Malaga Weather in November: Insider Travel Tips

What’s the weather for Malaga in November? What is the average temperature, and is it the best time to visit?

I’m sure you have many questions before booking your trip, and this post will answer them all.

I’ve lived near Malaga since 2020 and have seen it in all weather conditions and seasons.

Here is a little recap of what to expect weather-wise and travel-wise in November!

What’s the Weather for Malaga in November?

November marks the transition from late summer to early autumn on Costa del Sol. The weather is not as unpredictable as in the winter months (January to March) and you still have plenty of sunshine.

Strong winds might be the only thing that spoils your stay in the city, so a good weatherproof jacket is a good addition to your suitcase.

Overall, you can expect enjoyable temperatures, with cold mornings and evenings and the occasional rainy and cloudy day.

old town Malaga, Spain
Soho district in Malaga, Spain

Is November a Good Month to Visit Malaga?

Yes, November is, in my opinion, the perfect month to visit Malaga, especially if you’re planning your trip early in the month.

The start of November tends to be still very pleasant and warm, and much warmer compared to the rest of Europe.

Towards the middle and end of the month, you can expect a little more rain and cloudy weather, but if you book an extended stay there is some guaranteed sunshine even at this time of the year.

November is also great for another reason – almost no crowds and low tourism activity, translating into a more peaceful way to enjoy the main sights and cheaper prices all around.

Weather in Malaga in November: At Glance

  • average temperatures: 16C (61F)
  • average low temperatures: 11C (52F)
  • average high temperatures: 20C (68F)
  • rainy days: 6 days
  • sunshine hours: 6 hours per day
  • humidity: 72%
  • sea temperature: 18C (64F)

Average Temperatures in Malaga in November

Average temperatures in Malaga in November are between 11C (52F) and 20C (68F). That might not seem like a lot, but it feels really warm if you’re out in the sun.

The temperatures don’t tend to fluctuate as much as in January of February, and also dramatic changes of weather are not that common. The only big drop in temperatures is in the early morning hours and after sunset, when it feels very cold compared to the mid day temperatures.

Wind is something you should pay attention to when checking the weather, as the cold breeze from the sea will make you feel much colder than the actual temperature from the forecast.

If you’re planning a trip to Malaga to enjoy some time at the beach, you should know that sunchair rentals are not open this time of the year, so you will need to bring your own beach towel. 

Calle Larios in Malaga
Calle Larios Malaga

How Hot is Malaga in November

I wouldn’t say that Malaga is hot in November, but there are of course days when the temperatures reach early twenties and it feels very much like the summer.

The average temperatures tend to fluctuate year on year, some winters are warmer than others. 

If you’re thinking about Malaga as your winter sun destination, you’re right on spot – it’s one of the warmest places in Southern Europe.

Rainy Days in Malaga in November

There are, on average, around 6 rainy days per month.

If you happened to already book your flights and you see some rainy days in the forecast, you shouldn’t be worried too much. Rainy days are not an all day affair, especially in the month of November.

In most cases, it’s a quick shower that passes through the coastline and you can enjoy sunshine for the rest of the day.

The rainy days tend to stretch closer to the end of the month, when the temperatures also begin to drop. 

Cloudy Days in Malaga in November

Malaga is a destination with over 300 sunny days per year, so even in the month of November, you can expect plenty of sunshine around.

While cloudy days are common, it’s pretty rare to encounter completely overcast grey sky during the month.  Grey clouds are usually signalling the arrival of rain or thunder.

The forecast might well say cloudy for a whole week, but they are white clouds scattered on clear blue sky, with sun peaking out in between. Not exactly your usual winter cloudy day I would say!

malaga spain 52
Malaga old town

Humidity Levels in Malaga in November

Average humidity in November is around 72%.

Sea Temperatures in Malaga in November

If you don’t mind the 18C (64F) sea temperature in November, than it’s also a great time to swim in the sea! 

Note: keep an eye on the jellyfish warning flags on the beaches. They tend to be an issue in the middle and end of the winter, but can show up also earlier. 

Planning Your Trip to Malaga in November

What to Pack for Malaga in November

Now the important question: what should you pack, and on the other hand – leave behind?

Here are my recommendations:

  • Sun protection
  • Waterproof jacket (lighter one will be fine)
  • Cardigans and layers
  • Good closed shoes
  • Swimsuit (whether for beach or pool)
  • Slippers if staying in an apartment (see notes below)
  • Umbrella

For November, the best thing you can pack is a mix of different clothes that you can layer on and take off as needed, as the temperatures fluctuate during the day.

You don’t need a winter jacket if you bring some warm cardigans to put under your lighter jacket. It’s also easier to carry or fold a lighter jacket into your bag during the day, so you don’t have to go back to the hotel to change when it gets warmer during the day.

If you’re staying in an apartment, I also recommend a pair of slippers (you can also buy them here).  The floors in most houses and apartments are very cold (stone floors), and almost nobody uses carpets indoors, so you will feel very cold walking around the apartment.

Things To Do in Malaga in November

November is a great month to explore Malaga and some of the more popular tourist attractions as now you don’t have to worry about crowds or queues.

It’s also a great month to explore the great outdoors as the weather is still relatively stable and mild. Here are my suggestions:

Malaga Cathedral
Alcazaba in Malaga

Things To Do with Kids in Malaga in November

  • Visit the Museum of Cars & Fashion in Malaga
  • Visit the LEGO exhibition on the outskirts of Malaga
  • Have a breakfast of churros with hot chocolate (a must do!)
  • If the weather allows, you can book a short catamaran cruise
  • Visit one of the playgrounds on the beach
  • Have a beach day
  • Take a trip by train to Bioparc in Fuengirola

Things To Do in Malaga in November when it Rains

  • Visit Picasso’s birthplace in Plaza de Merced
  • Visit Picasso Museum
  • Visit the local Bullfighting Museum
  • Visit the Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Visit the Wine Museum of Malaga
  • Visit the Museum of Cars & Fashion
  • Visit Center Pompidou to admire modern art
  • Visit one of the local bodegas and taste the local wine

Festivals & Events in Malaga in November 2023

What is happening in Malaga in November?

Here is a list of all the events – you will find the details for each by clicking on the links:

Hotel Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro
Plaza de Merced, Malaga

Best Day Trips from Malaga in November

November is a great month to explore beyond Malaga and booking a day trip is one of the easiest ways to do that.

If you’re staying in Malaga, it would be a shame to miss out on these unique experiences that are just a few hours’ drive away. 

Best of all?

No need to rent a car!

Local companies offer these tours at very affordable prices and will allow you to experience some of the highlights of Andalusia without stressing about local traffic and renting cars.

In the section below, you will find the best tour options, followed by a list of my articles where I provide detailed insights and guidance on planning your day trip to these destinations (including options for public transport and driving directions).

Best Day Tours from Malaga in November

These are organised by a local travel company and include pick up in Malaga, free cancellation up to 24 hours before the trip, and also the tickets to the monuments with a local guide.

Day Tour from Malaga to Granada (includes Alhambra Tour)

Day Tour from Malaga to Gibraltar (Free time or book a guided tour visit)

Day Tour from Malaga to Seville (Royal Alcazar included)

Day Tour from Malaga to Cordoba (visit of the Mosque Cathedral included)

Day Tour from Malaga to Caminito del Rey (most popular natural attraction in Southern Spain)

Day Tour from Malaga to Tangier, Morocco (if you want something a little more exotic)

Best Day Trips from Malaga in November

Plan your own trip by reading my articles here:

Day Trip from Malaga to Granada (Alhambra tips included)

Day Trip from Malaga to Seville (Royal Alcazar tips included)

Day Trip from Malaga to Cordoba (Mosque tips included)

Day Trip from Malaga to Gibraltar

Day Trip from Malaga to Nerja

November in Malaga: Frequent Questions

Is Malaga still warm in November?

Yes, Malaga is still pretty warm in November, especially compared to other European countries. The average temperatures in November are around 16C (61F).

Is it possible to swim in Malaga in November?

Yes, it is possible to swim in Malaga in November, and the sea temperature is still relatively pleasant for most people. Depending on how hot the summer was, you can expect the average seawater temperature in November to be around 18C (64F).

Is November a good month to visit Malaga?

Yes, November is a great month to visit Malaga.

The temperatures are still very pleasant, especially at the beginning of the month, and you can explore the city without any massive crowds like in the summer months. Accommodation prices also started dropping dramatically in November.

What clothes to wear in Malaga in November?

If you’re packing for your trip to Malaga in November, you should take a mix of different clothing.

During the day, the temperatures are still enjoyable, especially in the sun, but the mornings and evenings are quite cold. You should bring a warm jacket that you can easily carry with you during the day if you stay out all day. Warmer and waterproof shoes are also a must.

Having a few layers on will be the most practical solution of all, as you can take off your jacket or cardigan when it gets warmer during the day.

Is Malaga worth visiting in winter?

Yes, winter is a great time to visit Malaga, especially months of November and December. There is still plenty of sunshine around, the temperatures are very mild, and you can experience the city without many crowds.

What month is best to visit Malaga?

The best month to visit Malaga would be April to May, if you want warmer weather, or October to December during the winter months. 

What is the coldest month in Malaga?

The coldest months in Malaga are January and February, when you also have the most rainfall of the whole year.

How many days is good for Malaga?

If you’re planning a trip to Malaga, I would recommend two days to see the city. If you’re on a tight schedule, you can certainly fit all the highlights into a single day.

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