Is Frigiliana Worth Visiting? All Your Questions Answered

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Is Frigiliana Worth Visiting? All Your Questions Answered

Are you wondering whether to add Frigiliana to your travel itinerary for exploring Southern Spain?

This picturesque small town in Andalusia certainly has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a bit of authentic Andalusian experience.

This article will list and answer the most common questions about this destination!

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

Where is Frigiliana in Spain?

Frigiliana is located in Southern Spain, in the autonomous district of Andalusia. It’s a short drive from the coastal town of Nerja, in the municipality of Malaga.

See the location of Frigiliana on the map below.

How Far is Frigiliana from Malaga Airport?

Frigiliana is about 70 kilometers from Malaga airport. With a car, you would drive there in about 50 minutes.

How Far is Frigiliana from Nerja?

Frigiliana is 16.5 kilometers from Nerja. The journey by a car would take approximately 20 minutes.

How Far is Frigiliana from Malaga?

Frigiliana is about 50 kilometers from Malaga city. If you would drive there, it would take you approximately 47 minutes via the A-7 highway.

Frigilliana in Andalusia, Spain

How to get to Frigiliana from Malaga?

To get from Frigiliana to Malaga, you have a few travel options:

  • by car – the easiest and fastest way to get from Frigiliana to Malga is by car via the A-7 highway. It only takes under 50 minutes to drive there.
  • by bus – you can take a bus from the main Malaga bus station and get off at Nerja. From there, you can take a local bus to Frigiliana, or take a short taxi journey (won’t cost more than 20 euros one way).
  • by taxi – taxi journey would cost between 70 to 100 euros, depending on where in Malaga are you leaving from and the season.
  • by train – there are no direct trains to Frigiliana.

Is Frigiliana Worth Visiting?

It certainly is!

Frigiliana is the essence of a picturesque Pueblo Blanco and one of the prettiest small white villages in Andalusia. In addition to the beautiful white-washed streets, it also benefits from a location on the steep hills, offering visitors panoramic views of the coastline.

It has been voted teh pretties Andalusian village for a number of years, and as soon as you start walking up the narrow streets, you will see why.

Eeach corner of the town is immaculately preserved, clean and decorated with plants. The pavements are decorated with elaborate patterns, and the higher you climb, the better views you can enjoy.

Frigiliana in Andalusia, Spain

What to Do in Frigiliana?

There are no major attractions in Frigiliana as such, apart from a small botanical garden which is by the entrance to the old part of the village.

The best thing you can do while visiting Frigiliana is to get lost in the village streets and discover beautiful houses, small boutique shops, local cafes and the best spots to enjoy a jug of Sangria or Tinto de Verano with the best views.

What is Frigiliana Like?

Frigiliana has three different parts, and each have a very different feel (at least it felt like that for me).

As you enter the town, you will see the not so picturesque part of the town stretching towards the hill and the main square. Around the main square is the lower part of the village with restaurants, parking lot and even a hotel.

To get to the pretty part, you have to climb up the hills to the village streets – that’s where the real beauty is.

I have visited Frigiliana in low season, so there was barely anyone in the town. I can imagine in the middle of the summer, it must be pretty popular and predictably crowded.

If you want to avoid the crowds during peak season, head there early in the morning.

When to Visit Frigiliana?

Frigiliana, like other destinations on Costa del Sol, is best to visit in spring or autumn, when the temperatures are a bit more pleasant, and there are less tourists around.

Climbing those steep hills in the summer months is certainly not much fun, and in the village itself, you won’t cafes or shops with water on every corner.

Frigiliana in Andalusia, Spain

Where to Park in Frigiliana?

There are two main parking areas in Frigiliana:

  • Frigiliana public parking garage – by the main road, at Plaza de Tres Culturas.
  • Parking by the Botanical Garden – this one is supposed to be free, there are limited spaces (outdoor parking by the road)

How Far is Frigiliana from the Beach?

To get to the beach from Frigiliana, you will have to head down to the town of Nerja, which is 16.5 kilometers towards the South. It’s only 20 minutes drive by car.

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