Barcelona to Seville Train: Transport Guide by a Local [2023]

Are you planning a trip from Barcelona to Seville by train?

In this article, you will find everything you need to plan a stress-free journey, including tips for getting the best price on train tickets!

I’m very familiar with the train network as I’ve been living in Southern Spain since 2020. I have tested both the short and long-distance trains, so I can share lots of personal experience insights that will help you plan the perfect trip.

Let’s dive in!

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Barcelona to Seville by Train Journey


There are a couple of train network companies that service long distance train journeys like this one, the most used is the national network called Renfe.

The trains to Barcelona from Seville offer up to 15 connections per day, with average journey duration between 6 to 7 hours. You can get tickets from as little as 47 euros, but they can go as high as 180 euros.

Almost all the train journeys are connecting via Madrid, there might be only one or two trains per day which are direct.

Read on to find out where to book them and how to save money.

Casa de Salinas Seville

Distance Between Seville and Barcelona

The most direct route between Barcelona and Seville totals about 1000 kilometers, or 621 miles. The route cuts through the entire country, from the northeast to the southwest. 

Renfe Trains

Operated by the leading Spanish train service known as Renfe, the high- speed AVE train service is a fast and easy way to reach Barcelona from Seville.

Trains travel at speeds up to 193 (or 310 km) per hour and feature WIFI, meals, and power access to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible.

Safe and well-maintained, and Spain’s train system is highly regarded among both locals and tourists.

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Barcelona to Seville Train Journey Times

Train journey from Barcelona to Seville can take between 6 to 7 hours, depending on the departure you choose.

When you check your departure times, you will see the journey times displayed next to the departure. As I mentioned the trains are not direct, you need to change in Madrid.

There are only one or two trains per day which are direct, and the tickets for these sell our pretty fast. The difference in the travel time between these is not that big though.

Both the longer and shorter routes are connecting through Madrid, the difference in the travel time comes from the fact that the longer trips make a lot more stops on the way to Seville. The faster trains are direct between Madrid and Seville.

Witch each train ticket, you have details of the journey including all stops displayed next to it.

Seville old town

Barcelona to Seville Train Tickets

Train tickets for this route can range between 90 euros to 180 euros, depending on how far in advance you book and what type of ticket do you choose.

The basic far is always the cheapest, starting around 90 euros, which doesn’t allow you to change your ticket. You will lose all the money if you need to cancel the ticket.

The more expensive options offer more flexibility and are ideal if you’re not 100% sure about your travel date or preferred departure time.

The basic tickets include up to 3 piece of luggage, at 25kg each. You are not allowed to cancel or change your ticket. The upgraded tickets, which are more expensive, allow you to make a free change to your journey, or in case you need to cancel completely, you get a 70% refund.

The last pricing tier is the Premium ticket, which comes with extra large comfort seats, unlimited changes, free seat selection, 100% refund up to 7 days before travel and access to club rooms and restaurants.

The train tickets are normally checked before you get to the platform, and sometimes they also check them on the train, especially if it’s a train with more stops along the way.

Plaza de Espana, Seville

How to Save Money on Train Tickets

In my experience, you get the best deals on tickets if you book them around 4 weeks in advance.

In that case, you have the biggest selection of available trains but also the cheapest rates.

The price of the ticket will also vary slightly depending on the season and how quickly the trains get booked up. You get cheaper tickets if you book off-peak hours and weekdays instead of weekends.

Renfe does have its own loyalty program, but it only allows you to collect points for each journey. They do not offer any discounts for booking directly with them.

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Barcelona to Seville Train: Buying Tickets

You can buy your tickets in two ways: directly with Renfe or via Trainline, which you might be more familiar with.

Trainline is directly connected to Renfe, and much easier to use (more user-friendly and in English), so you don’t run into any issues purchasing tickets there.

Renfe is also easy to use but sometimes the site gets stuck, or you’re hit with a timeout page and have to start over again.

The language option for English doesn’t always translate everything and if you use chrome browser translate, which I use a lot, that sometimes interferes with the payment processing and messes up the calendar widget for selecting your departure dates.

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Barcelona to Seville Train Schedule

Trains from Barcelona to Seville run up to 10 to 15 times a day, depending on the season.

There are more connections available in the summer.

If you don’t see many trains available for a particular date, you’re either looking too far in advance and the schedule has not been updated yet, or on the other hand, most of the trains are fuly booked and they don’t display them anymore.

The trains are running every 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the season and the day.

The first departures from Barcelona are before 6am (5.50 am) and the last trains leaving are at 4pm, which arrives in Seville at 11pm.

The Real Alcazar of Seville

Arriving in Seville

So what can you expect once you get to Seville? Here is a short overview!

Sevilla Santa Justa Station

The train station in Seville is pretty big and well-equipped, with a taxi rank outside of the station. To get to the center of the city from the train station will take under 10 minutes.

Getting from the Train Station to the City

There are some public transport connections also available at the station, but you will get to your accommodation much faster if you just take the local taxi. They are quite inexpensive too.

Seville Cathedral

Barcelona to Seville Train: Frequent Questions

Are there direct trains from Barcelona to Seville?

There are only up to 2 direct trains from Barcelona to Seville. The majority of the trains are connecting trains via Madrid.

Is Barcelona to Seville train scenic?

No, it’s not. The train doesn’t run along the coastline but across the country, so it will be mostly hills and countryside you will see on the way.

Where does the high speed train stop from Barcelona to Seville?

Majority of the trains on this journey stop in Madrid, where you need to change for connection to Seville. The train from Madrid to Seville has a number of stops in smaller cities, depending on the connection you take.

Is it better to fly from Barcelona to Seville or take the train?

If you need to get from Barcelona to Seville, you get more connection options with a train. However, flying can be both cheaper and also faster compared to the train, but it does involve extra time commuting to and from the airport.

How much does a train from Barcelona to Seville cost?

The train tickets from Barcelona to Seville start at around 47 euros and can go up to 180 euros, depending on the availability of train, train ticket time and other factors.

How long does high speed train take from Barcelona to Seville?

The average journey time between Barcelona and Seville is between 6 to 7 hours.

Is there a sleeper train from Barcelona to Seville?

No, sleeper trains are not available on the journey from Barcelona to Seville.

The Real Alcazar of Seville


When it comes to an unforgettable Spanish getaway, Barcelona and Seville are likely to share the top of your list.

Seeing them back-to-back is guaranteed to highlight their differences, as well as the wealth of Spanish culture and heritage still alive and well today.

Whether you choose to explore by train, bus, rented car or by air, expanding your trip to multiple destinations is the best way to truly get to know a nation as diverse, quixotic, and one-of- a-kind as Spain.

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