Puente Nuevo: The Famous Bridge in Ronda, Spain

Puente Nuevo: The Famous Bridge in Ronda, Spain

It’s almost impossible to see a photo of Ronda without the breathtaking view of the Puente Nuevo bridge, which can easily rank itself among the most known bridges in whole of Spain.

If you’re wondering what makes it so special, this article will provide a little background along with some useful tips for visiting, and most importantly – more photos!

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Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, southern Spain, is the newest of the three bridges that connect the two parts of this ancient city – El Mercadillo and La Ciudad. It towers over the El Tajo gorge at 120 meters, making it the highest bridge in the city.

The bridge is used by pedestrians and also traffic, with a small elevated edge where you can take a better look under the bridge.

BONUS TIP: If you want the best location for your stay, I highly recommend the Hotel Don Miguel, which sits on the side of the bridge, offering some of the best views of the landmark.

A bonus point – some of the rooms have gorgeous views of the gorge and the bridge, and in some rooms, you also get a small terrace with chairs and table. I have stayed in the hotel during my stay in Ronda and can highly recommend it (read the linked blog post for more details)

Puento Nuevo bridge in Ronda, Spain
View of the bridge from Casa don Bosco

Puente Nuevo Bridge at Glance

  • Location: Ronda, Spain
  • Total Length: 66 meters
  • Total Height: 98 meters
  • Constructed: 1793
  • Designer: Domingo Lois de Monteagudo
  • Material used: Stone
  • Nature: bridge for regular traffic and pedestrians

The History of Puente Nuevo Bridge in Ronda

The construction of the bridge in Ronda started in 1759 (in its current state) and took 34 years to complete.

Originally the El Tajo gorge dividing the city was used as a natural defence and fortification for the city, but as the city rapidly grew, the need to provide a convenient connection between the two parts of the city was impossible to ignore.

In 1542 the citizens of Ronda requested the city to build a new bridge that would connect the city at the highest point of the gorge, at 120 meters. It wasn’t until after 1700s when the building permit was finally granted and the work started in 1759.

At the time of the construction, there were two bridges that already connected the city lower down at the gorge – Puente Romano and Puente Arabe. Puente Nuevo was supposed to be built in a more convenient location that connects the two biggest districts of the city.

Architects Jose Garcia and Juan Camacho were chosen for the job and the original construction started already in 1735, with an original design that only included a single arch for the bridge.

Unfortunately, the bridge wasn’t finished to good standards and collapsed completely 6 years later, killing 50 people.

In 1759 the new construction began with architect Domingo Lois de Monteagudo taking into account the lessons learnt from the bridge collapse and a new design featuring three arches was introduced.

The project was brought to completion by José Martin de Aldehuela, a famous Andalusian architect, in 1793.

The finished bridge in its current state is much more stable thanks to the three arches and thick walls, which are also partly attached the the gorge walls.

In the middle arch, you will find a small chamber that has previously served as a prison, and some rumours say even a torture chamber. You can now access the chamber as a part of the tour of the bridge, for 2 euros (planning to do that myself on my next trip).

casa del bosco in Ronda, Andalusia - viewing platform views

Best Photography Locations for Puente Nuevo Bridge

Another frequent question about the bridge in Ronda, Spain is: where can I get the best photos?

There are a few options available, which I listed below and some are marked on the map.

Location 1: Hotel Don Miguel next to the bridge

The hotel has a terraced restaurant where you’re sitting right under the bridge – it makes a unique view point and certainly for original photos. From the restaurant terrace, you also get to see the chamber on the middle arch really well. More photos are in my original blog post here.

Location 2: Viewpoint of Casa don Bosco

This old villa was one of the best finds on my trip to Ronda. Not only its a beautiful building with stunning garden, but it also has probably the best view point for Puente Nuevo photos. The photo above was taken from there. Location marked on the map below. You can see more photos from the location in my blog post here.

Location 3: Courtyard of Palacio Congresos de Ronda

This building is right opposite of the Hotel Don Miguel and a very popular spot for taking pictures, you will see a lot of tourists there. There is a small courtyard next to the building which allows you to see the whole bridge from a nice angle.

Location 4: Mirador Puente Nuevo de Ronda

This is one of the most famous miradors which is at the bottom of the gorge, so you will need to do a bit of walking to get down there (I didn’t do this myself, but plan to check it out on the next trip).

From this point, you can see the whole bridge from the bottom up and it’s a really spectacular sight, especially if you capture it in the late afternoon sun. The access to the path is marked on the map below and starts next to Plaza de Maria Auxiliadora (close do Casa don Bosco).

Location 5:  Paseo de Kazunori Yamahuchi

This pathway next to the Parador hotel offers nice views of the bridge pretty close up. You can continue along the pathway all the way to the next mirador where you get gorgeous views of the valley.

Location 6: Tabanco Los Archos

This local tapas bar was a true gem and I’m so happy we actually ventured in even though it looked so small inside. I got lucky as we got in shortly after they opened for lunch, so we were able to get a seat right by the massive windows overlooking the bridge.

The window has big black metal bars, but you can fit your camera lense through the gaps (they are big enough) to get some spectacular photos! As a bonus point – the service is excellent and food is pretty good too!

Below are some of my favourite shots of the bridge, I will keep adding more and updating the locations as I return to Ronda for my second visit!

Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, Spain
Photo taken by the entrance to the hotel
Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda Spain
Photo taken from my room at the hotel
Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda Spain
View from the hotel room

Frequent Questions about the Ronda Bridge

How old is the bridge in Ronda Spain

The bridge in Ronda, Spain was finished in 1793, making it 229 years old.

How was the bridge built at Ronda Spain?

The Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, Spain was finished in 1793 using mostly local materials like stone. It is the second bridge built on this location, since the first one featuring one arch collapsed, killing 50 people.

Who build the bridge in Ronda Spain?

The bridge was a collaborative work of a few architects, built over 34 years. The architects that worked on the project were: Jose Garcia, Juan Camacho and José Martin de Aldehuela.

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