Private Transfer from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola: Best Tips [2023]

Are you looking for a private transfer from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola?

There are quite a few companies offering these services, and the prices and service quality vary quite a bit.

I have plenty of experience using taxis and other private transport options between Malaga Airport and Fuengirola, and as I live in the city and travel often.

In this article, I will share my personal insights and recommendations that will help you plan hassle-free transport from the airport.

lifeguard station in Fuengirola

How to Book a Private Transfer from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola

To get from the airport to Fuengirola, you have a number of options available if you want private transport:

  1. Taxi from outside the arrivals hall
  2. Uber
  3. Prebooked taxi
  4. Prebooked private transport service

The first option is a taxi from outside of the arrivals Terminal, you will see these on your right side as you exit the main hall. There are usually quite a few available, but in the busy season in the summer, these get picked up pretty fast when there are more flights scheduled to arrive at the same time.

Even though I use Uber nearly weekly in Fuengirola, I don’t recommend trying to get one from the airport. It will be impossible to find the driver there and they can’t access the same areas as licensed taxis. If you’re heading back from Fuengirola to the airport, that’s of course a different case and you will have no issue getting a drop off by the departures terminal.

A prebooked taxi or private transport service is usually your best option, and I would certainly recommend it if you’re traveling with a group or more luggage.

I have a few companies I use regularly and can recommend them here.

Fuengirola beach

1. Private Transfer from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola: Get Transfer

I have used this company on longer trips and they always give you a very good price.

The site works as a price comparison platform, so they will source price quotes from different private transport companies so you can choose the cheapest or best one you want.

You can specify the type of vehicle you need, and any other extras you might require, such as a car seat for a baby, or a larger car if you’re traveling with excess luggage.

You can book the car long in advance and they will send you a confirmation email with the details. They also have a free cancelation policy, in case your plans might change.

Get a Quote for Transport

A great benefit of using the above is that you can choose any type of car, including luxury limousines, so it works for any type of trip, whether business or pleasure.

By using this service you are essentially sourcing local private transport suppliers, as they work with local companies, so you don’t miss out on any great local deals.

It saves quite a bit of time and money, as you don’t have to manually email a few companies just to get prices from them.


2. Private Transfer from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola: Taxis

You can easily get a taxi from the arrivals as I mentioned earlier, but in most cases, it’s handy to have a pre-booked taxi with a driver that will wait for you at the arrivals.

This is especially true if you have more luggage or a larger group, the driver will often also help you to get the luggage into the car.

To get a taxi, I have a similar service to the above – it’s called KiwiTaxi, and they work on a similar principle. Simply enter your journey details and they will source quotes from local taxi companies.

The site also allows you to enter your flight details, so the driver will know exactly when to wait for you in the main arrivals hall.

You can get a quick quote for the trip by clicking the link below and entering your details.

Get a Quote for Transport

3. Private Transfer from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola: Hotel

Last but not least, it’s certainly worth checking with your hotel if they offer airport transport.

If you’re using and are in the higher membership levels, you will also get a free taxi from time to time (I just got one for my stay in Malaga hotel).

It’s definitely worth asking as in some cases you might get a better deal this way.

Fuengirola old town

Where Will You Meet Your Driver

There are two main areas where the drivers wait for the passengers – inside the arrivals hall and outside.

99% of the drivers will be right next to the arrivals door, waiting with a board with your name.

Remember that airport pick up is quite a popular service, so you will see many people waiting there with names on boards, and you might have to scan all of them to find your own driver.

Waiting Time for Delayed Flights

When booking your private transport, all the companies ask for a flight number, so the drivers can monitor the arrival time in case of delays.

Normally they will take this into account and send the driver to the airport later if there is a significant delay. In case the flight is on time, and you get stuck waiting for your luggage, a waiting time of around 30 minutes is also included in the booking.

Always check the terms & conditions in your email confirmation as the rules vary depending on the company.

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