Best Flamenco in Albaicin, Granada: Expert Tips [2024]

Best Flamenco in Albaicin, Granada: Expert Tips [2024]

Are you planning to see a flamenco show in Albaicin (Granada), but are not sure which one to pick?

In that case, you’re at the right place.

In this article, I have hand-picked the best options for a Flamenco in Albaicin (sometimes spelled Albayzin), and added a few useful tips that will make this experience more enjoyable!

Why should you listen to me?

I have visited a number of Flamenco shows, including the famous tablao Flamenco in Albaicin, so I have first-hand experience of what the show is about and what you can expect.

I travel to Granada regularly as I live in Southern Spain, at least twice a year, and Granada feels like a second home to me.

Let’s step into the details (pun intended!).

PS: Check further down the post for my video from the flamenco show.

La Alborea Tablao Flamenco

4.7 / 5 Rating
1 Hour Show
Top Pick

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Flamenco in Albaicin, Granada: 3 Best Shows

There are quite a few shows to choose from in both Albaicin and Sacromonte.

I only selected three based on my personal experience and the reviews, each one offers something different and unique, and they all come with glowing reviews from travelers.

1. Tablao Flamenco at La Alborea, Albaicin

Tablao Flamenco at La Alborea, Albaicin
Start of the Flamenco show at La Alborea.
4.7 / 5
1 hour
check here

The most popular flamenco show in Albaicin, with nearly 3000 guest reviews, reserved seats and the option to book a drink or meal with the show.

This is the show I attended myself and I loved it! It cannot compare with any amateur performance you might see on the streets or in restaurants, these are the best artists at their craft.

The beautiful venue is just off Plaza St Ana at the beginning of Albaicin, and the show is very affordable. It comes with an option to upgrade your tickets to a glass of wine or small tapas. They also have VIP seating available. Video & photography (without flash) is allowed.

The seats were really comfortable and you have a superb view from every seat available. I couldn’t recommend this more!

Check Prices & Availability

2. Jardines de Zoraya Flamenco, Albaicin

4.7 / 5
1 hour
check here

This is another famous and very popular flamenco show (with nearly 800 reviews) higher up in Albaicin, near Mirador St Nicolas. The venue has an indoor lounge, a bar for tapas and a large outdoor garden, and it’s the perfect setting to watch a number of different palos (Flamenco styles).

You need to arrive 30 minutes before the show. Photography is allowed, but no video.

This is a great option if you’re planning to explore or stay further up in Albaicin and check out the viewpoints (miradors) same time.

To check the venue photos see the link below.

Check Prices & Availability

3. Flamenco at Cuevas Los Tarantos

4.4 / 5
75 mins
check here

Flamenco originates in the gypsy caves of the Sacromonte bario (neighbourhood) and this show offers you a chance to experience the show in the most authentic setting, in a traditional Sacromonte cave. To check the venue photos click the link below.

This show has over 1200 reviews and due to the size of the venue has limited seating, so make sure you book your tickets in advance.

The venue is located just on the borders of Albaicin and Sacromonte, so it’s not a big walk if you’re staying in Albaicin. Taxis can reach the venue easily too.

One drink is included in your ticket price and no restrictions on photography and video.

Check Prices & Availability

Video: Flamenco in Albaicin

Here is some footage from La Alborea and a summary of the main points of the article.

YouTube video

Flamenco in Albaicin: How to Choose Your Show

As I mentioned earlier, Albaicin offers a variety of different flamenco performances.

They vary in the type of venue they use for the performance, the experience of the artists, and the type of flamenco performed.

In my opinion, you get the most professional show if you book a dedicated flamenco venue, like La Alborea, or then a cave performance, which is a more authentic experience.

1. Flamenco Show in a Dedicated Venue

Dedicated venues, like the one in La Alborea, have a rotation of different artists and shows running pretty much all week round.

They are the size of a tiny theater with a similar set up, and they normally have the highest-quality artists available. The shows tend to be technically more advanced, rather than distracting the spectators with flashy clothing.

the venue set up at La Alborea flamenco in Albaicin, Granada
Stage set up at La Alborea flamenco in Albaicin

2. Flamenco Show in a Cave

Flamenco in a cave is probably the closest you get to an authentic experience, but the performance itself will not be as technically advanced as the previous option. That of course depends on the artist and the location too.

The caves offer pretty limited space, both for dancing and seating, and if you’re planning to take some photos, it will be a little more challenging since you’re at the same level as the artist, or have an obstructed view.

3. Flamenco Show in a Restaurant

A few restaurants in Granada offer a free flamenco performance if you book a dinner, a similar concept has been adopted in other big cities like Cordoba.

These are normally semi-professional artists and the show is more about entertainment rather than technical accuracy or show of skill.

Taberna Patio de la Juderia, Cordoba, Spain

4. Flamenco Show at Other Venues

You might be surprised, but you can see a Flamenco show even in a Torture Museum! You read that right!

When I visited the museum I noticed they have downstairs space in the courtyard set up for flamenco shows, and that’s just one of the many random locations where you can experience a flamenco show.

5. Flamenco Show at a Public Square

Plaza St Ana seems to be one of the hotspots for street artists, including flamenco performances. These vary from really bad to fantastic, depending on the performer. Sometimes it’s dance students making extra money, other times just random ladies from Sacromonte earning some extra cash.

What to Expect at Flamenco Show

A traditional Flamenco show has four artists – a singer, a guitarist, and two dancers. The show would start with a guitar solo, followed by a solo for the singer, and then a display of various flamenco styles.

The dancers will change costumes during the performance, and the show usually lasts at least one hour.

Some venues offer the option to get drinks and snacks during the show, or even book a full dinner.

There is no formal dress code for a flamenco show.

Flamenco in Albaicin vs Sacromonte

There are two most popular locations for flamenco in Granada – in Albaicin, which is the old town, and Sacromonte, which is the gypsy neighbourhood known for cave dwellings.

Both of these areas have different types of venues, which will influence the type of performance you can choose from. In Sacromonte, there are only cave performances, which is the traditional way to experience flamenco. Most of these are along the main road in Sacromonte, as much of this part of the city is spread out up in the hill.

In Albaicin, there is a bit more variety to choose from, but no caves.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article offered a very good overview of what you can expect at a flamenco show in Albaicin and you will enjoy the shows I selected as much as I did.

Check below the article for some other beautiful places to discover in Granada and tours to book while you’re there.

Thank you for reading!

Haven’t Booked Yet?

If you’re still hesitating, here is a quick link and reminder about the most popular flamenco show – at La Alborea. Click below to check the details.


Questions About Flamenco in Albaicin

Where is the best place to see Flamenco in Granada?

The best place to see Flamenco in Granada is in La Alborea, in Albaicin. This Flamenco venue has the best quality artists and a number of different performances available year round.

Where can I watch Flamenco in Granada for free?

You can watch Flamenco in Granada for free on a number of public squares thanks to street dancers. One of the most popular spots is Plaza St Ana near Albaicin.

Where is the best cave in Granada for flamenco?

The best cave in Granada for Flamenco is Cueva Los Tarantos, which is just at the edge of Albaicin, on the main road to Sacromonte.

Where is the best place to see flamenco dancing?

The best places to see Flamenco dancing are in the cradle of Flamenco in Granada, and then in other big Andalusian cities like Cordoba, Jerez de la Frontera or Seville.

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