Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana: Expert Tips

Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana: Expert Tips

Are you planning a day trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana?

This pretty hilltop village just above Nerja is one of the most beautiful Pueblos Blanco, and in this article, you will find detailed transport tips for planning a wonderful day trip from Fuengirola.

How do I know?

I actually live in Fuengirola and visited Frigiliana on a day trip, so I can share first-hand tips and personal experiences that will save you a lot of hassle and time planning your trip.

Let’s dive in!

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

One Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana

A quick summary of your options before we look into the details:

The easiest way to get to Frigiliana on a day trip is with a rental car, or a local tour company.

Public transport options are certainly available, but due to the distance from Fuengirola, it will be very hard to make this worthwhile for a day trip and you will have limited time to explore this pretty white village.

PS: If you would like to also see the beautiful town of Nerja right next to Frigiliana, the local tour company I recommended offers a tour for both destinations in just a single day. Check it out below or book your spot right away here.

Distance Between Fuengirola and Frigiliana

The distance between Fuengirola and Frigiliana is approximately 90 km (55.9 miles).

Is One Day in Frigiliana Enough?

Yes, one day in Frigiliana is enough time to explore the whole village and see everything it has to offer. At the end of the article, you will find my recommendations on what to do and see in Frigiliana.

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

1. Day Trip from Frigiliana to Nerja by Car

If you’re planning to rent a car in Fuengirola, or already have one, driving to Frigiliana is very simple. The details of the journey are below.

  • Journey Duration: approx 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Distance Covered: 90 km (56 miles)
  • Tolls to Pay: none if you use A-7 (not AP-7)
  • Route: A-7 towards Malaga and then MA-5105 from Nerja
  • Petrol Cost: approx 12 euros based on the calculator

The suggested route from Fuengirola to Frigiliana is marked on the map below.

Essentially, you’re heading towards Malaga via A-7 (to avoid tolls on AP-7) and once you get to Nerja, you head north via MA-5105. The journey should last just over an hour.

Parking in Frigiliana

Frigiliana is not big by any means, so the parking options are pretty limited. Your best bet is aiming for the public parking on the main square, just under the village marked on the map below.

2. Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana with Tour Company

Frigiliana in Andalusia, Spain

If you don’t like the hassle of driving or navigating the local public transport system, booking a tour from a local travel company is the best option for you.

The tour I recommend comes with excellent reviews, and offers a visit to two beautiful places in just one day – Nerja and Frigiliana.

They offer pick up in central Fuengirola (Paseo Maritimo) and local tour guides with 5 languages to choose from. Click below to book your spot as they only run a few times per week and seats get booked up pretty quickly.


The day trip comes with free cancellation policy up to 24 hours before the trip, and book now pay later option.

3. Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana by Train

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

There is no train station in Frigiliana, so getting there by train is not possible.

If you want to use public transport, you can get a train from Fuengirola to Malaga, and then take bus connections from there. See tips for that below.

4. Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana by Bus

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

If you would like to use public transport, the bus is certainly an option, but you need to be prepared to spend quite some time traveling.

In the best-case scenario, if you catch your connections without too much waiting, it will take you about 2 hours to get to Frigiliana.

If you want to make this worthwhile for a day trip, and have enough time to explore Frigiliana, I suggest leaving as early as possible in the morning, and coming back late in the afternoon.

To get to Frigliana by bus, you will have to get these connections:

  • Train from Fuengirola to Malaga Maria Zambrano – 40 mins | 3.60 euros
  • Bus from Malaga Bus Station to Nerja – 1 hr 30 mins | 5 euros
  • Bus from Nerja to Frigiliana – approx 20 mins | 1.20 euros

The train from Fuengirola to Malaga is pretty easy, and you can get detailed transport directions on this connection here.

From the train station, you simply cross the street to the bus station and take the local bus to Nerja. The trip takes about 1.5 hours and tickets cost 5 euros one way. More details on transport between Malaga and Nerja is in this dedicated post.

The local buses to Frigiliana from Nerja do not run that often, so you should check the bus schedule in advance here. The buses leave from the main bus station where you get off and you can get a ticket from the bus driver, they cost 1.20 euros.

To save time, I recommend getting a taxi from Nerja – you can get one from the bus station. It will cost around 10 – 15 euros to get to Frigiliana and will save you a lot of time.

5. Day Trip from Fuengirola to Frigiliana by Taxi

If you want convenient transport and don’t mind the price, getting a taxi is certainly a good option.

According to quotes online, you can expect to pay between 100 to 150 euros for this trip.

Frigiliana, Spain

What To Do on a Day Trip in Frigiliana

So what should you do once you get to Frigiliana?

One word: explore!

While there are no tourist attractions as such in Frigiliana, the best way to enjoy the village is to get lost in the maze of white-washed cobbled streets and admire the stunning views as you climb your way up to the top.

There are many beautiful viewpoints worthy of Instagram fame, and if you get thirsty while exploring, you will find a few local bars high up in the village. Pop over for ‘tinto de verano’ summer wine and enjoy the views!

The church square is also very pretty and there are ruins of an old castle (Castle of Lizar) that are worth stopping by.

On your walk through the village, you will encounter plenty of arts and crafts shops should you fancy a bit of a shopping spree. The restaurants are mostly scattered around the main square by the parking lot. I’ve had lunch in there and the food was pretty good, and the view was a plus!

From the main square, there is a little tourist train that will take you for a ride around the village (not the top parts), and point out the old caves in the mountains.

Church of San Antonio in the old town is also worth a visit, and a welcome break from the heat in the summer months.

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

More Day Trips from Fuengirola

If you fancy exploring more of Southern Spain, Fuengirola is a great base to plan lots of other day trips.

Some of the most popular day trip options include the nearby cities of Marbella (and the flashy Puerto Banus), the hilltop village of Mijas Pueblo, but also the more known and bigger cities like Granada (my favourite place in Southern Spain), Seville and Cordoba.

You can also get as far as Gibraltar or Morroco in a single-day trip!

For nature lovers, I recommend the day trip to Caminito del Rey which will be the highlight of your stay in Fuengirola.

Frequent Questions About This Day Trip

Can you get a bus from Nerja to Frigiliana?

Yes, you can get a bus from Nerja to Frigiliana, although they do not run very often. The tickets cost 1.20 euros adn you can catch the bus from the main bus station in Nerja. The journey should take about 20 mins.

How do you get to Frigiliana Spain?

If you’re traveling from Malaga, the easiest way to reach Frigiliana is by car.

Is Frigiliana worth a visit?

Yes, Frigiliana is definitely worth a visit! It’s the prettiest white village in Andalusia and one that also offers unbeatable views!

What is Frigiliana famous for?

Frigiliana is famous for being declared the prettiest and best-preserved white village in Spain for a number of years, and also for the views.

What is the prettiest street in Frigiliana?

Calle Real is the prettiest street in Frigiliana, but there are many more that will compete with the beauty of this one.

What day is the Market in Frigiliana?

The market in Frigiliana is on every Thursday morning from 8am till 2pm, at Plaza de las Tres Culturas.

How much does a taxi cost from Nerja to Frigiliana?

The taxi from Nerja to Frigiliana costs between 10 to 15 euros.

Where can I walk in Frigiliana?

You can walk pretty much anywhere in Frigiliana. Just remember that the village is high up in the hills, so a lot of uphill climb will be involved.

Do you need a car in Frigiliana?

No, you don’t need a car in Frigiliana. You can’t drive through the old part of Frigiliana and it’s best to leave the car parked on the main square before entering the village.

Does Frigiliana have beaches?

No, Frigiliana does not have beaches as it’s located high up in the hills overlooking the coastline.

How many hours in Frigiliana?

If you’re planning to visit Frigiliana, you will need at least 3 – 4 hours to see the village and everything it has to offer.

Where is the best place to park in Frigiliana?

The best place to park in Frigiliana is on the big village square where you will find a big public parking lot.


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