What To Wear in Marbella in February: Local Expert Guide

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What To Wear in Marbella in February: Local Expert Guide

Visiting Marbella in February? You’re in for a treat!

This charming town on Spain’s Costa del Sol offers a unique blend of winter and spring vibes, with plenty of sunshine even in February.

But, the big question is, what should you pack?

If you’re wondering what to wear in Marbella in February, this article will give you detailed answers and a comprehensive guide you won’t find on any forums.

How do I know?

I live next to Marbella! I’ve been a resident of Costa del Sol since 2020, so I’m very familiar with winter and all the challenges it may bring.

Let’s skip right to the chase!

A woman walking on the streets of Marbella in winter time.
I am generally always cold, but winter on Costa del Sol is very pleasant. A lighter coat with some layers is all you need on the sunny days.

Marbella’s February Weather

February weather in Marbella is a bit of a mixed bag.

You can expect mild temperatures, with daytime highs averaging around 17°C (63°F). Nights can be cooler, often dipping to around 8°C (46°F). While it’s generally sunny, February can also bring plenty of rainy days.

The most important thing to remember is that the weather can change pretty quickly, and that long-term weather forecasts will rarely be accurate.

So, how does this translate to your suitcase?

What To Wear in Marbella in February

Daytime Outfits

During the day, it can be pretty pleasant in the sun, so pack some light layers that you can easily take off during the day if you get too warm.

Long sleeve tops are a must, it’s not the weather for t-shirts. Long pants or dresses are also more advised, even though you see many tourists in shorts and strap t-shirts.

The only people you will see in summer clothes in winter are tourists, who come from much colder climates (north of Europe). All the locals have proper winter attire on – a lighter jacket for the day, a warmer jacket for the evening.

Evening Outfits

Evenings are pretty cool in February, and the temperature drop is very noticeable as soon as the sun goes down. Be prepared and have a warmer jacket with you, maybe a scarf and a light hat on very windy days.

It’s pretty chilly outside in the evenings, so don’t plan any outdoor dining experiences.


When it comes to shoes, comfort is key.

You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking as you explore Marbella’s beautiful streets and beaches. Opt for comfortable sneakers or loafers for daytime exploration. Even if there is no rain in the forecast, I recommend taking some waterproof shoes with you.

Last thing – if you’re renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel, bring a pair of slippers with you. Spaniards down in the South don’t use carpets and the floors are very cold.

Dressing for Marbella’s Cooler Weather

a woman having a smoothie in a restaurant in Marbella, Spain
Enjoying my smoothie at Manuka Restaurant on Paseo Maritimo in wintertime. I wear this cardigan dress for most of the winter without ever getting cold (on sunny days!).

Marbella does get a bit chilly in winter, but it’s not super cold like in some other places! I’ve never been freezing there and was more than fine with a coat or jacket.

Layering clothes is a great idea for the cooler seasons. It’s often warm enough for just a lighter top in the middle of the day, but you’ll want to put on more layers in the evening. Jeans are also a good choice because you can wear them both during the day and at night.

If you’re sitting in the sun during the day, it’s very pleasant and warm, but by the sea the breeze can make you feel much colder. I usually bring a scarf with me so I can wrap up quickly, and it doesn’t take up much space.

Hand Luggage Only – Packing Tips for February Weather

If you’re coming for a short trip with hand luggage only, I would recommend packing lots of layers and taking one warmer jacket with you.

Take a foldable umbrella and one pair of good quality shoes that will be comfortable for walking.

I always roll my clothes into little tube shapes and can fit much more into hand luggage. In case of emergencies, there are small kiosks and boutique shops in Marbella, so you can buy anything you might need for your wardrobe.

There is also a big shopping mall on the outskirts of the city – La Canada Shopping mall, and a Primark right next to it. Lastly, if you’re staying in an apartment, you can order Amazon prime and get anything you need delivered to your door.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Marbella in February means you need to be prepared for two types of weather – spring conditions and also much colder days. It’s best to pack plenty of long sleeve layers, long pants, or warmer dresses, to make sure you are covered for all sorts of weather conditions.

Don’t forget that the sun is pretty strong even in winter, so sun protection lotion is a must too!

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