Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba: My Review

This summer was my third time visiting Cordoba, and I wanted to share this cool little place I found, right in the heart of the old town.

Let’s dive in!

The Location

Olivia Suites Apartments are located at Calle Romero, a short stroll away from the Cathedral and all the main sights. The building only has two apartments, the top one with access to a roof terrace.

It’s the perfect location if you love exploring on foot, or would like to pop back into the apartment at any point during the day – it’s a very short walk from anywhere.

I also like the fact that it’s not a massive residential building, it felt much more peaceful and quiet.

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

The Livingroom

The apartment opens up to an open living space with a kitchen tucked on a side, with a balcony facing the main street.

It has a good size dining table, sofabed and plenty of storage space.

The apartment had a small patio in the middle of the building, which was bringing in a lot of natural light. I also loved the high ceiling, which made the place feel more spacious.

Everything was decorated in neutral tones, with lots of natural wood used, so it felt very cosy and welcoming.

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

The Kitchen

The kitchen was right opposite the patio, with lots of storage and all the cooking essentials provided.

We did a lot of cooking while staying here, so a new functional kitchen was much appreciated. From the kitchen area, you can access the master bedroom and the main bathroom.

There was a big built-in fridge with a coffee machine also available.

The nearest shop was a bit off from the center, we had to walk about 15 to 20 minutes to get some groceries, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on cooking while staying here.

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

The Bathroom

The main bathroom was very spacious, beautifully done with walk-in shower and plenty of light. We ended up using the main bathroom mostly as the one in the master bedroom was pretty tiny.

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

The Master Bedroom with En-Suite

The master bedroom features an exposed brick walk, which adds a lot of character to the room, along with a comfy elevated double bed.

Along the side of the room, you will see a set of shelves that provide plenty of storage space, and there is also a small wardrobe in the corner of the room.

I would say the sink at the end of the shelves wasn’t probably the most practical solution, but the en-suite bathroom was quite small and it wouldn’t fit there.

Overall, I was more than happy with the size of the room and it felt great to sleep in the bed!

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

The Second Bedroom

The second bedroom had a balcony facing the main street, so a lot more natural light came in.

It was smaller compared to the master bedroom but had plenty of space for clothes and also extra shelves for storage.

Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba
Olivia Suites Apartments, Cordoba

So there you have it!

If you want a luxury apartment in the heart of Cordoba, this place is a great option.

Given that there are only 2 apartments in the whole building, you are right next to a restaurant and walking distance from the main sights, it ticks nearly all travel boxes (at least for me!).

You can book the place via the link below.

Apartment Price & Availability

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