Best Time to Visit Fuengirola: Local Insider Guide

Best Time to Visit Fuengirola: Local Insider Guide

What is the best time to visit Fuengirola?

If you’re not sure what to expect when it comes to weather and crowds, then this article has all the answers you need.

How do I know?

I’ve been living in Fuengirola for nearly four years now, so I have plenty of experience with the weather patterns throughout the year, and also how busy it gets.

In this article, I will cover my answer to your question, but also give you an overview of the different parts of the year and what you can expect.

Lastly, I will also include a list of my month by month weather articles in case you would like to check a specific month for your trip.

Let’s get into it!

Fuengirola beach, Andalusia - Spain

When is the Best Time to Visit Fuengirola?

The best time to visit Fuengirola is between April and May, and from September until early December.


The spring months are great for warm weather and great deals on accommodation.

There are virtually no crowds, and even though the weather might be quite temperamental, it’s guaranteed you will get much more sunshine and warmer temperatures compared to the rest of Europe.

The early autumn and winter months are perfect for those who want to enjoy plenty of sunshine and fewer chances of catching some rain.

September and October tend to be also great for swimming in the sea and sunbathing. The prices will be higher compared to the spring months, but if you book in advance you get a great deal compared to the summer months.

Paseo Maritimo Fuengirola
Paseo Maritimo road in Fuengirola

Summer in Fuengirola

Summers, from June to August, are scorching hot, very busy and buzzing with energy.

The beaches, like Los Boliches or Carvajal, are packed, and the water is just the right temperature for a refreshing dip. Beach bars—or “chiringuitos” — are brimming with life, and long lines of locals and tourists are waiting for their turn for lunch outside of the building.

As it’s the peak tourist season, it means you’re sharing your slice of paradise with a whole bunch of other people. Especially August is extremely busy and personally, I find it very annoying.

It’s difficult to walk on the main Paseo Maritimo promenade as it’s packed with people going in each direction, or people returning from the beach in the evening. The beaches are absolutely packed, so it’s best to get there early in the morning, especially if you plan to rent a sunchair.

If you could choose, I would avoid the summer months completely. You would be paying a premium for an overcrowded experience at the highest temperatures of the year.

Spring in Fuengirola

Spring in Fuengirola can be really good or just ok, depending on the year.

In general, spring is not too hot, not too cold. You’ve still got plenty of sunny days, but it’s way less crowded. Perfect for exploring the Sohail Castle or going on a leisurely boat ride.

Hotels and flights will be cheaper too, and who doesn’t like saving some money? The sea is a bit chilly, though, so if you’re all about swimming, you might find it a little brisk.

If you’re into festivals, Fuengirola hosts a few awesome ones. The “Feria de los Pueblos” in May is a multi-cultural fest that’s too cool to miss. The Easter celebrations in Fuengirola are pretty amazing too, they are held usually in April or the beginning of May.

If you’re thinking about booking a trip in spring, checking a long-term weather forecast won’t give you an accurate picture as the weather changes pretty quickly.

If you’re worried about rain, the good news is this: it usually passes pretty quickly and extended periods of rain that would last for more than 2 days are not very common. These are usually more frequent in the winter months (January to March).

Fuengirola in August

Autumn & Winter in Fuengirola

Now, if you’re more into a tranquil escape, consider visiting during the autumn and winter months.

There are fewer tourists, which means you’ve got the winding streets and local taverns more to yourself. Winter is ideal for folks who want to combine a Fuengirola visit with other Andalusian destinations like Granada or Seville, where it can get blisteringly hot in the summer.

Keep in mind, though, that some seasonal attractions and restaurants may be closed.

In the autumn and winter months, you can experience Fuengirola’s famous “Feria del Rosario” in October, a more traditional Andalusian fair, and one that’s well known around Costa del Sol.

November is also a great month to visit as you can check out the lighting of the Christmas lights on Malaga’s Calle Larios, an event not to be missed.

December in Fuengirola, Spain

Month by Month Weather Updates for Fuengirola

So if you have narrowed down the season at least, here are my detailed posts that will give you a more accurate picture of what to expect to see in Fuengirola each month.

Final Thoughts

So, the best time to visit Fuengirola?

Totally depends on your preferences.

For beaches and a high-energy scene, summer’s the way to go.

For a balanced trip with good weather and fewer crowds, aim for spring or autumn. And if you’re looking for a peaceful, more local experience, winter’s got your name on it.

Whatever you choose, Fuengirola is sure to serve up something special.

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