Mediterranean Cruise Day Three: Sifnos, Greece

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Welcome to Sifnos!

A tiny little island is hidden away between Paros and Milos. I was unaware of its existence until I saw it on the itinerary for our Mediterranean cruise I took with my little family in August.

We arrived in Sifnos, in a tiny port town called Kamares, on our third day of cruising, greeted by a gorgeous turquoise blue bay, trendy boutique shops and buzzing tourists.

Most of our fellow travelers came prepared with beach gear and headed straight to the crystal clear waters to freshen up in the 35+C heat.

Instead, we took a stroll on the main road offering a handful of little shops, restaurants, beach bars and ceramic shops.  

The streets were busy and the traffic was crazy, with barely enough space for people to pass next to each other while cars were trying to squeeze their way between tourists, bikes and mopeds.

It didn’t take look before the heat took its toll and we headed to a shady spot for a bit of refreshment.  

Our little guy just passed out in the pram and we had a peaceful moment to admire the commotion around us. It reminded me a bit of Italy, with all the crazy drivers, cars beeping, people shouting and tourists dragging their suitcases towards the boats.


We were sipping our ice cold white wine, letting the summer breeze and smell of sea surround us and were gratefully enjoying those precious moments when your toddler falls asleep for half an hour. We were on a tight schedule, so venturing out of the port town was out of the question. Instead, we took our time and explored the whole bay, from one corner to the other.


Being the professional tourists, we avoided the beach all together and headed to the nearest restaurant to get a nibble of the local treats and taste some local Greek wines. We were very lucky and found a beautiful vine shaded restaurant called Medousa with a stunning outdoor terrace and even more beautiful indoor decor.

We couldn’t resist and tasted some freshly prepared mussels and were regretting that we stuffed our faces on the boat buffet when we could have enjoyed a proper culinary experience in this place. Just when we were finishing our food, the little man woke up requesting fresh dose of entertainment and action, so we moved along the bay to see what else Sifnos has to offer.

We were very surprised to discover even more beautiful views and scenery on the other side of the bay. With only one restaurant and a couple of beach bars to choose from, we headed to the one with the best views. The water was calling our name as we were sipping our frape and watching other holidaymakers enjoying their lunch.

Listening to sea waves and children playing on the beach, we could easily sit there for hours just being happy to be there. But that wasn’t the plan our little guy had – we ventured up the stairs and around the cliffs to check if there are any local cats worth chasing. When we finished our cliff audit, it was time to slowly head back for a last giant ice cream before making our way to the boat.


If you’re heading to Sifnos or have been there, I would love to know what you think!

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