Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola: A Review

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In the dark days of the pandemic and 3 month-long lockdowns in Spain, food was usually the highlight of my whole day.

And more often than not, I ended up ordering noodles or sushi from Kazuki, so it’s about time I introduced you to this place!

The Location

Kazuki is a Teppanyaki and Sushi restaurant near Rosario Park in Los Boliches.

It’s almost invisible from the main road with only an old sign hanging on the front of the entrance.

It’s located in an old building right by the busy main road, opposite the train tracks. It’s certainly not a place where you would go for a romantic dinner for two. But don’t let that put you off.

Most importantly, the food is excellent, and has always been!

If you don’t want to venture all the way there on foot, you can order from them on the Just Eat website or their app, and save yourself a trip to Los Boliches.

Scroll down below for details on the food.

Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
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The Food & Menu

Kazuki’s main specialty is sushi, in all shapes and sizes.

I have sampled quite a few of them and the quality is always top – always using the freshest ingredients, perfectly rolled, and with delicious flavor combinations.

Teppanyaki is the other thing they’re known for – people come to the restaurant to watch the show with a chef, and it’s also a popular place to book for birthday dinners and similar events.

While the inside of the restaurant may lack atmosphere, the chef show certainly makes up for it.

Another hallmark of a good restaurant – even though I’ve been here a number of times, the food always tastes the same, so you’re never let down if you have some favorites you like to order.

Some of my favorites are pictured below:

  • Udon noodles with shrimp or vegetables
  • Edamame with salt
  • Miso soup
  • Tepanyaiki salmon with brocoli
  • Avocado or salmon sushi – among many others

You can check the full menu here.

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Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kazuki Restaurant, Fuengirola

If you’re in the mood for sushi or some other delicious Asian flavours, give them a try!

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