Marbella Weather in September: Practical Guide [2024]

Marbella Weather in September: Practical Guide [2024]

Are you thinking about visiting Marbella in September?

Do you wonder what the weather is like, if it’s still warm and if it’s still very busy?

In this article, you will find answers to all your questions and much more.

As I live right next to Marbella, I will also share lots of personal experience insights and practical tips that will help you plan the perfect trip!

Let’s dive in!

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Is September a Good Month to Visit Marbella?

Though September isn’t technically the height of summer, it’s one of the best times to visit Marbella.

At this time of year, the weather is almost guaranteed to stay sunny, balmy, and warm.

Sea temperatures are very likely to be warm enough for you to enjoy, and there will be plenty of opportunities for sunbathing. Though you should still expect crowds, there will likely be fewer tourists around as summer winds down and school is back in session.

Prices will most likely remain at their peak, as September is still at the tail end of Marbella’s busiest season. 

Marbella Weather in September: Climate Overview

So what can you expect in Marbella in September?

Here are the average conditions, followed by details on each below. Also check further down in the articles for my tips on what to do and see in September.

  • Average High Temperatures: 26C (79F)
  • Average Low Temperatures: 17C (63F)
  • Sea Temperature: 23C (73F)
  • Rainy Days: 3 days
  • Sunshine Hours: 8 hours
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Average Marbella Temperatures in September 

In September, warm temperatures and hours of sunshine can make Marbella feel like it’s at the height of a pleasant summer season. Having an idea of what temperatures to expect can help you pack accordingly, and plan outdoor activities.

Consider the following yearly estimates when designing your itinerary.

In September, temperatures reach average highs of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, or 16 Celsius. Lows hover around 63 Fahrenheit, or 17 Celsius. Both the high and low temperatures should be comfortable enough to spend plenty of time outdoors. 

Average Rainy Days in September

Though September does mark the start of Marbella’s autumn season, the month doesn’t get very much rainfall. Expect about 15mm of rain in September, or an average of three days of rainfall.

This is not a significant amount, so you likely won’t have to worry about excessive rain storms. 

Average Sea Temperatures in September 

In September, the sea on the Costa del Sol cools down to 73 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 23 degrees Celsius. This is not as warm as it may be in July or August, but can still be comfortable for swimming.

Expect the sea to feel cool but refreshing, especially after the water has had a chance to warm up in the sun. 

Average Sunshine Hours in September 

Marbella sees about 8 hours of daily sunshine in September, meaning most of your day will likely be bright and sunny.

This can be great for sunbathing and enjoying the beach, but a little less pleasant for hiking and other outdoor activities- be sure to pack plenty of sunproof gear and stay hydrated.

Average Humidity in September 

Since Marbella doesn’t get much rain in September, its humidity levels likely won’t be high enough to feel uncomfortable.

The humidity will measure around 68% throughout the month, which may be higher than drier summer months.

Puerto Banus, Marbella - Spain

What to Expect for Marbella in September 

Though September marks the end of the summer season, Marbella and other Costa del Sol favorites remain busy throughout the month.

You may notice slightly smaller crowds, but there will still be plenty of people enjoying their vacations. With perfect weather come higher prices, and September is no exception. Prices will likely remain high. 

In terms of weather changes, you can expect temperatures to cool off but remain comfortable. Packing light layers and an umbrella just in case is a good idea. 

Things To Do in Marbella in September

Popular Day Trips from Marbella in September

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Day Trip from Marbella to Caminito del Rey

Day Trip from Marbella to Granada (with Alhambra Tour)

Day Trip from Marbella to Seville

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Planning Your Trip to Marbella in September 

Packing Essentials

When planning an end-of-season getaway to Marbella, there are a few necessities to keep in mind as you pack your bags. September’s warm weather and sunny beach days should influence what you bring along in your suitcase. 

A compact umbrella and packable rain jacket are a handy combination to have on hand just in case. September in Marbella doesn’t usually see a significant amount of rain, but you don’t want to be caught by surprise. Consider bringing shoes that are somewhat water-resistant so that you can keep exploring even if it’s drizzling. These essentials shouldn’t take up too much room, and you’ll be glad to have them if it does rain during your stay. 

September on the Costa del Sol is bound to be sunny, so you should bring sun protection. A bad sunburn can ruin the day, so take preventative measures.

Pack sunscreen of SPF 50 or higher, a wide-brim hat and lightweight clothing. Your rain umbrella can also protect you from the sun if you find yourself at the beach without coverage.

If you plan on exploring outdoors, bring comfortable footwear. This applies to urban exploring as well- comfy walking shoes will keep you covered as you meander winding streets, boardwalks, museum galleries and more. 

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Events in Marbella in September 2024

Though Marbella’s summer season starts to slow down once September comes along, the Сosta del Sol stays busy. Local events are a great way to meet people and learn about Spanish culture.

There are no major holidays in September, but there are always live performances and beach events going on both in town, and in nearby communities.

The city also hosts a number of weekly street markets, known as mercaditos or mercadillos that are both busy and festive.


Frequent Travel Questions About Marbella

Here are some frequent questions you might have about visiting Marbella. If you didn’t find your answer below, feel free to leave a comment below.

Is Marbella warm in September?

Yes! Marbella is comfortably warm in September, and you will likely have the opportunity to spend full days at the beach or enjoying the weather out on the town.

Is September a good month to visit Marbella?

While September is not Marbella’s quietest month, it’s a great time to visit for warm weather, events and performances, and more.

Is Marbella busy at the end of September?

Marbella does remain busy throughout September, though crowds will decrease as the month moves on. Prices are likely to remain high until the weather cools. 

Does it rain in Marbella in September?

Marbella experiences about three days of rain in September. There is always a chance of rain, especially in coastal areas like the Costa del Sol, but the month doesn’t usually see wet weather.

Which month is the best for Marbella?

May and October are often recommended as ideal months to visit Marbella, as they are just outside of peak season but still pleasant enough weather-wise. September is close behind, as it offers idyllic temperatures and plenty to do in the Marbella region.

Is 3 days enough in Marbella?

Marbella is a small city, so three days is enough if you just want to make a quick detour to the coast. However, you can definitely spend more time in the area by making Marbella your headquarters and exploring the rest of the Costa del Sol.

How many days in Marbella is enough?

If you plan to explore neighboring cities and regions, spend at least a week in the Marbella area. If you just want to get in some beach days, consider planning to stay for at least three to four days before moving on to a different part of Spain.

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