Pez Wanda Restaurant, Málaga: My Review

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On my recent trip to Málaga, I came completely unprepared and only got restaurant recommendations from the lovely staff at our hotel.

Their tip was to go to Pez Lola, which quickly became my no 1 for fish places in Malaga (I linked the post at the end of this article).

On my second night, I felt adventurous so me and my husband ended up in Pez Wanda, simply because it was not crowded and the place looked really nice.

If I should have learned anything from the past, it is this: beautiful decor doesn’t always translate to a great dining experience. Usually, it’s the opposite.

Unfortunately, this was the case here too.

If you check the place on Tripadvisor or Google listing, it has glowing reviews. But as it’s always the case, it doesn’t give you the full picture.

The restaurant is undoubtedly decorated with a lot of attention to detail, with two huge fish tanks on the left side and a generous dining area with quirky decor and beautiful furniture. You feel like you’re sitting in an establishment somewhere by the beach, not in the middle of a busy city.

The staff was also really professional and spoke good English, which is a big bonus!

But that’s about where the good stuff ends.

The menu was pretty overpriced, even for central Malaga.

I had steamed mussels with fish & curry sauce. A very small portion for the price, and the sauce was pretty strong with no depth of flavour.

Me and my husband also shared some roasted sardines, which lacked salt and did not taste any better than the stuff you can get in any chiringuito.

My husband ordered the Galician beef entrecote with baked potatoes, which was in his own words ‘the worst piece of meat he had in a long time’. There was only a tiny piece of potato to accompany the meat. At least it was cooked as ordered, medium rare.

I checked the reviews to see if this was a bad day for the chef, and many people complained about the quality of paella too. I wouldn’t recommend ordering paella anywhere in Malaga, unless it’s a place that’s specialized in rice dishes, otherwise, you set yourself up for disappointment.

Malaga has so many culinary delights to offer, so don’t waste your money in a place that doesn’t live up to your expectations. I certainly won’t be returning here.

Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain
Pez Wanda, Malaga Spain

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