Best Adults Only Hotels in Granada, Spain [2024] 

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Best Adults Only Hotels in Granada, Spain [2024] 

If you’re looking for the best adults only hotels in Granada, you’re in luck!

There is actually one available, and I visited it myself when I was looking for a nice rooftop terrace.

Check the details for the hotels below, and some practical travel tips at the end of the article.

Hotel Monasterio

Adults Only
Budget Friendly
Pet Friendly
Best Option

The Only Adults Only Hotel in Granada

Hotel Monasterio Granada – Adults Only 

adults only hotels granada monasterio
Twin Room at Hotel Monasterio Granada (credits: Hotel Monasterio)
Best for:
Budget stays, traveling with pets
6.9 / 10 (Check here)
Check here

The Hotel Monasterio Granada is the only adults-only hotel that you can find in this city.

The hotel is located in close vicinity to most local attractions in the center and Basilica de San Juan de Dios is just 200 meters away.

You can bring your pets along for the stay and public parking is available at a small charge.

They have many different room options that’ll fit your budget. All of them are non-smoking and fully air-conditioned.

Plus, there’s a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi in every room. They do have a concierge service and a bar on-site where you can safely have a few drinks. 

Why Guests Love Hotel Monasterio Granada – Adults Only: 

  • good service 
  • friendly staff
  • good location
  • free Wi-Fi
  • pets allowed
  • public parking
  • 24-hour security
  • bar
  • air-conditioned rooms
  • concierge service

Guest reviews: 

“The staff is out of this world. Super helpful, nice attentive and patient. I went with my 3 cats and I had a sort of emergency and they went up and beyond for me to have a better time. They even gave me a bigger room for no extra charge because I had three cats. The receptionist Antonio was un amor de persona as they say in Spanish. Such a delight, they made my hectic time way better. Thank you so much.” (read more reviews here)

“The room was clean and comfortable. For the low price that I paid, the room met my expectations. The hotel was also located near the touristic sites.” (read more reviews here)

view from rooftop terrace of Monastery Adults Only hotel in Granada, Spain
View from rooftop terrace of Monastery Adults Only hotel in Granada, Spain

Tips For Booking Adults Only Hotels in Granada

When To Visit Granada

Granada is always nice to visit, regardless of the season and the time of year.

However, if you’d prefer to plan your trip in detail to ensure that you only experience the best weather conditions, there are two periods that are great for a trip to the city. 

Firstly, May and June are Spring/Summer months, which means nice sunny weather, with the occasional quick shower.

The temperatures are exceptionally pleasant and comfortable during these months and all of the city’s gorgeous flowers are normally in bloom.

Secondly, October and November are also perfect for a visit to Granada. These months are Autumn months, which means the temperatures are neither too high nor too low. 

Keep in mind that Granada is very popular destination, so you can expect crowds and lots of tourists even in the low season.

Albaicin in Granada, Spain

What you’ll be paying

If you want to pay the lowest of low prices in Granada, you should visit the city in January, February, or March. November is also a good option if you prefer the low season and little tourists. 

April to July, September, and December fall in high season in Granada, due to the religious holidays, Easter and Christmas. You’ll be paying somewhat higher prices if you visit the city in these months. 

Peak season calls for the highest prices of the year. August and October are the two peak season months, which means that prices are sky-high compared to other seasons and the city is typically flooded with tourists. 

view from rooftop terrace of Monastery Adults Only hotel in Granada, Spain
view from rooftop terrace of Monastery Adults Only hotel in Granada, Spain

What To Do 

Granada is too great to miss out on if you end up spending the entire time in your hotel.

Trust me, you need to experience every single inch of this city and everything it has to offer.

Here are some of my favourite places in Granada that you can explore:

view from rooftop terrace of Monastery Adults Only hotel in Granada, Spain
Side views from rooftop terrace of Monastery Adults Only hotel in Granada, Spain

How to Get To Your Granada Hotel from Malaga Airport

Before you book an alternative transportation method to get to your hotel, you should call the hotel to find out if they offer a shuttle service. If they do not, they may be able to book a taxi on your behalf. 

If they are unable to help you with transport from the airport, you can start looking into other options.

Fortunately, Granada is a popular tourist destination, which means that they have enough options that you can consider. 


Once you arrive at Malaga Airport, ready to hit the sheets at your hotel, you can head to the train station that is located at Terminal T3. You’ll find the ticket office here, which is where you need to buy a ticket to board the train.  The biggest advantage of this option is that it’s certainly the cheapest and fastest way to get to the hotel. 

You can find a complete guide on getting to Granada from Malaga Airport with a train here.


If you would prefer to take the bus, which is also cheap and fast, you should be warned that the buses run on a schedule. So, even if you arrive at the station immediately after your flight, you may be required to wait a while for the next bus to arrive.

You’ll find the bus station at the arrivals area at Malaga Airport. More details are in this transport post.

Taxi or private transfer

If you are traveling with a lot of baggage or you would prefer to travel more privately, a taxi is a better option.

The great thing is that these services are available around the clock and you can call a taxi at any time, day or night.

You could also make use of a larger transportation service, like Uber. 

Car rental

You can be in charge of your trip if you make use of a car rental service. This service is rather pricey compared to the other 3 options but at least you’ll have freedom and privacy.

Plus, if you’ll be traveling a lot while in Granada, you may end up breaking even if you weigh up the costs of paying a once-off fee for a rental car against booking a taxi each time you need to go somewhere. 


If you’re looking for the best adults only hotel in Granada, your options are pretty limited.

The only adults only hotel in Granada is the hotel Monasterio. This might be a great option for those on a budget or traveling with pets, but if you want a bit more luxury, you will need to look at other options.

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