Malaga in October: Weather Info & Travel Tips for 2023

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What’s the weather for Malaga in October?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question before booking your holiday, this article will answer all the questions you might have!

I’ve been living in Fuengirola for a few years now and the weather conditions don’t change much between the two cities and are near identical. Every year, we get predictably warm autumn with a few rainy days, which are not long enough to spoil your holiday.

October is a very popular time to visit Malaga and it’s easy to see why.

The temperatures are mild, there are only a handful of rainy days in the forecast, and tourism entered its low season period. That means you get cheaper flights, less crowds and a more pleasant experience visiting the commonly crowded tourist attractions.

Below is a summary of the weather for Malaga in October, from my personal experience and also some weather averages over the last few years.

Weather for Malaga in October:
The old town of Malaga in October

Weather in Malaga in October at Glance

  • temperatures: 15C to 25C
  • rainy days: 4 – 6 days
  • cloudy days: 50% to 70% of the month
  • sunshine hours: 6-7 on average
  • sunrise/sunset: after 8am, before 9pm
  • sea temperature: 20C

Weather for Malaga in October: What to Expect?

October is the first autumn month and brings about cooler temperatures. Even though I say cooler, it’s still quite warm by most people’s standards.

October is a relatively quiet month in terms of tourism, so it’s the perfect time to explore the city and the district of Malaga without having to worry about crowds. While it’s not warm enough for sunbathing, for most people it doesn’t stop them from swimming in the sea.

Temperatures in Malaga in October

The average temperatures range between 15C and 25C, depending on the year. The early mornings and late evenings will be much colder than the average temperatures, so bringing a jacket with you is a good idea.

Rain in Malaga in October

October has on average four to six rainy days, and you can also experience some thunderstorms passing by. It would be abnormal that it would rain for more than two days in a row, the extended rainy periods are more common in spring.

Even with rain in the forecast, the sky normally clears up in a few hours and you can enjoy pleasant weather for the rest of the day.

Weather for Malaga in October:
A bit of sunshine in Malaga in October – by the Malaga Cathedral

Sunshine in Malaga in October

Malaga is one of the suniest destinations on Costa del Sol and even in October, you can enjoy up to 7 hours of sunshine per day.

Cloudy Days in Malaga in October

October marks the transition to more cloudy weather, but with cloudy, I mean white clouds that are scattered across the sky. It’s not overcast or grey as you would expect, although there are a few days like that too.

Keep in mind that every year the weather fluctuates a bit, some years are warmer and sunnier than others.

Sea Temperatures in Malaga in October

If you’re wondering whether it’s warm enough for swimming in October, that depends on how cold you like the seawater. In October, you can expect temperatures of seawater around 20C.

Weather for Malaga in October: What to Pack?

The temperatures in October in Malaga are still pleasant and warm, but it’s not certainly summer weather. You will be comfortable if you pack some light autumn clothing, and maybe a hat and windproof jacket for the more windy days by the sea.

Locals normally wear jeans and long sleeve top, or a dress with a light jacket, but you will spot the tourists from Northern Europe right away as they are all in t-shirts and shorts.

Picasso Museum, Malaga
Picasso Museum in Malaga

Things to do in Malaga in October

October is a great month to explore Malaga and some of the more popular tourist attractions as now you don’t have to worry about crowds or queues.

  • visiting the world-famous Picasso Museum and his birth home
  • booking a catamaran cruise from Muelle Uno (September is a great chance to see the dolphins!)
  • climbing the road to Gibralfaro Castle to enjoy the views
  • visiting the Alcazaba without having to endure the crowds
  • taking one of the hiking routes around Malaga
  • visiting the ancient botanical gardens just outside of the city – La Conception Botanical Gardens
  • spoiling yourself with some shopping at Calle Larios
  • exploring the beautiful old town in Malaga
  • booking a day trip to Marbella
  • if you’re visiting with kids, they will enjoy a day trip to Bioparc in Fuengirola
  • also the latest discovery, the Car Museum in Malaga is very cool to see both for adults and kids

Frequent Questions

What is the weather like in Malaga in October?

The weather is mild with pleasant temperatures and a few rainy days around. It’s a great time to explore Malaga as it’s not too hot or too cold either.

How hot is Malaga in October?

The temperature averages are between lowest of 15C and the highest of 25C.

What to do in Malaga in October?

There is plenty to do in Malaga in October. It’s the perfect time to explore some of the most popular sights like the Alcazaba or Gibralfaro Castle as you don’t have to worry about any crowds. For full list of activities check the recommendations in the article above.

What do people wear in Malaga in October?

Normally people would wear autumn clothing, long pants or jeans with a weather, or a lighter t-shirt with a jacket.

What is the temperature in Malaga end of October?

The temperatures at the end of October tend to climb down a bit, and you can expect an average around 20C, on colder days as low as 15C.

How much are flights to Malaga in October?

Flights in October tend to be quite a bit cheaper as the high tourism season has ended, and not many people are travelling in October. The prices are usually affected also by school holidays – something you don’t have to worry about in October.

Weather for Malaga in October
Blue skies in Malaga in October

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Weather for Malaga in October
Weather for Malaga in October

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