Malaga Weather in January: Insider Travel Tips

What’s the weather in Malaga in January? 

Is it freezing, and does it rain a lot?

If you are considering booking a trip to Malaga in January, I’m sure you have many questions. In this article, you will find answers to all of them.

How do I know?

I’ve lived next to Malaga since 2020 and have seen it in all weather conditions and seasons. 

I’m very familiar with the seasons and what to expect when visiting the city.

Here is a detailed overview of what conditions you should expect when visiting Malaga in January.

Is January a Good Month to Visit Malaga?

If you want the short answer, it’s NO.

January and February are the coldest and wettest months of the year in Malaga, so if you have some flexibility, you might be better off booking your trip later in the spring months.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an affordable winter sun destination with plenty of options to explore, you can still consider Malaga but prepare for changing weather conditions.

Even though the temperatures in January are at their lowest, Malaga is still one of the warmest places in Europe. In addition to that, it boasts over 300 sunny days per year, so you’re guaranteed some sunshine even if you come in January.

January offers two main advantages – low prices all around (flights and accommodation) and also zero crowds, which makes exploring the famous monuments much more enjoyable.

January is an excellent month for day trips to the more well known monuments in Southern Spain, like Alhambra or the Royal Alcazar in Seville, as you won’t encounter long queues and massive crowds in these spectacular historical sights. 

For those who are interested in a more in-depth overview of the weather conditions, you will find them below, followed by my tips for planning your trip in January. 

Malaga old town
Calle Larios in Malaga Old Town

Overview: Weather in Malaga in January

  • average temperatures: 12C (55F)
  • average low temperatures: 7C (45F)
  • average high temperatures: 16C (62F)
  • rainy days: 6 days
  • sunshine hours: 5 hours / day
  • sea temperature: 16C (61F)

What’s the Weather for Malaga in January?

January is a winter month in Costa del Sol, with quick changes in weather conditions, plenty of rain, and cloudy days.

The temperatures are at their lowest, and the weather gets a little unpredictable, so checking a 10-day weather forecast before booking your trip won’t give you an accurate picture.

If you plan to travel in January, you should keep the above in mind and have some rainy-day activities at hand (I have added my tips further down in the article).

Average Temperatures in Malaga in January

The average temperatures in January in Malaga are around 12C (55F).

The mornings and evenings are much colder than the daily averages, so keep that in mind as you leave your hotel in the morning and wrap up warm.

In addition to the occasional rainy days, the strong winds from the coastline will make you feel much colder than the temperatures forecasted.

Malaga old town

Cloudy & Rainy Days in Malaga in January

There is plenty of rain around in January, but these do not extend to long stretches and usually pass in a few hours.

On rare occasions, you get a few very wet days followed by nice spring-like weather conditions.

How wet or cold the winter is changing every year, in the previous years we had hot and sunny start of winter, while in others it has been very grey, cold and wet.

Sea Temperatures in Malaga in January

Swimming in the sea in January is only suitable for Wim Hoff method enthusiasts – it’s very cold, on average around 16C (61F).

Centre Pompidou, Malaga

Planning Your Trip to Malaga in January

In the section below, you will find complete resources to plan your trip in January.

What to Pack for Malaga in January

Prepare to wrap up warm, and bring plenty of winter clothing. 

It still doesn’t get as cold as in other places in Europe, so you don’t need to carry around a hat and winter gloves, but a good jacket and waterproof shoes are a must.

If you’re staying in a holiday apartment, and it’s one of the older ones with stone floors, slippers will be a must as your feet will constantly feel cold.

An umbrella or waterproof jacket is also a necessity for this trip.

Things To Do in Malaga in January

Picasso Museum, Malaga

Things To Do with Kids in Malaga in January

Car Museum in Malaga

Rainy Day Things To Do in Malaga in January

  • Visit Picasso’s birthplace in Plaza de Merced
  • Visit Picasso Museum
  • Visit the local Bullfighting Museum
  • Visit the Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Visit the Wine Museum of Malaga
  • Visit the Museum of Cars & Fashion
  • Visit Center Pompidou to admire modern art
  • Visit one of the local bodegas and taste the local wine

Festivals & Events in Malaga in January 2024

What is happening in Malaga in January 2024?

Here is a list of the confirmed events:

  • 6th January – Orthodox Christmas celebrations with events around the whole city and parades planned
  • 5th January – Three Kings Parade (details to be confirmed)
  • Turning off the Christmas lights – after 6th January

Best Day Tours from Malaga in January

These are organised by a local travel company and include pick up in Malaga, free cancellation up to 24 hours before the trip, and also entrance to the monuments with a local guide.

Day Tour from Malaga to Granada (includes Alhambra Tour)

Day Tour from Malaga to Gibraltar (Free time or book a guided tour visit)

Day Tour from Malaga to Seville (Royal Alcazar included)

Day Tour from Malaga to Cordoba (visit of the Mosque Cathedral included)

Day Tour from Malaga to Caminito del Rey (most popular natural attraction in Southern Spain)

Day Tour from Malaga to Tangier, Morocco (if you want something a little more exotic)

Best Day Trips from Malaga in January

Plan your own trip by reading my articles here:

Day Trip from Malaga to Granada (Alhambra tips included)

Day Trip from Malaga to Seville (Royal Alcazar tips included)

Day Trip from Malaga to Cordoba (Mosque tips included)

Day Trip from Malaga to Gibraltar

Day Trip from Malaga to Nerja

January in Malaga: Frequent Questions

Here are some common questions about the weather conditions in Malaga in January. If there is something that has not been answered here, feel free to leave a comment under the article.

Is Malaga warm in January?

No, Malaga is not warm in January. It is one of the coldest months of the year, but compared to other destinations in Europe, it is still considered to have pretty mild winter weather.

Is January a good time to visit Malaga?

January is not a great time to visit Malaga, due to the winter weather conditions and low temperatures. However, if you’re looking for great deals on accommodation and flights, and don’t mind the fluctuations in weather, then January is a great time to visit.

Can you sunbathe in Malaga in January?

No, you cannot sunbathe in Malaga in January, it’s usually pretty windy and too cold to be at the beach.

Is Malaga warmer than Barcelona?

Generally speaking, Malaga is warmer than Barcelona, even in winter, as it’s located further down in the south.

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