Fuengirola Bus Station: Practical Travel Guide

Fuengirola Bus Station: Practical Travel Guide

If you need some transport help for Fuengirola bus station, you’re not alone!

The station is not clearly marked on the location, the buses stop and go in a chaotic manner and if you don’t know what to look out for, you might miss your bus completely (happened to me only once lol).

I’ve been living in Fuengirola since 2020, and have plenty of experience using local buses. In this short transport guide, I will give you all the local tips and first-hand advice so you will be well prepared for your trip.

Location of Fuengirola Bus Station

Fuengirola bus station is located at Calle Jacinto Benavente, a short walk away from the train station.

Conveniently, there is no sign by the side of the main road, apart from the name of the transport company, so if you don’t see buses boarding there, you would not know you’ve arrived at the bus station.

The bus station is split into two parts – the main boarding area and then the south boarding area which is used for the coal Mijas Pueblo bus.

Where to Get Bus Tickets

Until recently (summer 2023), the only place to get bus tickets was a small booth window on the right side of the building, with only one attendant available.

Right now, the renovated station building is open so you can walk in and get your tickets there. I believe they do also have some ticket machines if you prefer getting the tickets yourself.

You can also get your tickets online at the Alsa or Avanza websites, which are the two companies operating the routes from Fuengirola.

The only exception is the local green buses, like the one to Mijas Pueblo – which you can’t buy online.

fuengirola bus station spain 2
The ticket office of Fuengirola bus station under the red and white Avanza sign.

Where Do the Buses Stop at Fuengirola Bus Station

The buses stop alongside the building of the bus station, on the busy traffic junction between the roundabout and the pedestrian crossing.

They pull off to the side of the road, and there are no platforms or any other indication of where the bus might stop, so you need to watch out for the bus numbers and destination signs on the buses.

building of Fuengirola bus station
The left side of this road is usually completely blocked by 3-4 buses boarding passengers. It’s a complete chaos.

Fuengirola Terminal Sur

This is a small stop in front of the bus station, on Av. Matías Sáenz de Tejada. The only buses that stop here are the green local buses going to Mijas Pueblo, or the local Fuengirola buses.

building of Fuengirola bus station
The Mijas Pueblo bus station, right by the billboard with Fuengirola castle. Of course not marked clearly.

Facilities at Fuengirola Bus Station

The area around the bus station is dominated by residential buildings and small shops and cafes.

Right next to the building and behind it are a few cafes where you can go for a snack before you board your bus. On the main road is also a bigger bakery – Granier and a few clothing shops around the main road.

Bus Timetables Fuengirola – Costa del Sol

Here are the most recent timetables available for departures from Fuengirola bus station:

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