Benalmadena Weather in November: Local Expert Tips [2024]

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Benalmadena Weather in November: Local Expert Tips [2024]

Are you considering a trip to Benalmadena in November?

Do you wonder how much does it rain? How busy does it get in November? What’s the weather like in November?

I will answer these and many other questions in this detailed article that will give you a very accurate picture of what to expect.

How do I know?

I actually live next to Benalmadena (in Fuengirola), so in addition to weather insights I will also share lots of practical tips and insights you will only get from a local.

Let’s take a look at what to expect.

Benalmadena Stupa
Buddhist temple in Benalmadena

Is Benalmádena worth visiting in November?

Yes, Benalmadena is definitely worth visiting in November, however, you have to count with a small risk of bad weather coming your way.

Even though November is not the wettest month of the year, the weather conditions change pretty quickly and lon term forecasts are rarely accurate.

From my experience, much of the rain that’s coming to Costa del Sol is heading to the direction of Malaga or Marbella, possibly thanks to the mountain ranges nearby. So even if there is rain passing by, Benalmadena will not experience a lot of it, especially in November.

Benalmádena Weather in November: Climate Overview

So what can you expect weather-wise?

Here are the average conditions for November, with my detailed comments below.

  • Average High Temperatures: 20C (68F)
  • Average Low Temperatures: 9C (48F)
  • Sea Temperature: 18C (64F)
  • Sunshine Hours: 6 hours
  • Rainy Days: 9 days

Autumn is generally in-between seasons on the Costa del Sol. These are outside of the area’s tourist season, meaning they are ideal times to visit Benalmadena and take advantage of budget-friendly attractions.

The weather in November generally stays warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but swimming becomes more and more unlikely as the sea cools. You also need to carry some layers, especially for the mornings and evenings as it gets chilly.

Benalmadena Bil Bil Castle

Average temperatures in November 

Benalmadena’s November temperatures generally reach highs of 20C (68F). Lows remain around 6C (48F).

You’ll feel the chill in the evenings and mornings, but temperatures will gradually warm up throughout the day.

There are no drastic variations of the temperatures in November, you might even experience some heatwaves that make the temperatures feel very pleasant.

Average Rainfall in November 

Marking the start of fall, November in Benalmadena is the first rainy month of the year. Average rainfall in November measures about 72mm, which is just over 2.58 inches. 

This means you should expect about 9-10 rainy days throughout the month of November.

These would normally be scattered throughout the month, closer to the end of the month especially. I don’t remember many extended periods of rain. If it rains, it’s usually a matter of one or two days at max, extended periods of rain are not very common this time of the year.

Benalmadena Pueblo
Benalmadena Pueblo

Average Sunshine in November 

November in Benalmadena offers a classic mild autumn, but you can still look forward to some sun.

The month usually sees about six hours of sunshine a day. With that said, expect plenty of cloudy, overcast skies as well- this can be a big help if you’re planning to spend the day out hiking!

Average Humidity in November 

With rainfall, humidity is a given. In November, Benalmadena’s humidity levels measure about 74%. While the humidity in the air may be noticeable, temperatures are likely to feel cool and comfortable. 

What to Expect for Benalmádena in November 

So now you know the weather, but what else should you consider before booking your trip?

This section will cover everything you need to know.


Benalmadena’s busiest tourist season lasts from June to the beginning of September.

During the season, the area’s beaches, hotels, cities and small towns fill up with international visitors, all of them looking to enjoy the famous Costa del Sol sun.

After the summer season ends, lodging, activity and restaurant prices decrease steadily. Visiting in the off season can save you plenty of money and offer more time to yourself as you explore Benalmadena and beyond. Cooler temperatures are the only condition. 

castillo colomares 35


Most of the beaches around Costa del Sol have limited facilities in November. The rental places for sunchairs and umbrellas close at the end of October.

The showers may also not be operational anymore, although where I live they switch them off usually in December.

Public toilets on the beach should be still in order.


When planning your trip, you need to prepare for a chance that you will catch a rainy day or two. While there isn’t a huge selection of rainy day activities in Benalmadena, you can travel to the nearby Malaga where you will find plenty of museums and places to explore without getting wet.


November is a great time to explore some of the most popular monuments in Southern Spain, and plan a day trip from Benalmadena.

If you don’t like the hassle of driving, navigating the local traffic and finding parking in big cities, you can book an affordable day tour with a local company. Here are some of the most popular ones:


If you’re looking for a great deal on accommodation, you will get some of the best prices in November.

Unlike January or February, which are even cheaper, November still has a much higher chance of nice weather, so you’re better off traveling in this month.

Mariposario de Benalmadena (Butterly Park)

Planning Your Trip to Benalmádena in November 

Now that you know what to expect weather-wise, here are a few last practical tips that will help you plan your trip and make it more enjoyable.

Practical Tips for Accommodation

November is the first colder month of the year, and the properties in Benalmadena are not built for cold weather.

That means you will have to use the aircon for heating, as 99% of properties do not have central heating.

Make sure that the place you rent doesn’t make you pay extra for electricity use, as it can get quite expensive in the winter.

Another useful thing you might want to pack or buy here is a pair of slippers – carpets are unheard off and the floors in most properties are cold, which is not very pleasant in the winter.

Getting to Benalmadena from the Airport

As you probably know, Malaga International Airport is the closest one to Malaga, and it’s easily accessible by car, taxi, bus or a train ride.

As November is a very quiet moth, you can easily get on a train or bus without being overcrowded. Being the off season, you also pay a little less for your taxi.

I have written a detailed transport guide for you here.

benalmadena spain andalusia 3

Events in Benalmádena in November 2023

Though Benalmadena’s peak season is long gone by November, the city remains busy.  Local events are a great way to meet people and learn about Spanish culture.

Benalmadena doesn’t see any major holidays in November, so you likely won’t encounter any large fairs or festivals. However, there are live music performances scheduled throughout the month. 

Malaga is also teeming with music and theater performances at all times of the year- the city is only a short train, bus or car ride from Benalmadena. 

Things to Do in Benalmadena in November

Benalmadena old town - Benalmadena pueblo

Benalmadena Weather in November: Frequent Questions

Here are some frequent questions about visiting Benalmadena in November. If you haven’t found your answer, feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer there.

How hot is Benalmadena in November?

November temperatures in Benalmadena can reach highs of 20C (68F). This won’t be the hot weather the region is known for, but a cool, comfortable autumn temperature. 

Is Benalmadena Good in November?

Benalmadena is still a great destination in November.

Though you won’t have a classic beach experience, visiting in the off-season makes it easier to access the city’s best hotels, eateries and attractions. Mild temperatures will draw you outdoors, while cooler evenings will invite you to cozy up with a bottle of local wine or candlelit dinner. 

What is the coldest month in Benalmadena?

January is the coldest month in Benalmadena, with temperatures reaching a high of just 16C (61F).

December and February are usually not as cold, but still quite cool. Expect low temperatures to measure around 4C (39F).

Is Benalmadena open in November?

Though November is Benalmadena’s off-season, expect most restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions to remain open. You’ll likely be seeing mostly locals and other budget travelers, which can be refreshing in a destination as popular as the Costa del Sol.

Expect lower prices and smaller crowds but just as many things to do across Benalmadena and neighboring communities.

Benalmadena Nightlife in November – what is it like?

Benalmadena’s nightlife scene is alive and well in November.

Most venues are open- the only difference is that they see smaller crowds than they do in the summer months. This can be a plus if you’re trying to avoid overcrowded destinations. Plenty of people visit Benalmadena in November, so expect a mix of nightlife-loving locals and tourists.

Benalmadena Weather Month by Month

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Benalmadena Weather in October

Benalmadena Weather in December

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