Marbella Weather in February: Practical Guide [2024]

Are you thinking about visiting Marbella in February?

Do you wonder what the weather is like, how cold it gets, and if it’s a good month to visit?

In this article, you will find answers to all your questions and much more.

As I live right next to Marbella, I will also share lots of personal experience insights and practical tips that will help you plan the perfect trip!

Let’s dive in!


Is February a Good Month to Visit Marbella?

The short answer: NO.

February is probably the worst month to visit Marbella. The weather is very unpredictable, it’s very rainy, windy and cloudy. By the sea, it will feel much colder too.

The only advantage of traveling to Marbella in February is the prices – as it is considered low season, you will get great bargains on hotels and some services.

If you’re looking for a break from snow and freezing temperatures, then you will be pleased to hear that Marbella is still much warmer compared to the rest of Europe.

Marbella old town

Marbella Weather in February: Climate Overview

  • Average High Temperatures: 16C (61F)
  • Average Low Temperatures: 7C (45F)
  • Sea Temperature: 16C (61F)
  • Rainy Days: 5 days
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Sunshine Hours: 7 hours

February temperatures in Marbella usually climb to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 16 degrees Celsius. Lows drop to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7 degrees Celsius. 

While February is not Marbella’s wettest month, there is still a chance of rain. February has about 5 rainy days on average, or 75mm of rain in total.   

At 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Сelsius), the sea around Marbella is too cold to swim in throughout February. However, from sunset walks to photo opportunities, it’s easy to find other ways to enjoy the beach.

In February, Marbella’s winter is still in full swing, meaning the month sees no more than  7 hours of sunshine daily. Though it’s not a full day of sun, 7 hours is still enough to brighten up a day out on the town, a beach walk or an excursion outside of Marbella. 

In January, humidity levels in Marbella stay moderate, meaning they hover around 60%. This likely won’t impact the quality of your stay. 

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What to Expect for Marbella in February 

Though February isn’t too far off from spring, it’s still too early to see tourists return to Marbella in huge numbers. Tourist activity stalls during the winter months, meaning the region’s beaches and hotels tend to feel quieter. If you’re craving nightlife, dancing, and nightly events, this may not be ideal for you. However, if you’re looking to have the Costa del Sol to yourself, February may be a great month for your trip.

While less tourists do mean there is less going on, Marbella remains lively in the winter, as it has plenty of year-round residents. Prices are low, meaning you can enjoy hotl, dining, and shopping you may not be able to afford in the peak season. You will likely be able to save money by visiting Marbella in February.

Be aware of the possibility of sudden weather changes during your trip. Heavy rainfall and coastal storms are both possible, so keep an eye out for weather forecasts. If there is a long stretch of bad weather on the horizon, consider planning around it. 

If you’re already in Marbella when bad weather hits, wait it out inside while following local news and forecasts. Prepare a list of local indoor activities in advance so that you can refer to it if the weather is too unpleasant to spend time outside. 

Puerto Banus, Marbella - Spain

Planning Your Trip to Marbella in February

Now that you know the weather, here are some practical tips that will help you plan your trip.

What to Pack & Wear in Marbella in February

When planning an off-season Marbella getaway, there are a few necessities to keep in mind as you pack your bags. February’s cool, wintry weather should inform what goes in your suitcase. 

A compact umbrella and packable rain jacket are a handy combination to have on hand just in case. Consider bringing shoes that are somewhat water-resistant so that you can keep exploring even if it’s drizzling.

Be sure to bring a selection of layers in case the weather gets too cold for comfort. These include sweaters, thick socks, long sleeve shirts, and even leggings that you can wear under your pants.

If you plan on exploring outdoors, bring comfortable footwear.

If you’re renting an apartment, I also recommend bringing a pair of slippers. The properties here do not have carpets and the floors are very cold.

Which Airport for Marbella?

To get to Marbella, you will fly to Malaga International Airport. From there, it’s about 40 minutes drive by car or taxi.

If you’re looking for the best commute options, I have written an article with detailed transport options here.

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Events in Marbella in February 2024

Local events are a great way to meet people and learn about Spanish culture. Though February is far from peak season in Marbella, there is always something going on. 

Marbella’s Carnival is one of its most anticipated events each year. Dates vary, but the celebration usually takes place in February or March. If it happens to fall during your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to watch Marbella light up with live music, games, performances, and so much more.

The Grand Parade is the highlight of the party, bringing the town together to watch the festivities. 

Things to do in Marbella in February

  • Take a stroll through Paseo Maritimo and the Golden Mile
  • Visit Puerto Banus and watch luxury yachts and sportscars
  • Explore Marbella old town
  • Book a day trip from Marbella – see options below
  • Enjoy tasting tapas at local restaurants
  • Take a day trip to Malaga to visit the museums for a rainy day activity

Popular Marbella Day Trips in February

Marbella old town

Marbella Weather in February: Frequent Questions

Here are some frequent questions about visiting Marbella in February. If you didn’t find your asnwer here, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.

How warm is Marbella in February?

Marbella is comfortably cool in February. Though it’s not especially warm, it’s not extremely cold, either- highs reach 61 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 16 degrees Celsius.

What is the weather like in Marbella in late February?

In late February, Marbella’s weather may warm up slightly, as spring is just around the corner. Temperatures will remain cool and crisp, but you may see more sunshine. 

Can you swim in Marbella in February?

With sea temperatures at 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Сelsius), swimming is generally not advised in Marbella in February. 

Is Marbella good in winter?

Marbella is a year-round destination. While it does slow down significantly in the winter, it still offers plenty to do, as do neighboring Costa del Sol regions. One of the main benefits of Marabella’s winters are its low, off-season prices. 

What to wear in Marbella in February?

When visiting Marbella in winter, you’ll want to layer up. This means packing sweaters, light jackets, long sleeve shirts, and even a pair of leggings to slip on underneath your pants. The weather can be quite cool in the morning and evening, so you’ll want to bundle up, with the option of taking something off later. 

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