Jaen Bus Station: Practical Tips

Jaen Bus Station: Practical Tips

Are you traveling to Jaen and you’re not sure what to expect from the bus station? Can you get a taxi from there or leave your luggage behind?

I will answer these and other questions in this article.

Jaen bus station, Spain

Where is Jaen Bus Station?

Jaen bus station (Estation de Autobuses de Jaen) is located next to Parque de la Concordia, at Plaza Coca de la Piñera, 6., not far away from the city center. There is a big road – Avenida de Madrid – that will take you all the way to the old town, but it’s an uphill climb.

The location of the bus station is marked on the map below.

If you’re wondering whether to take a taxi to your accommodation or not, I would highly recommend it, especially if you have a lot of luggage to carry with you.

The road leading up to the town is uphill, which is not fun if you have to drag luggage behind you.

Jaen bus station, Spain

Facilities at Jaen Bus Station

Here is a full list of the facilities at the Jaen bus station:

  • Luggage lockers
  • Public toilets
  • Waiting room with space for seating
  • Information office
  • Ticket purchase office
  • Cafeteria
  • Taxi rank outside the main entrance, to your right

As I was there during the siesta hours, the cafeteria was closed, but from what I could see there were no other shops or places where you can even buy water.

Jaen bus station, Spain

Practical Tips for Jaen Bus Station

If you’re traveling from Jaen bus station, don’t arrive there too early – there is virtually nothing to do in there.

There is a cafeteria right next to the entrance to the station, but at the time of my visit, it was closed. They take siesta hours pretty seriously in Jaen.

If you need a taxi to get to your accommodation and worry there might not be one available, it’s a good idea to save some local taxi numbers you can find online so you can call a taxi on the spot if that is the case. Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Jaen.

If you’re traveling with kids, there is a lovely park next to the station (Parque Concordia), which might be a nice place to explore before your bus arrives. At the end of it, you will also find a lovely small cafe.

Jaen bus station, Spain

Buying Bus Tickets for Jaen

Getting your tickets in advance online saves you a lot of hassle and will ensure you have selected seating for your trip. I always buy directly from Alsa, one of the local bus companies.

If you’re planning to do more bus trips, it’s worth signing up for Alsa’s loyalty program – they give you 15% off on the next trip you book, and save all your details so you don’t have to fill in all the fields for each booking.

When you get to the bus, you simply scan the QR code from your phone or printed ticket.

The bus driver may ask to see your ID – they don’t always do this, but worth remembering and having your ID handy.

Jaen bus station, Spain

Connections to and from Jaen Station

From Jaen, you can travel to the following destinations by bus:

  • Jaen to Granada – 5 times a day, journey time 1 hr 15 mins
  • Jaen to Madrid – run by Samar bus company, 3 times a day, journey time around 4 hours
  • Jaen to Ubeda and Baeza – 10 times a day, journey time 45 minutes
  • Jaen to Malaga Airport – one bus a day, with a change in Granada
  • Jaen to Algeciras – one bus per day, 8 hours journey time

For more information and other journey options, you can go to alsa website and type in your journey details.

Jaen bus station, Spain

Bus Station vs Train Station in Jaen

I had options to use either bus or train to get to Jaen, so if you’re facing the same choice, I would personally vote for the bus station.

The bus station is much better equipped, with more connections available, and has more facilities compared to the train station. The only thing that it lacked was a bigger taxi stand – there were only 2 available when I arrived, and I imagine in the busy season those get taken pretty quickly.

The train station is pretty dated, with a much smaller waiting hall.

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  1. Many thanks for the very useful insight . I have just looked at the schedule for buses from Malaga city to Jaen with Alsa and found the afternoon departures are significantly cheaper . Do you think it is necessary to book on line in advance or will we be fine buying two tickets on the day of travel ? Good health .

    • Hi Tom, I would buy them right away as that gives you more options to select your seats and departure options too. There won’t be massive differences in prices if you buy last minute, but if you want a specific seat it might not be available anymore. Alsa also has a royalty program, so if you plan to use buses more on this trip, sign up and they give you 15% off on the next trip. Lucia

  2. Hello Lucia,
    I have found your article while searching for a place to securely store bikes for two weeks while renting a car. Do you have, by any chance, a suggestion for Jaen (I know, it’s an unusual question)?
    Thanks Thomas

    • Hi Thomas, I don’t have much experience with this but local bike stores might be able to help you and store the bikes for you. I don’t know if you’re renting an apartment there but ask the owner if you could keep it in the garage for those two weeks for an extra fee? Lucia


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