Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba: My Review

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Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba: My Review

On my third trip to Cordoba, I wanted to take my mum to a flamenco performance in a nice setting.

I bumped into Taberna Patio de la Juderia on my many walks through the town, and decided we would give them a go.

Considering that the flamenco show was complimentary with your dinner, I was fully expecting the meal to be fairly overpriced but had no expectations in terms of the quality of the food or the performance.

The restaurant had glowing reviews all around (as they all seem to do on Tripadvisor), so I booked the table thinking it might be a complete gamble and we might end up at an overpriced tourist trap.

I had mixed feelings about the experience. Would I recommend a visit?

I’m not sure.

Let me tell you why.

Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain

The Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in a beautiful traditional Andalusian courtyard with a small stage in the center, and lots of natural light coming in from the covered opening at the top.

The tables are thoughtfully laid out so the smaller and individual seats are closer to the middle, and bigger tables at the back, and you can see the stage from anywhere you sit.

I had no issues booking a table on the phone, and its always a relief when they speak a bit of English and try to understand my broken Spanish.

The courtyard was pretty much fully packed with tables, there wasn’t much room to move between so when the waiters walked past it was always a tight squeeze.

The place was fully packed by the time the show started, but it didn’t feel too overcrowded, even though clearly they managed to get the space to its max capacity.

Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain

The Food

The food was a real surprise – it was actually really good!

As I expected, it was overpriced, quite a bit! BUT, your meal is probably paying for the show, so I can see where that’s coming from.

The only major issue was the fact that they didn’t serve it with any side dish.

My mum picked pork, and that’s literally what she got. Slices of meat with nothing else to eat it with. The same was true for my salmon. The waiter did not advise us on having to order any side dish, which would have made the already pricey meal even more expensive.

My mum’s meat was beautifully cooked and nicely seasoned, and my salmon was a really good portion, well cooked and with super tasty sauce. We also shared a portion of aubergine fritters, the first time I tried them, and they were super nice!

Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain

The Service

We were greeted by a very enthusiastic waiter, he was super friendly but really rushed us into getting drinks and food order asap, as there were many more people coming in.

I noticed the same was happening with other guests. He would quickly recite the drinks and suggestions and give you few minutes to choose before returning for your order.

While I totally get that with the number of people attending speed is an issue, but it kind of made us feel like total tourists in the place.

The Show

Before staying in Cordoba for this trip, I also spent three nights in Granada where I attended a professional flamenco at one of their most popular venues – La Alborea.

If I hadn’t seen that show, I would have probably been VERY impressed with the performance in this restaurant, but unfortunately, it doesn’t compare. The professionals I watched in Granada had every movement nailed to perfection and the focus was mostly on technique and emotion. It left you speechless.

This show gave me the initial impression that it was made for tourists – yes, it is flamenco and there are pretty dresses and its nice to watch, but it just doesn’t compare to the real deal.

I did love the main singer, he had an amazing voice, and the guitarist was awesome too.

Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain
Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain

My Verdict

So, should you go or give this place a pass?

If this is your only chance to see flamenco, then by all means give it a go. But prepare for an expensive evening.

You might find a better experience by looking at dedicated flamenco venues where they focus on the art, not on food. But there aren’t many of these in Cordoba, you will find way more options in Granada.

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