Train from Malaga Airport to Cordoba: Practical Guide

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Train from Malaga Airport to Cordoba: Practical Guide

Are you planning to get the train from Malaga Airport to Cordoba?

There are a few practical things you should keep in mind to plan this trip, and in this article, you will find everything you need to know!

I am very familiar with this route as I have lived in Southern Spain since 2020, and have been using trains for most of my travels around the country.

This article will give you a detailed overview of the journey, along with timetables and ticket price info.

Let’s jump in!

Cordoba Mezequita Spain

Train from Malaga Airport to Cordoba: Overview

To get to Cordoba by train, straight from the airport, involves a change at the main train station in Malaga.

Here is an overview of this journey:

Journey 1: Malaga Airport to Malaga Maria Zambrano – a short 10-minute ride on a local C-1 commuter train, which costs just a couple of euros.

Journey 2: Malaga Maria Zambrano to Cordoba – the standard speedy train between the cities, with a journey time of around 1 hour and tickets starting at 13 euros one way.

If you prefer booking your train tickets right away without reading the whole article, you can do that via Renfe or the Trainline website – I have linked the second one below.


Journey 1: C-1 Train to Malaga Maria Zambrano

The train connection between Malaga Airport and the city is a local suburban C-1 connection.

The trains are called ‘cercanias’ locally, which basically means a commuter local train.

The trains run approximately every 20 minutes and the journey between the airport and Malaga Maria Zambrano takes around 10 minutes.

Timetable For Train from Malaga Airport to Malaga Maria Zambrano

The first trains start around 6.44 am and the last trains from the airport leave just 24 minutes after midnight.

I have linked the full timetable below – you need to put in ‘aeropuerto’ and ‘malaga maria zambrano’ to see the times.

Timetable for Trains from Airport

You should always consult the Renfe website I linked above as they have the most accurate times. Do not trust any listings in Google as they are not updated correctly.

The train times also vary slightly between seasons, for example, in the summer the trains run slightly longer and more frequently compared to the winter months.

Stops For the Train from Malaga Airport to Malaga

The C-1 line calls for the following stops between Malaga and Malaga Airport:

Malaga Airport (Aeropuerto)


Victoria Kent

Malaga Maria Zambrano

Train Tickets For Train from Malaga Airport to Malaga Maria Zambrano

There are ticket machines at the station at Malaga airport, by the stairs leading down to the platform. There might also be some ticket booths at the airport, but I don’t remember seeing one in there.

As far as I know you can’t buy tickets for the commuter train in advance online or on the app (but you can do that for the long distance trains).

To find the train station, just walk straight out of the arrivals hall and you will see signs for it navigating you towards the back of the parking lot.

The ticket machines are available in the English language, just press the little flag icon in the bottom left corner. Choose a day ticket and select a destination in Malaga Maria Zambrano.

You can pay by card or cash. The tickets are then printed with a QR code.

The tickets have a QR code that you place on the reader next to the gate and it opens it up for you. At some stations, there are no gates so the ticket is not required to exit, but it’s better to have it with you for the journey for possible inspections.

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

Cost of Train from Malaga Airport to Malaga Maria Zambrano

The price of a one way ticket is 1.80 euros.

The prices are based on the number of zones you cross.

Train Facilities and Practical Tips

The trains are pretty spacious and have plenty of room for luggage, although there is no dedicated luggage storage. There are also toilets suitable for the disabled and you can easily travel even with a bike. The more spacious coaches are towards the beginning of the train usually.

The trains are equipped with toilets and plenty of seats. Some of the platforms are not easily accessible and have a higher step, so you might need help if you are lifting heavier luggage or getting into the train with a pram.

Roman bridge in cordoba, spain

Journey 2: Malaga Maria Zambrano to Cordoba Central

Once you get to Malaga Maria Zambrano, you need to walk to the central part of the station where you will see a departure board.

Under the board is a luggage scan you need to pass in order to access the platforms.

They will scan your ticket before you enter the luggage scan and also before you board the train.

Train Departures to Cordoba

Here are some example departure times and travel times for trains to Cordoba.

As you can see they run pretty frequently and they are also fast. These times are valid for September when I checked them, you will see more options in the summer months and less trains in the winter.

These trains are direct, with no change required.

  • 6.33 am departure – arrival at 7.34 am
  • 6.45 am departure – arrival at 7.50 am
  • 7.55 am departure – arrival at 8.44 am
  • 8.54 am departure – arrival at 9.54 am
  • 9.25 am departure – arrival at 10.30 am
  • 9.54 am departure – arrival at 10.54 am
  • 12.05 pm departure – arrival at 12.54 pm
  • 13.48 pm departure – arrival at 14.49 pm
  • 14.23 pm departure – arrival at 15.28 pm
  • 14.55 pm departure – arrival at 15.44 pm
  • 15.38 pm departure – arrival at 16.44 pm
  • 16.25 pm departure – arrival at 17.30 pm
  • 16.44 pm departure – arrival at 17.49 pm
  • 17.48 pm departure – arrival at 18.49 pm
  • 18.25 pm departure – arrival at 19.30 pm
  • 18.55 pm departure – arrival at 19.44 pm
  • 19.42 pm departure – arrival at 20.49 pm
  • 20.15 pm departure – arrival at 21.20 pm
  • 21.10 pm departure – arrival at 21.59 pm

Train Ticket Costs Malaga to Cordoba

The cheapest ticket for this journey costs 13.15 euros, and the prices go up to 71.55 euros one way. The price depends on the availability and also the type of ticket.

Renfe has a tiered ticket system, so if you want a ticket with more flexibility, those cost more than those which are non-refundable.

The ticket price includes also one piece of luggage, up to 25 kg, although I have never seen anyone checking if you’re carrying more luggage and have not paid for it.

You will also get your seat assigned as you purchase your ticket.

As I mentioned you can get the tickets directly through Renfe site, or book via Trainline via link below.


Train Facilities

The trains are pretty modern, with a coach number displayed on the digital monitor by the door. Right by the door is a small compartment for luggage, and there is also generous space in the overhead storage for smaller suitcases.

The trains have electric sockets and of course full air conditioning. Stations are displayed on the monitor and also announced in English.

Train Station in Cordoba

Córdoba’s Train station is well-serviced with cafes, small restaurants, souvenir shops, kiosks and even a Renfe office.

There are public toilets available at the end of the station, and a big taxi rank just outside of the building.

To get to the center of town from the train station, the taxi journey will cost under 10 euros.

inside Cordoba train station, Spain

Train from Malaga Airport to Cordoba: Frequent Questions

Below are some of the most frequent questions about this journey. If you didn’t find your answer here, feel free to leave a comment below.

How much is the train from Malaga airport to Córdoba?

The train from Malaga airport to Cordoba is a connecting train, that costs 1.80 euros to get to Malaga and from Malaga the tickets to Cordoba start at 13 euros one way.

Is there a direct train from Córdoba to Malaga?

Yes, there is a direct train from Cordoba to Malaga, with over ten connections per day.

Does Malaga airport have a train station?

Yes, Malaga airport has a train station, but the only train connection is the local commuter train C-1, which goes in the direction of Fuengirola or Malaga city center.

How long is the train journey from Malaga to Córdoba?

The journey from Malaga to Cordoba takes between 50 minute to 1 hour, depending on which train you take.

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