Electric Bike Hire in Fuengirola: Best Places & Tips [2024]

Electric Bike Hire in Fuengirola: Best Places & Tips [2024]

Are you looking for an electric bike hire in Fuengirola?

It’s certainly a great way to explore the city!

In this article, you will find my local recommendations for the best electric bike hire shops in Fuengirola, but also practical tips that will save you hassle and money.

Best Electric Bike Hire in Fuengirola with Prices

Electric bikes offer a convenient way to explore Fuengirola and allow you to go the distance without breaking a sweat.

They are generally priced at around €35 for a day’s rental. Hourly rates can range from €8-12, but you’ll often find package deals that can make it more cost-effective to rent for longer periods.

Here are some local shops that offer electric bike hire:

Phoenix Rental Fuengirola – on Paseo Maritimo (coastline), prices for rental for electric bikes start from 20 euros per day or 8 euros per hour for city bikes (mountain electric bikes are more expensive). Check prices and details here.

Terral Bike Rental S.L – Bike Shop – Fuengirola marina (parking spot area), they have a large selection of mountain bikes too. Electric bikes from 25 euros per day. Check options here.

Mobility Costa – close to the main train station, prices from 20 euros per day. Check options here.

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7 Tips for Electric Bike Hire in Fuengirola

1. Choose the Right E-Bike

There are different types of e-bikes—urban, mountain, and even folding ones. Determine what kind of adventure you’re seeking. Are you cruising along the Paseo Marítimo, or do you want to explore the hills of Mijas? Pick an e-bike that fits your itinerary.

2. Test the Waters

Before committing, take a quick test ride to ensure the e-bike feels comfortable and the motor works smoothly.

3. Battery Life

Most e-bikes in Fuengirola will have enough battery life to last a full day of moderate use. However, if you plan to tackle long distances or steep terrains, you might want to ask the rental shop about the battery range and whether they provide spare batteries or charging stations.

4. Get the Gear

While most rental shops offer helmets, locks, and sometimes even panniers, it’s a good idea to double-check. Helmets are mandatory in Spain, and you don’t want to be caught without one.

5. Insurance & Deposits

Some places require a security deposit or offer insurance options. Read the fine print and decide what makes you most comfortable. Most shops accept both cash and credit card for deposits.

6. Check Local Laws

Even though e-bikes give you that awesome extra boost, they’re still subject to cycling laws, like sticking to bike lanes and obeying traffic signals. Stay informed so you can ride safely and legally.

7. Lock It Up

Though Fuengirola is generally safe, always lock your e-bike securely when it’s not in use. The bikes are valuable, and you don’t want to turn your vacation into a “find the missing e-bike” adventure.

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