Limehome Granada Calle St Ana: A Suite Stay

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Limehome Granada Calle St Ana: A Suite Stay

On my latest trip to Granada, at the end of July, finding a good place to stay has proved quite challenging.

Not that everyone is rushing to the city to experience the 40C temperatures, but the summer is a surprisingly busy time, and most good accommodation options are long gone.

I was super happy that I found a room at Limehome Apartments – a place I have stayed previously and loved it! (I linked it below).

Another reason for the extra joy was the price.

At 68 euros per night, it was a steal, considering the location and the quality of the apartment.

My previous stay here was at the top floor two bedroom apartment with a spacious terrace (check pics in the link below), and this one was on the first floor.

Here is a short review with photos!

The Location

I love Plaza St Ana.

On my previous trips to Granada (this was my 4th or 5th time visiting), I always stayed at this location as it’s within walking distance to Albaicin, Sacromonte and most of the other historic sights.

The plaza also has a taxi rank and a bus stop for connecting to Alhambra Palace (or you can walk there too).

There are shops and restaurants nearby, and even the tourist center is here. Just a short walk way you will find my favourite Italian restaurant, and up the road lots of tea rooms and small souvenir shops.

From the train station or bus station, it’s only about 10 to 15-minute ride to this spot, which would cost you around 10 euros.

Plaza St Ana in Granada
Plaza St Ana Granada, Spain

The Two Bedroom Apartment

As I mentioned, this is my second stay in this apartment building.

The apartment had a very spacious living area, especially the kitchen had a generous space for seating and cooking, with a velvet green sofa dominating the living room.

The decor was very similar to the other, more expensive apartment, and felt very minimal yet on point. There was no clutter and everything was super functional.

Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review

From the main door, you have the main bathroom and guest bedroom on the left, and the main bedroom is just across the living room.

Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review

This apartment was on the first floor, so there wasn’t as much light as in the ones that are at the top of the building.

The main light source was coming from a patio area, so there was virtually no view – I would say that was the main drawback of the apartment. It felt a little dark and claustrophobic at times, but considering the amount we paid and how spacious the place was, I didn’t complain much.

One surprise waiting for us was the construction in the next-door building, which has been there for ages, but we have not heard any noises from there on a previous visit. They start drilling around 7 or 8 am, and it’s certainly loud enough to wake up even the most sound sleepers.

Luckily, we had our own human alarm with us – my one year old would promptly wake us up at 7am anyway, so there wasn’t much harm done.

Both bedrooms had super comfortable beds, and plenty of space for clothes and storing your luggage. They even provided the travel cot, which wasn’t guaranteed, and I was very happy about it!

Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review

As on a previous visit, a complimentary travel mug was left in the main bedroom, and we even received a free tote bag, which I still use today!

The apartment only had one bathroom, with plenty of space and lots of light.

Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review
Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review

Final Verdict

I loved this place!

It was amazing value for money, considering how overpriced places in Granada can be in the summer months. If you’re considering your stay, check out the more expensive apartments with the terrace and more light – you will love them!

For budget hunters, you can’t get better quality accommodation at this price point!

Calle St Ana Limehome apartments review

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