Seville to Valencia: Practical Transport Guide [2024]

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Seville to Valencia: Practical Transport Guide [2024]

Are you planning a trip from Seville to Valencia?

In that case, this article is exactly what you need to plant the perfect trip!

I have been living in Southern Spain since 2020, and visited both of the cities, so I will share lots of practical tips and details that will save you a lot of time and hassle.

I have included all transport options for this trip, to give you a full view of what’s the easiest / fastest or cheapest way to make this trip.

Let’s dive in!

Plaza de Espana, Seville

Seville to Valencia Journey Overview

The cities of Seville and Valencia are located on opposite sides of Spain. The driving distance between them is 655 km, which translates to a little over 400 miles. 

This means that if you find yourself driving between the two, you’ll be able to take in central Spain’s rural and urban landscapes along the way, but it will take a considerable amount of time.

If you’re not planning to rent a car, you can also opt to take the train – Spain offers a regular and high-speed train service. A quick flight should also be on your radar, as this is usually the fastest way to get from one Spanish city to another. 

Seville to Valencia Transportation Options 

There are a number of ways to get to Valencia from Seville, and travelers can choose based on their budget and time crunch. Consider the options listed below when planning your itinerary.

1. Seville to Valencia by Train

Run by Renfe, Spain’s main train service, the high- speed AVE train is a fast and easy way to reach Valencia from Seville, or any large Spanish city.

Trains travel at speeds up to 193 (or 310 km) per hour and feature WIFI, meals, and power access to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible. Safe and well-maintained, Spain’s train system is recommended by both local travelers and international visitors.

Train Ticket Prices

Train tickets for this route can fall anywhere from 30 to 90 euros one way, depending on how far in advance you book and what season it is. It all depends on when you plan to ride and when you book your ticket, so reserve seats far in advance when possible.  

The AVE price system is based on three tiers, starting with the cheapest Basico option and ending with the pricier Premium fares. Standard and comfort classes are available, with comfort being akin to first class. 

AVE trains allow passengers to take along 3 luggage items in adherence to the company’s size regulations. Children under 3 years old travel free, while children under 14 receive a 40% discount on tickets- this makes the AVE a very attractive option for families. Bicycles and scooters are allowed onboard. Small pets can also travel with you, but they do need a special pet ticket. 

The Real Alcazar of Seville
The Real Alcazar of Seville

Train Trip Duration

Expect the train ride from Seville to Valencia to take around 6 hours, depending on the departure you choose. Both AVE and regular train service is available for this route. 

Train Frequency

Trains from Barcelona to Seville run about 15 times a day, though this also may vary depending on timing and season. Since the ride takes all day, opting for an early departure makes the most sense for busy travelers. 

Trains depart from Seville’s Santa Justa train station, and the departure timetable makes it easy to pick the one that matches your schedule.

The distance between Seville and Valencia by train totals about 540 km, or 336 miles. 

Buying Train Tickets

You can get train tickets in advance directly on Renfe website (change your language to English in top corner). It sometimes has some technical issues but you shouldn’t have any problem getting your ticket from there.

The other option is booking through Trainline, which more people will be familiar with. In there, you will see the same Renfe ticket options.

Book Your Train Tickets

2. Seville to Valencia by Bus

Spain’s extensive bus system connects large cities, smaller communities and everything in between.

This will likely be a lot slower than driving or relaxing on a high-speed train but makes a good backup option in case you can’t find the right train tickets or car rental.

Bus Connections Seville To Valencia

As with train tickets, the further in advance you book your bus ride, the more you will save.

Popular long-distance bus companies in the country include Alsa, Avanza and FlixBus. Keep in mind that not all companies offer the same routes between cities, so you’ll have to do a bit of research.

To save time and see options from all the local companies, you can check Omio which aggregates all available bus transport options so you can also compare prices and travel time in real time.

Omio lists updated departure and arrival times and accommodates English speakers planning a bus journey. For this route, Omio recommends riding with Alsa, a reliable bus company that travels nationwide.

Is Seville worth visiting?
Triana district of Seville

Travel Time & Departures

The average travel time for the bus ride between Seville and Valencia starts at about 11 hours, meaning the journey will take you all day. 

This is the slowest way to travel between the two cities, so you’ll need to bring plenty of snacks, water and activities to pass the time onboard. There are both morning and evening departures available- if you opt for an evening ride, you’ll be able to spend most of the trip asleep and arrive at your destination in the morning.  

Bus Tickets for Seville To Valencia

Bus tickets for this route generally cost from 60 to 90 Euros one way, which translates to $65 to $98.

While prices can vary, the bus can make a good back-up option if there are no trains available. However, remember that buses will usually not have as many amenities as trains and can take twice as long. 

Buying Bus Tickets for Seville To Valencia

If you want to check bus tickets for this trip, you can use Omio to compare prices from different companies, or buy directly via Alsa website.

Book Your Bus Tickets

3. Seville to Valencia by Car

Renting a car in Spain is one of the most memorable ways to tour the country, as it allows you all the freedom you need to completely customize your itinerary.

When driving between Seville and Valencia for example, you’ll be able to plan a stop along the way or just see where the journey takes you. Cordoba and Albacete are just two destinations along the route- you’re likely to discover many more with a bit of research. 

Drive Time

The drive from Seville to Valencia should take between 6 and 7 hours, covering slightly over 400 miles.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car

Some cons of renting a car include paying for gas, dealing with traffic, spending money on tolls, and navigating major cities.

You do have to be at least 21 to rent a car in Spain, so younger travelers should look for other options. If you are not a European Union citizen, you’ll need to get an International Driver’s permit. While inexpensive, securing these permits might require advance planning on your end. 

You will also have to consider where you’ll be dropping off your rental while planning your trip. While drop off locations are available in different cities, this might be inconvenient if you’re not planning to end your trip where you started it. Car parking can also get expensive in major city centers, so choose parking spots outside of popular districts to save money.

Is Seville worth visiting?

Driving in Spain

Driving in Spain is easy to get used to, as most roads and highways are well-maintained and clearly marked. As in any location, abiding by the speed limit is crucial- you might need to get used to a new metric system, as the speed limit is in kilometers.

Be sure to pay attention to parking and vehicle-related signage, especially if you’re not used to reading rules in Spanish. Familiarize yourself with common regulations beforehand to avoid tickets. Many cities have resident and paid parking spots, so keep an eye out for both.

Car Rental Companies

Discover Cars is an easy-to-use website that can help you find the ideal car rental service. The website is convenient for English speakers and lists various reliable rental companies throughout the country, as well as rates and more.

You can get a quick quote for this trip using the link below.

Get a Quote for Car Rental

Suggested Route For Seville To Valencia

Here is an example of a suggested route that will also highlight any toll roads:

4. Seville to Valencia Flights

An additional option for traveling between Seville and Valencia, booking a short flight between the two destinations is fast, easy, and often affordable.

RyanAir offers low-cost starting at as little as 20 euros one way. Nonstop flights take just over an hour, making this your speediest way to travel. There are one to two departure times available daily, so you’ll have to adjust your schedule to flight times. 

Flying can be very viable but don’t forget to factor in travel time to and from busy airports, as well as security screening. The flight itself may be short, but getting in and out of the airport usually isn’t. 

As usual, booking your flight in advance means lower prices. When it comes to flights, keep an eye on the weather, as planes are often more sensitive to storms and other weather conditions than ground transportation.

observation tower in seville, spain

Traveling with Special Requirements

If you have special requirements or are taking a trip with someone who has them, you’ll likely want to make sure your trip will be as comfortable as possible ahead of time. 

Disabled travelers, for example, can request a train station wheelchair by calling Renfe’s customer assistance hotline. Renfe also offers a service known as Adif Acerca, which provides physical assistance, information on traveling while disabled and guidance services around train stations. Many of Spain’s museums, historic sites and other attractions are accessible as well, meaning everyone can enjoy the best of each city. 

If you’re traveling with little ones, look for deals on tickets. AVE trains, for example, offer discounts of up to 40% for children younger than 14. Children younger than 3 travel free of cost. 

If you’re planning to bring your pet along, look for pet-friendly transportation options or consider the comfort of renting your own car. Many trains do allow pets on board, provided they have their own pet ticket. Buses and flights may have different rules, so be sure to do advance research. RyanAir, for example, does not allow traveling with pets unless they are service dogs.

Arriving in Valencia

Valencia’s main train station, Estacio del Nord, is centrally located, meaning you will easily find public transportation or taxi services nearby. The station is right in the middle of the city’s Old Town district and has eight platforms. It also includes shops, eateries, and car parking.

The city’s main bus station, however, is located over a mile outside of the city center, meaning you’ll have to travel a bit further if you are staying in highly popular Old Town. A short taxi ride should get you where you need to go from the bus station. The station offers lockers, shops, a cafeteria, WIFI and ATM services.

The Valencia Airport is located on the outskirts of the city but offers frequent public transportation to and from the city center. The number 3 and 5 metro lines are your best bet for reaching the city from the airport quickly. There are also multiple bus lines available, as well as taxis on hand. 


If you’re departing from Seville, Valencia is reachable by air, train, bus or rental car.

When choosing the right mode of transportation, consider your budget and time frame, but also your comfort level- after all, this is your getaway!

No matter how you get there, beachy Valencia is a perfect match to sunny Seville.

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Southern Spain Travel Tips


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Southern Spain Travel Tips

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Find Car Rental

To rent a car, I highly recommend Discover Cars, an award-winning price comparison site for car rentals.

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Local travel companies offer many day trip options from almost all the destinations in Southern Spain. You can check them out here.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links - if you decide to book using one of the links, I will earn a small commission that helps me run this site. This is at no extra cost to you.

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