Fuengirola in March 2024: Weather Info & Travel Tips

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Fuengirola in March 2024: Weather Info & Travel Tips

Are you thinking about travelling to Fuengirola in March?

You probably have a lot of questions about what’s the weather in Fuengirola in March like, how likely it is that it will rain while you’re there and whether or not you will be able to enjoy some sunshine.

In this article, I will cover all of those and much more – as someone who has been living in Fuengirola, I have plenty of experience with the weather conditions in the city and will give you some tips on how you can make the most out of your trip if you’re planning to visit in March.

Let’s dive in!

Is March a Good Month to Visit Fuengirola?

I would say it could be, but that depends on your preferences.

It’s clearly not one of those holidays where you’ll stay at the beach or pool all day, but if you prefer cooler temperatures for exploring the Costa del Sol, it might be the right month for you.

If you want to foolproof yourself against any rain ruining your trip, I would suggest looking into April instead, as the weather is a little more stable, with fewer clouds around, and the temperatures are starting to hit the 20s.

If you don’t mind the lower temperatures, March is still very much a low-season month, so you will get some great deals on your flights and accommodation. The first influx of tourists and opening of the season tends to be around Easter time, possibly driven also by the school holidays and lots of families coming here for a bit of sun.

Fuengirola in August
Coastal promenade in Fuengirola

Weather in Fuengirola in March

March in Fuengirola is a bit of a transition month, with the winter rainy season slowly ending, and transitioning to spring. Having said that, each year there will be some surprises, and you might either get some very hot spells or an arctic blast coming your way.

In comparison with the other winter months, you’re less likely to encounter a lot of rain, but the chances are still there. March also tends to be more cloudy and temperamental, with the weather changing very quickly. Winter storms are also not unheard of at this time of the year.

One tip for checking your holiday weather – if you can, make your travel arrangements last minute as the weather tends to change a lot, so there is no point looking at the forecast a few weeks ahead as it’s pretty much guaranteed to change. If that’s not an option – as it will be in most cases, just keep this in mind and be prepared to have alternative plans (some rainy day activities included at the end of the article).

Average Temperatures in March

The average temperature in March is around 15C (57F), which is during the day. In the early mornings and late evenings, the temperatures are much lower.

The maximum high you can expect this time of year is around 18C (64F), and the maximum low temperatures are around 9C (48F).

fuengirola coastal promenade
After a rainy day in Fuengirola

Rainy Days in March

On average, you can expect between 10 to 15 days of rain. The rainy days vary quite a bit, in March it could be a stretch of 3 to 4 rainy days in a row, or as simple as a quick shower in the morning and blue skies for the rest of the day.

If you’re coming closer to the end of March, the chance of rain is much lower compared to the start of the month.

Sea Temperature in March

If you’re planning to take a plunge into the Mediterranean Sea, the bad news is that the seawater temperature is only around 16C (61F), so too cold for most people to swim in.

You will be fine if you bring a wetsuit though.

Average Sunshine Hours in March

In March you get about 8 hours of sunshine per day, on a good day of course! Even if the weather forecast says cloudy, it’s usually not the case of overcast grey skies, but a few white clouds floating on blue sky.

Things to do in Fuengirola in March

Here are some activities you can add to your trip for March (most of these are not specifically available in March but all year round).

fuengirola november weather 9
beach of Fuengirola in winter time

What to Do in Fuengirola When it Rains

If you’re in the need of rainy-day activities, there are a handful of things you can consider:

  • Going to the cinema in Miramar (be sure to check that the movie is in the original language and not dubbed in Spanish – they often do that instead of including Spanish subtitles)
  • Enjoying some board games in your hotel room or apartment
  • Visiting one of the small churches in Fuengirola
  • Enjoying a drink in one of the coastal bars and watching the rain
  • If you’re willing to venture to the train station, you can get to Malaga and visit one of the museums which you can enjoy without getting soaked – the Picasso Museum is one of the highlights, and then there is also Centre Pompidou with modern art
  • Best alternative? Hop in a car and drive somewhere for a day trip – chances are you will find plenty of places that are dry and worth discovering

Fuengirola: Recommended Day Trips & Experiences

  • Caminito del Rey Day Trip with Guide – explore the world-famous pathway of the king, and admire the stunning views from the gorge El Chorro. Includes pick up in Fuengirola, entrance to Caminito del Rey and helmets.
  • Day Trip to Gibraltar with pick up from Fuengirola with a minibus, with free time in Gibraltar for shopping and an optional tour of the nature reserve.
  • Gibraltar Sightseeing Day Tour – a more structured day trip with a full tour of the nature reserve, showing you all the highlights, with free time for shopping. Pick up from Fuengirola.
  • Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas Day Trip – see the famous Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, with one of the oldest bullrings in the country, and admire the homes and restaurants built into caves in Setenil. Pick-up in Fuengirola – includes a walking tour of Ronda and a complimentary glass of wine in Ronda.
  • Day Trip to Granada with Alhambra Tour – see one of the architectural wonders of Spain, the Moorish Palace complex of Alhambra, with free time to explore Granada. Includes pick-up from Fuengirola, tickets to Alhambra and a guide.

What to Pack for Your Trip in March

You need to be prepared to pack warm clothes for your trip, even though the temperatures you will see might tempt you to reach out for some lighter clothing.

Even though the day temperatures can be very pleasant, compared to the rest of Europe, the mornings and evenings are still pretty cold. You should be fine with a jacket and cardigan, and some good waterproof shoes. Definitely, no bikinis and sandals, unless you’re planning to wear them in your hotel room.

If you’re staying in a rented apartment, I would also pack a pair of warm slippers, as the locals don’t use carpets and the floors are really cold.

I hope I’ve covered everything you wanted to know about your trip in March.

In case you’re considering other months for your trip, I have included them in the list below, along with some other recommendations on what’s there to see around Fuengirola.

Monthly Weather Updates for Fuengirola

Here is a full list of the detailed monthly updates done so far, more to be added!

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