Finnish “Rosoli” Beetroot Salad

Finnish “Rosoli” Beetroot Salad

Here is one of my favourite things from Finnish cuisine – beetroot salad. Fins elevated this simple dish into an art form and after years of indulging myself I thought I should share it with you too!

This salad is super simple and made from readily available ingredients, so it’s a great life saver if you need to whip up something quickly for guests.

It has a traditional place on Christmas table, but can be used as side dish or main course anytime.

Finnish Beetroot Salad – Rosoli

4 beetroots, 3 carrots, 3 potatoes, 1 onion, 2 apples, 1-2 gherkins, salt and pepper

All of your ingredients should be cooked (beetroot, potatoes and carrots) and chopped into same size cubes. The smaller the better as the salad looks a lot nicer.

We normally have the salad without a dressing as it will get pretty moist from the beetroots, but you can add a layer of dressing if you wish to by mixing up 200 ml heavy cream (or yogurt), 1 spoon of vinegar (white wine type), 2 tbs of beet juice, bit of sugar, pepper and salt.

finnish rosoli saladfinnish rosoli saladfinnish rosoli salad


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