Tablao Flamenco at La Alborea, Granada: My Review

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Tablao Flamenco at La Alborea, Granada: My Review

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing my very first Flamenco evening and I’m excited to share it with you all!

Out of all the venues and options in Granada, I picked the most popular show at La Alborea, for a number of reasons:

  • different performance every evening
  • convenient location just off Plaza St Ana
  • option to book VIP seating with dinner
  • option to prebook drinks
  • bar available at the venue
  • seating with assigned seats
  • no huge crowds and intimate venue
  • most importantly – talented artists & dancers

If you prefer to skip reading and book your tickets right away, you can do so here.

Otherwise, check my comments and details below.

Flamenco in Granada

There are a number of venues where you can see Flamenco in Granada.

They are either dedicated Flamenco venues such as this one, or the traditional caves in Sacromonte where the Flamenco was said to originate from.

In addition to these options, you can also book a dinner with free Flamenco performance in some restaurants, and even see some Flamenco dancing on the Plazas in Granada, like Plaza St Ana.

I would strongly recommend choosing from the first two options, as they allow you to experience the dance performed by true professionals.

The cave venues in Sacromonte have limited seating and feel a little claustrophobic, but that’s just my personal preference. Some people might like it as it’s more intimate and authentic.

Do not book a dinner in a restaurant with a free Flamenco performance, as that will not give you an accurate representation of what Flamenco is all about. I’ve done this in Cordoba, and the difference in the quality was huge!

La Alborea: The Venue

The venue is just off the main street right at Plaza St Ana, with a small door leading you to a ticket booth.

The staff was super friendly and very professional, everything was organized so well that you didn’t have to ask any questions and knew exactly where you sit and what you need to do.

I prebooked our tickets with drinks, so I and my husband got a voucher for the wine we could get from the bar right behind the ticket office. The seating was right behind the bar.

I liked the fact that it was set up as a theater, complete with dimmed lighting and a huge stage.

The number of chairs in the audience was just perfect – not too many or too crammed, so you don’t feel like a complete tourist sitting there. (continue under photos)

tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain

Tablao Flamenco: The Show

Tablao venues for Flamenco were developed in the 60s, from the original concept of Cafes Cantante (Singer Cafes). Tablao venues have contributed to the resurrection and maintenance of Flamenco as an important part of the cultural heritage of Andalucia.

In 2010, Flamenco was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Tablao is also the name of the stage made from wood, which offers the ideal sound for the shoes and helps to protect the dancer’s joints.

Flamenco performance normally includes 4 artists – a guitar player, a singer and two dancers.

The show in La Alborea started off with a solo by the singer, followed by a quick introduction session by the two lead dancers, and then a guitar solo. After a change of outfits, each of the dancers took their solo.

The whole show lasted about an hour.

I’m not a dance expert, but the technical difficulty of the Flamenco performed, the energy, emotions and even some improvisation elements, all blew me away.

If you ever see a Flamenco after seeing this show, you will know exactly what I talk about – nothing will compare.

tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain
tablao flamenco at la alborea, granada, spain

Tablao Flamenco at La Alborea: Tickets

You can book your tickets online here and also choose an option to prebook your drinks before the show. You will receive a QR code that you simply show at the gates.

The tickets have 24 hours free cancelation policy, in case your plans would change.

Get Your Flamenco Tickets HERE

Tablao Flamenco at La Alborea: Show Details

Location: Calle Pan 3, Granada, Spain

Ticket Prices: from 20 euros per person, depending on the option selected (VIP seats, extra drinks etc)

Starting Times: 7pm or 8.45pm (if you don’t see both options that means the other time slot is sold out)

Flamenco Shows at Alternative Venues

Here are some other options if you want to explore other Flamenco performances too:

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