Fuengirola to Gibraltar: Your Insider Transport Guide

Fuengirola to Gibraltar: Your Insider Transport Guide

Are you planning a trip from Fuengirola to Gibraltar? In that case, you’re at the right place!

As a Fuengirola local, I have also visited Gibraltar and have first-hand experience with planning this journey. In this article, you will find detailed local insights and practical tips that will save you lots of time and money.

Below you will find an overview of the transport options for the trip from Fuengirola to Gibraltar, including practical tips for crossing the borders on foot or by car.

How Far is Fuengirola to Gibraltar

The distance between Fuengirola and Gibraltar is approximately 110 km (68 miles).

The location of Gibraltar is marked on the map below.

What Do You Need to Know Before Traveling to Gibraltar

  • Gibraltar was annexed to the UK by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, following the end of the war. It is considered a British territory abroad, most often referred to locally as ‘the Rock’ (no, not the actor).
  • As a British territory, the same rules will apply as if you’re visiting the UK. These rules have changed a little since the UK left the EU.
  • Before you plan your trip, please make sure that you check the legal requirements for entry to this UK territory on the official Gibraltar government website, where you will get advice for every nationality
  • As of spring 2023, you can enter Gibraltar with a valid EU passport without any additional paperwork, or even a valid national ID card (EU citizens only).
  • If you’re not from the EU, VISA requirements may apply – check the link above for more details
  • There are some restrictions on how much good you can bring to Spain from Gibraltar and another way around, you can check the HM Customs page which has more details. The customs check is both on entry to Gibraltar and also exit.
  • There are direct flights from the UK to Gibraltar (London Gatwick and London Heathrow), but you cannot fly here from any other country. Cruise ships also arrive here.
  • Allow plenty of time for the border crossing, especially if you’re travelling by car
  • To make sure you don’t have to wait for the runway crossing too long, you can check in advance at what time the planes are landing or taking off, to avoid extra waiting time – check at the official airport site here. At the moment, the planned departures and arrivals are at 10.40 am, 16.50 pm (arrivals) and 11.15 am and 17.40 pm for departures.
  • The buses from the Spanish side will not cross over to Gibraltar, you can cross on foot from La Linea de la Conception bus station
Gibraltar, Spain
Views from the nature reserve, from Skywalk

Fuengirola to Gibraltar: Transport Options

Below is a quick glance view of the travel options for Gibraltar, followed by detailed instructions for each transport under this section.

  • by car: 1 hour 20 minutes to the border crossing, with 10 euros to pay for tolls
  • by bus: 2 hour journey, with 2 connections per day and tickets from 10 euros one way
  • by train: no connections available
  • by taxi: 130 euros one-way trip with gettransfer.com
  • day trip: from 28 euros per person with pick up in Fuengirola

1. Fuengirola to Gibraltar by Car

Getting to Gibraltar by car is one of the easiest ways to see The Rock.

However, be prepared and give yourself plenty of time for the border crossing as the lines for the checks can get very long and it can take a long time to cross the border.

  • Journey Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive at the crossing
  • Distance: approximately 110 km (68 miles) to the border crossing
  • Journey details: pretty easy ride on the AP-7 motorway passing Marbella and Estepona on your way.
  • Toll cost: 10.20 euros (calculated using the Spanish Toll Calculator)
  • Estimated petrol cost: 14 euros

So what do you do once you get to the border crossing?

What To Do Once You Get to Gibraltar Border

There are two lines going through the border, one for cars and one for pedestrians. There are clear signs navigating you through passport control.

I was pretty happy that I did not drive to Gibraltar in a car, because the lines can be quite extensive. The pedestrian traffic, on the other hand, looked much more manageable.

You have to drive through the security as indicated by the lines, the same as you would in an airport, and exit on the other side. They will ask to see your passport, and if you’re in a car, might ask you to see the booth etc, and ask if you’re transporting any goods with you.

After that, you have to drive through the airport runway, which connects the crossing with the city. If there is a plane landing, you will see a red light at the traffic lights and will have to wait before you cross (there are up to 5 departures and arrivals per day).

If you want to save quite a bit of time, you can also leave your car at the La Linea de la Conception parking lot which is just behind the McDonalds by the borders. Leave your car there and cross on foot to save a lot of time.

From the border crossing, you can take a local Gibraltar taxi to the town, or even take one of the local tour operating companies to take you for a sightseeing tour straight from there.

gibraltar spain 26
Views from the Skywalk in Gibraltar

Parking in Gibraltar

You have a number of parking options available depending on where you’re going. The parking options are marked on the map below.

Remember that once you’re ready to head back, you have to queue up again for border control and declare any goods at customs.

2. Fuengirola to Gibraltar by Train

There are no train connections available from Fuengirola to Gibraltar. The train network stops in Fuengirola and does not continue further down south.

3. Fuengirola to Gibraltar by Bus

You can’t get a bus directly to Gibraltar, as the Spanish buses won’t cross the borders.

To get to Gibraltar, you need to take the bus to La Linea de la Conception, which is the town by the borders and cross on foot.

Fuengirola to La Linea de la Conception

  • Bus connections: 2x per day
  • Bus departures: 12.20 and 15.40 pm from Fuengirola bus station
  • Journey duration: 1 hour 55 minutes
  • Ticket prices: from 10.68 euros one way
  • Buying bus tickets: directly at Avanza website
gibraltar spain 4
Old town Gibraltar

What To Do Once You Get to La Linea

The bus will drop you off at La Linea bus station, marked on the map below.

After you get out, you have the option to walk to the border crossing or take one of the taxis from the station and drive there. The taxis cannot cross the border, so you will have to get off and take a Gibraltar taxi from the other side.

The walking distance from the bus station to the crossing is approximately 600 – 700 meters, so it would only take you about 10 minutes to walk there.

4. Fuengirola to Gibraltar by Taxi

Getting a taxi to Gibraltar is certainly an option, although a costly one.

For long-distance trips like this, instead of using a normal taxi or uber, I highly recommend gettransfer.com, which I have used myself a number of times. You will have to book your transfer in advance though to get the best prices.

After entering your trip details, you will get transport quotes from many different companies.

With a quick check, transport for 2 people in a standard car would cost around 130 euros one way. The price is depending on the time and date of the travel, the type of car selected, and the season.

The same as above applies to taxis – they will drop you off at the border control and you have to cross through the pedestrian security checks and passport control. Once you’re on the other side, you can take a local Gibraltar taxi to your destination.

4. Fuengirola to Gibraltar Day Trip

gibraltar spain 14
Tunnel sightseeing tour

Fuengirola to Gibraltar: Frequent Questions

How far from Fuengirola to Gibraltar?

The distance between Fuengirola and Gibraltar is approximately 110 km (68 miles).

How to get to Gibraltar from Fuengirola?

The easiest option is with a car. The journey takes roughly 1.5 hours to the border crossing, in there you need to count up to 1 hour of waiting time to cross the border. Another option is a direct bus from Fuengirola, with a journey time of 2 hours and tickets costing 10 euros one way.

Can you get a train from Fuengirola to Gibraltar?

No, the train network doesn’t run further South than Fuengirola.

How long does to drive from Fuengirola to Gibraltar?

The drive will be up to 1.5 hours depending on traffic, and once you get to the border crossing it could be up to an hour to go through the security check and passport control.

Is there a bus from Fuengirola to Gibraltar?

Yes, there are two bus connections per day, at 12.20 and 15.40pm from Fuengirola main bus station. The tickets start at 10 euros one way.

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