Jaen Train Station: Practical Travel Tips

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Jaen Train Station: Practical Travel Tips

Are you planning to travel to or from Jaen train station?

If you’re wondering where to get a taxi from, what the facilities are like and how far is it from the city, this article will answer these and all other questions you might have.

Let’s dive in!

Jaen train station, Spain
Jaen train station, Spain

Where is Jaen Train Station?

The train station is located further away from the city center, and it’s definitely not a walking distance. You will need to get a taxi to get to your accommodation in Jaen.

Location: Pl. Jaén Por la Paz, 1, 23007 Jaén

Facilities at Jaen Train Station

Jaen train station is pretty small and dated.

Dated might actually be an understatement, the train station looks like it was built in the 80s and has not been renovated ever since.

It has a small waiting room with just a handful of chairs, a booth for buying tickets, and access to the platform.

When I arrived there, I was pretty lucky that the cafeteria next door didn’t close for siesta, as there is virtually nothing within a short walk from the station.

There are no shops or souvenir places, and not even vending machines to buy water.

There are no luggage storage facilities either.

The station has a small taxi rank outside, and the taxis tend to follow the arrivals schedule and park there as soon as a train arrives.

Right by the entrance to the platforms, you will find toilets. They were pretty small and in bad condition.

jaen train station spain 2
jaen train station spain 3

Buying Train Tickets for Jaen

You can get train tickets at the station, or buy them online. The second option is recommended, especially if you travel with a group and want to have seats next to each other on the train.

On this station, the tickets get checked once you’re inside the train, not before you are boarding.

Get Your Train Tickets

Travel Connections from Jaen Train Station

From Jaen, you can catch a train to the following destinations:

  • Cadiz
  • Madrid
  • Cordoba

Arrivals to the station are also from the same cities. As you can see the connections are pretty limited.

If you were thinking of visiting the famous nearby villages of Ubeda and Baeza, just like I did, those are only accessible with a short 45 minute ride from the bus station.

jaen train station spain 4

Bus vs Train for Jaen?

I have covered this in the previous guide for Jaen bus station, so just a quick recap here: I would recommend choosing the bus station instead of the train, for a number of reasons.

The bus connections are much better, with more destinations and more frequent connections.

Most importantly, the bus station is much bigger, closer to the center of the town, and with much better facilities – even luggage lockers.

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