Best Teterias in Albaicin, Granada: Local Expert Tips

Best Teterias in Albaicin, Granada: Local Expert Tips

So you’ve already heard of Teterias in Albaicin, Granada. The problem is – there are too many to choose from!

How do you decide which one should you try? Which one has the best tea and the best views?

This article will give you answers to these and many other questions you might have.

How do I know?

I’ve been to Granada five times already, on extended trips. I live locally in Southern Spain, and Granada is like my second home – I visit at least once or twice a year, and each time find something new to get excited about.

Without further delay, let me help you find your own favourites!

tea served at a local teteria in Albaicin, Granada - Southern Spain

Visiting Teterias in Albaicin, Granada

Indulging in pastries and Arabic sweets, while sipping on your favourite blend of tea, sets the stage for a perfect afternoon. Regardless of the season or weather outside, visiting a teteria in Albaicin is always a good idea!

This isn’t anything like the British tea experience you might know from home – the tea ceremony here is a flavourful journey into the Nasrid cultural heritage of Granada, captured through traditional food and the finest tea flavours.

Sit in a corner illuminated by exotic lamps and lanterns, pour yourself a glass of tea into a traditional tea set and indulge all your senses.

Video: Short Visual Guide to Teterias in Albaicin

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Calle de las Teterias in Albaicin, Granada

Calle de la Caldereria Nueva is a narrow street filled with local shops and is the absolute hotspot for teterias in Granada. It is one of the oldest streets in the city, and back in the days, it used to be the main road of Granada.

The street starts just off the corner at Plaza St Ana and goes uphill all the way to Plaza San Gregorio. I have marked all the tea rooms on this street for you on the map below.

My Favourite Teterias in Albaicin, Granada

Here is the list of the best options for Albaicin, and it is pretty short as I only recommend places I visited personally.

I am planning to explore some new ones on my next trip to Granada, and update this article with more insights and options to choose from. For now, here are the ones that I keep returning to on each trip:

1. Kasbah Teteria Restaurant

I’ve already written a dedicated post about this place, and it’s certainly the choice number one for me. Not only it’s one of the nicest ones, it’s also much bigger compared to the rest and has the best food & service.

The ambiance is out of this world, the service is fast, and on weekends you can even spot a belly dancer!

They have an extensive selection of different tea blends, and very good menu options (even for vegans and vegetarians), with a long list of cocktails and alcoholic drinks too.

The place is very inexpensive and you can taste many different dishes, sweets or teas without spending a lot of money.

Location: C. Calderería Nueva, 4, 18010 Granada

Kashab restaurant interiors in Granada, Spain
food at Kashab restaurant in Granada, Spain

2. Teteria El Banuelo

The second best option, undoubtedly with the best views, is the El Banuelo Teteria, which is located right above the old Arab Baths (El Banuelo).

This tea room is much smaller, with limited seating on the terrace, but it’s a very nice option if you would like to enjoy your tea outside, preferably with a view!

El Banuelo also offers a small food menu to choose from, and a long list of various tea blends. It is a little off from the main street, hiding behind an unassuming door on the corner of a very quiet street.

This is a popular spot for students and locals, so in the busy season, you might not be able to get a seat on the terrace.

Location: C. Bañuelo, 5, local, 18010 Granada

La Teteria del Banuelo, Granada - Spain
La Teteria del Banuelo, Granada - Spain

Other Teterias in Albaicin, Granada

Here is a full list of other ones available in the area, you can see them all on the map I shared above.

Teteria Oriental – Calle Calderería Nueva,on the corner with Cuesta Marañas

Teteria Nazari – Calle Calderería Nueva, 14. Granada

Teteria Hammam – Calle Calle Santa Ana, 16. Granada

Dar Ziryab – Calle Calderería Nueva,11 bajo. Granada

Al Sirat – Calle Calderería Nueva, 5. Granada

What to Order in Teteria in Albaicin, Granada

Even if you don’t like tea, you have to give it a try when visiting a teteria. There are different blends of tea available, usually divided into a few categories, like green teas, black teas, floral teas and different blends.

In Kasbah, they also offer tea infused with local liquor, cold tea options and tea with milk. I have a few firm favourites, which are: Beduin tea, Enchantment of Granada (tea with local liquor) and a few of fruity and floral teas.

The two teterias I recommended also offer Arabic cuisine specialties, like different types of couscous dishes, tajines, briwat and other classics like samosas or salad options.

Hot tea is surprisingly pleasant even on warm summer days, so make sure you don’t skip it!

Best Time to Visit Teteria in Albaicin, Granada

According to my personal experience, most people prefer visiting teterias in late afternoon hours, or for dinner time. They normally stay open till around midnight, so there is plenty of time to indulge yourself with a proper tea room experience even if you don’t want to have a full meal.

Final Words

I hope that by now, you have a pretty good picture of what you can expect when visiting a teteria in Albaicin, which ones to try and what to order. All that’s left to do now is to plan your visit!

Below are some of my favourite restaurants in Granada and a few tips for some tours and experiences you can book while in the city.

Thank you for reading!

Best Restaurants in Albaicin, Granada

Best Tours to Experience Granada

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