Is Fuengirola Safe? Answers from Local Expert [2024]

Is Fuengirola Safe? Answers from Local Expert [2024]

Is Fuengirola safe?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question before booking your trip, you came to the right place!

I’ve been living in Fuengirola since 2020, and have seen my fair share of what it has to offer in terms of safety. In this article, I will summarise my personal experience along with some points on what to avoid and how to stay safe while visiting Fuengirola.

Is Fuengirola a safe place to visit?

Yes, generally Fuengirola is considered a safe place to visit.

I have been living here for nearly four years and have not felt unsafe once. It’s very unlikely that you will have any experience that will make you feel unsafe, but as with any big city, you should take some precautions and beware of your surroundings, especially if you’re on your own.

I do know personally about some unpleasant experiences that involve drugs and muggings, so it’s not like these things don’t happen, but it’s not as often as you might like to think.

Seaside restaurant in Fuengirola

What is the crime rate in Fuengirola?

The crime rate in Fuengirola is calculated on a crime index, which is currently at 54.

What does this mean?

The data is based on self-reporting from people who live in Fuengirola, so take it with a grain of salt, and they gave the lowest safety scores for things like walking alone at night, worries about things from cars or home being stolen, and muggings. You can see the complete report here.

In comparison with the whole country, which has a safety index of 63, Fuengirola has a safety index of 45, so quite a bit lower compared to the average national levels. But again, these are self-reported perceptions of safety rather than official police records.

The official police record shows an average crime rate of around 14% for Fuengirola, one of the lowest in Malaga province and the rates continue to decline.

In Fuengirola, the police take safety seriously and I see police cars and patrols hovering around the city all day. In the summer, they normally have an increased presence around the busy areas and keep an eye on what’s going on.

Is Fuengirola safe at night?

Yes and no. It depends on where you are.

Some areas like the narrow streets of the old town, Paseo Maritimo are popular with the boozy crowd and some street sellers, which will increase your chance of encountering some unpleasant behavior.

Especially in the area of the old town with the busy restaurant streets, nightclubs and bars, with minimal light between the buildings, it’s easy to imagine that the conditions are perfect for all sorts of crimes.

I would not recommend walking alone, on your own, in the middle of the night, especially if you are a young female.

lifeguard station in Fuengirola

Is Fuengirola a nice area?

Yes, Fuengirola is nice and a good place to live.

There are of course more rough and underdeveloped areas further from the coastline, but Fuengirola is a very well-maintained city with lots of beautiful locations.

Is Fuengirola a good place to live?

Yes, Fuengirola is a good place to live, especially for families.

How to Stay Safe in Fuengirola

If you’re planning a trip to Fuengirola, you have mostly nothing to worry about when it comes to safety, but I thought I would share some insights to help you avoid any issues while on your trip.

In the last couple of years, I personally know two stories that involve drinks getting spiked while in a bar, in two different locations – one in the busy restaurant street near old town, and the second one on Calle Francisco Cano.

These were also girls in two different age groups, very close to me. One of them ended up in a hospital, with local police present – nobody should go through that after going out to have some fun!

If you’re heading out as a party of girls, especially young ones, you need to be extremely careful who you engage with, and whether or not you should trust a complete stranger.

Always make sure you can see your drink, ideally, hold it in your hand the whole time, and don’t let a stranger buy you a drink without seeing it poured into the glass by the waiter.

If you’re leaving for the toilet, let your friend watch your drink. Have your belongings with you at all times. Always tell your friends where you’re going if you’re leaving the group.

Do not walk alone at night in small streets, always have someone walk with you. Muggings are another issue that’s pretty common, especially in crowded streets full of bars.

If you do get into a situation that doesn’t feel safe or comfortable, threaten to call the police if they don’t leave you alone, and try to get to a more visible space with more light.

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