Malaga to Seville Bus: Detailed Transport Guide by a Local

Malaga to Seville Bus: Detailed Transport Guide by a Local

Are you planning to travel from Malaga to Seville by bus?

In that case, you’re at the right place!

I know both Malaga and Seville inside-out and have plenty of experience using the local bus network. In this transport guide, I have added all of my personal tips and local knowledge to make your journey easy, fast and hassle-free!

The Distance from Malaga to Seville

The distance between Malaga and Seville is approximately 200 kilometers.

Malaga to Seville Bus: Transport Information

The connection between Malaga and Seville is serviced by a bus company called Alsa.

They run a regular service between these two cities, and the purchase of the tickets and using the buses is pretty easy. Below are all the details you need to arrange this transport.

Malaga to Seville Bus Prices

Bus tickets from Malaga to Seville start between 8 to 12 euros for one way ticket, depending on the season and availability. The prices can go up much higher in the summer months and in big demand (over 20 euros one way).

It’s best to buy your tickets online directly on Alsa website, instead of waiting to get them from the bus driver. That way you can ensure that you get on the bus you need, as those with already purchased tickets get priority over people who are getting the tickets from the bus driver.

The bus ticket normally includes luggage which you can transport free of charge. For excessive amount of luggage and travelling with a dog you may need to pay extra.

For most long distance buses like this one you will see the option to reserve your seat online also.

Once you buy your ticket, you can save it on your mobile and just show the QR code to the bus driver, along with your ID or passport (requirement).

As of spring 2023, face masks are still compulsory on public transport in Andalusia.

BONUS tip: some articles will navigate you to third party bus ticket websites which may charge a commission on the transition, so you might end up paying more than you need for your ticket. It’s best to always buy your ticket from the company that’s operating the route.

real alcazar seville 1 of 1 31
Gardens of Royal Alcazar in Seville

Bus Times & Journey Duration

The bus times vary depending on which connection you take. There are normally around 10 connections per day, usually more in the summer months when there is more demand.

With an express bus, you can get to Seville in just 2.5 hours, but the longer buses take over 3 hours.

Below are the examples of bus times along with journey time – for the most accurate timetable always check the Alsa website by entering your destination details.

  • 9.00 am departure – 2 hours 45 minutes, direct bus
  • 11.30 am departure – 3 hours 15 minutes journey
  • 12.00 departure – 2 hours 45 minutes journey
  • 14.30 pm departure – 2 hours 45 minutes journey
  • 16.00 pm departure – 3 hours 15 minutes journey
  • 16.30 pm departure – 2 hours 45 minutes journey
  • 17.30 pm departure – 2 hours 30 minutes journey
  • 19.00 pm departure – 3 hours 15 minutes journey
  • 19.30 pm departure – 2 hours 45 minutes journey

Bus Facilities & Practical Tips

The Alsa buses are fairly modern and well-equipped, I have had no issues with them. They normally have a toilet for longer journeys, and some also have a USB charger on the seats.

On some journeys, a wifi is also available.

Seville Cathedral & Giralda Tower
Seville Cathedral with Giralda tower

Getting to the Bus Station in Malaga

All buses leave from the main bus station, which is located right next to Maria Zambrano station (you can walk across the road from the station to get there, they’re almost connected).

To get to the bus station, it’s best to take a local taxi or uber to take you there, as it’s not close to the old town or most of the hotels.

The main bus station has limited facilities, with very little options for buying food and even water (apart from vending machines). If you need to get some snacks for the journey and would like to do some shopping, you can simply walk across the road to the main train station.

The train station has a selection of restaurants (most opening after 1pm) and a big Mercadona supermarket. There is also a kiosk with books, newspapers and a few souvenir shops.

As you enter the bus station from the crossing next to the train station, head to the main hall of the bus station to check where your Seville bus leaves from. Before entering the bus, store your luggage in the luggage compartment under the bus and show your ticket and ID to the bus driver.

The location of the bus station in Malaga is marked on the map below.

Getting off at the Bus Station in Seville

The buses from Malaga stop at the main bus station in Seville, location is marked on the map below, at Plaza de Armas.

The station is close to the old town and the river, with basic facilities for food available within the station. Outside the station you will find a taxi rank.

Most Popular Experiences in Seville

Here are some highlights you can experience while staying in Seville.

Malaga to Seville: Other Travel Options

If you would like to consider other travel options to Seville, including train, I have written a guide on this transport option here.

Setas de Sevilla, Spain
Setas de Sevilla, Seville Mushrooms

Frequent Questions

How much is the ticket for Malaga to Seville bus?

Tickets are starting between 8 to 10 euros one way, per person, if booked online.

Can you get a bus to Seville from Malaga airport?

Yes, there are four to five connections per day, and the tickets cost around 20 euros one way.

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