are road tolls to pay on your way, on top of petrol and the cost of the car rental.

It is also highly recommended to leave the car at La Linea parking lot to save a lot of time waiting for passport control and crossing on foot.

The car lines to cross the borders are notoriously long, and you can end up waiting for an hour just to cross the borders. Cars drive on the right inside Gibraltar, unlike the UK.

It might end up costing you a lot more than booking a day trip with a tour operator, plus the added hassle of finding parking and paying the extra fees.

Gibraltar old town
Gibraltar old town

3. Day Trip to Gibraltar with Public Transport

The public transport options to Gibraltar from Torremolinos are fairly limited, your best bet would be getting a train or bus to Malaga, and then taking a bus from there.

There are up to 7 connections per day, with the shortest journey around 1.5 hours but can go up to over 2 hours.

With the added travel time to Malaga and change, I think this is too much time spent traveling for a single-day trip.

You also have to consider that the bus can’t cross the borders of Gibraltar, so you will have to get to La Linea bus station and walk to the border crossing from there.

From the border crossing, you can walk to Gibraltar on foot via the airport runway crossing, or take a local Gibraltar taxi to the town.

While it’s certainly an option, the daily connections are pretty limited and you will have to pick the shorter travel time buses so you have plenty of time to explore Gibraltar.

Gibraltar monkeys
Monkeys of Gibraltar

Book Online: Day Trip From Torremolinos To Gibraltar

As I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend booking your trip online with a tour operator, which has a number of advantages:

  • Cancel up to 24 hours ahead of the trip for a full refund
  • Reserve your spot now and pay later
  • Read the traveller reviews for this trip before you book
  • Runs 3x a week
  • 9.5 hours total trip duration which is perfect for a day trip
  • Travel in a comfortable air-conditioned bus with wifi and USB sockets
  • Information about Gibraltar from English speaking guide on board
  • Option to book a nature reserve tour (not included in the basic trip rate)
  • Free time to explore Gibraltar on your own (check the full itinerary by visiting the link below)

How to Book Your Day Trip From Torremolinos to Gibraltar

  1. Head over to the day trip info page here, and select your dates from the calendar.
  2. Add the number of tickets you want for this day trip (you will need to add names and IDs for each passenger)
  3. Once you have the date selected, you will be shown a number of options with different departure locations, select the one which says Torremolinos and proceed to payment.

PLEASE NOTE: The list of the pickup locations is long.

If you scroll down further you will see Including Rock Tour from Central Torremolinos as a trip option – select this if you would like to see the Nature reserve while on this day trip (for a different price of course)

You will see the meeting point marked on a link and also the added starting time for the day trip (usually around 7am)

Once you complete the transaction, you will get a confirmation email which lists all the details you need to know for your trip.

Essential Info For Your Day Trip From Torremolinos to Gibraltar

A trip to Gibraltar comes with a few unique rules that you should know about and check before you book your trip.

  • It is your responsibility to check the entry requirements to the country, especially if you’re from a non-EU country.
  • Gibraltar was annexed to the UK by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, following the end of the war. It is considered a British territory abroad, most often referred to locally as ‘the Rock’ (no, not the actor).
  • As a British territory, the same rules will apply as if you’re visiting the UK. These rules have changed a little since the UK left the EU.
  • Before you plan your trip, please make sure that you check the legal requirements for entry to this UK territory on the official Gibraltar government website, where you will get advice for every nationality
  • As of spring 2023, you can enter Gibraltar with a valid EU passport without any additional paperwork, or even a valid national ID card (EU citizens only).
  • If you’re not from the EU, VISA requirements may apply – check the link above for more details
  • There are some restrictions on how much good you can bring to Spain from Gibraltar and another way around, you can check the HM Customs page which has more details. The customs check is both on entry to Gibraltar and also exit.
  • Following the border crossing and passport control, you will have to cross the airport runway to get to Gibraltar town – sometimes a wait is necessary if a plane is scheduled to land or depart.
old town Gibraltar
old town Gibraltar

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – if you decide to book using one of the links, I will earn a small commission that helps me run this site. This is at no extra cost to you.

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