Malaga Weather in August: Local Tips & Insights [2024]

Malaga Things to Do in Malaga

Malaga Weather in August: Local Tips & Insights [2024]

Are you planning to visit Malaga in August?

Do you wonder what the average temperatures are and how busy it gets?

This article will answer these and any other questions you might have before booking your trip.

I’ve been living close to Malaga since 2020, so this article will give you a very accurate picture of what to expect in the middle of the summer in Malaga.

Below, you will find detailed info about the weather conditions, followed by some practical travel tips and options for things to do in Malaga.

old town Malaga, Spain
old town Malaga, Spain

August Weather Conditions in Malaga

August is the hottest and busiest month in Malaga, with temperatures reaching over 30C daily, and no chance of rain or cloudy weather.

The early mornings and nights are also pretty warm, and strong winds rarely visit the city this time of the year.

The sea water temperature is also perfect for swimming (if you can tolerate the crowded beaches).

If you plan to stay in Malaga in August, a bit of planning is advised, especially if you’re planning to visit the historical sights.

Book your tickets early, visit in the early morning hours, and avoid the mid-day heat if possible.

Average Temperatures in August

  • Average high temperatures: 31C (87F)
  • Average low temperatures: 25C (77 F)
  • Average night temperatures: 26C (78F)
  • Sea water temperature: 24C (75F)

The hottest month of the year is best spent somewhere by the water – luckily in Malaga, you have plenty of beaches to choose from.

Very warm mornings and evenings are perfect for exploring the city, venturing out at sea or relaxing on the beaches when there are fewer crowds.

Average Rainfall in August

There are zero rainy days in Malaga in August.

While other European destinations may enjoy the occasional summer thunderstorm, rain is pretty much unheard of this time of the year.

Sunshine & Daylight Hours in August

You can expect ten hours of sunshine per day in August – that’s plenty to enjoy what the city has to offer!

Sea Temperature in August

The average sea temperature is around 24C (75F), which is very pleasant for swimming for most people.

Soho district in Malaga
Soho district in Malaga, Spain

Visiting Malaga in August

If you are visiting Malaga in August, you need to prepare for a few things:

  • high temperatures (both day and night)
  • crowds
  • high prices for accommodation & flights

Crowds in August

If there is one thing that might spoil your stay in Malaga, it’s certainly the crowds.

August is one of the busiest months of the year, both on beaches and in the city, especially in the old town.

On top of regular visitors staying in the city, there are day tours to Malaga from nearby towns, and also huge cruise ships that dock in the port and do shore excursions to the old town.

If you want to avoid huge crowds that might spoil your adventures in Malaga, the best thing you can do is try to plan your activities for the morning hours when the city is still relatively peaceful.

Other than that, booking tickets to popular museums and attractions in advance is a must. Otherwise, you face a long wait in line to get in.

Muelle Uno in Malaga, Spain

Surviving the Heat

Two things you need to survive the heat in Malaga – water and sun protection.

You shouldn’t drink tap water in Malaga, so getting a few bigger bottles from a supermarket and using your own refillable bottle on outings is the best option.

Most businesses (even restaurants) and some places of interest close every day for siesta hours, usually from 2pm to 4pm. Check the opening hours before you venture out.

Sun protection, including a hat, is a must when exploring Malaga, including comfortable shoes. If you need to buy sun lotion, it’s worth trying to find a small supermarket nearby as the smaller tourist shops charge premium prices, especially in the middle of the summer.

If you plan to book some day trips or day tours out of Malaga (see my tips lower down), keep in mind that the temperatures inland are much higher compared to the coast.

Malaga Beaches in August

The urban beaches of Malaga are well equipped and have everything you need for a nice beach day: rentals of sunchairs and umbrellas, beach restaurants, lifeguards on duty, and small shops close by where you can get any essentials you might need.

As you would expect, they do get pretty crowded in August.

If you want to enjoy the beach in relative peace, get there early in the morning, between 8am to 9am, to grab the best spot by the water and enjoy some swimming before the crowds descend on the beach.

Most beaches then empty around 6pm to 7pm when most people venture back to the city for dinnertime. Remember that the locals eat very late, usually after 9pm.

Central Malaga, Spain

Things to do in Malaga in August

So what should you do on your trip to Malaga? Here are some recommendations for the best activities!

Outdoor Activities in Malaga

Indoor Activities in Malaga

Activities for Kids in Malaga

Suggested Day Trips from Malaga

Events & Festivals in Malaga in August 2023

  • 15th & 19th August – bank holidays
  • Malaga Fair – 12th to 19th August – details here
  • Jabega Regatta – 6th August – details here
  • Malaga Outdoor Cinema – all August, details here
Muelle Uno in Malaga

Traveling from Malaga

If you’re planning to do a bit of exploring outside of Malaga, I have some detailed transport guides ready to help you plan your trips!

These include practical tips for using public transport and options to book a day trip with a local travel company.

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Malaga To Granada Day Trip: Expert Travel Tips

Malaga To Ronda Day Trip: Tickets & Tips

Malaga to Cordoba Train: Tickets & Travel Tips

Day Trip To Gibraltar From Malaga: Expert Travel Tips

Málaga to Seville: Tickets & Tips For 5 Best Transport Options

Malaga To Seville Day Trip: Best Transport Tips

Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Malaga: Tickets & Tips

Malaga Weather in August: Frequent Questions

Here are some frequent questions about visiting Malaga in August. If you didn’t find answers to your questions in this article, please leave a comment at the bottom and I will be happy to answer it.

How hot is Malaga in August?

Malaga is very hot in August. August is the hottest month in Malaga, with average temperatures reaching around 31C (87F).

Is August a good time to visit Malaga?

No, August is not a great time to visit Malaga. The temperatures are very high, both during the day and night, the prices are at their peak, and there are huge crowds everywhere, including the beaches.

If you have other alternative options to explore Malaga, I would suggest late spring or early autumn.

For those looking for some fun by the sea and proper summer weather, Malaga certainly won’t disappoint.

What is the average temperature in Malaga in August?

Average temperatures in Malaga in August are hovering around 31C (87F), although in the sun it will feel much warmer. Nighttime temperatures are also pretty high, around 26C (78F).

Muelle Uno in Malaga, Spain

Can you swim in Malaga in August?

Yes, you can swim in Malaga in August. The seawater temperatures are very pleasant, with an average of 24C (75F).

Is Malaga busy in August?

Yes, Malaga is very busy in August. In fact, it’s probably the busiest month of the year.

Does it rain in Malaga in August?

No, it doesn’t rain in Malaga in August.

What is the hottest month in Malaga?

The hottest month in Malaga is August when average temperatures reach way over 30C (87F).

Are the beaches in Malaga crowded in August?

Yes, Malaga beaches get very crowded in August. If you want to enjoy the beach in relative peace, I recommend getting there early in the morning.

Final Words

I hope this article gave you a perfect idea about what you can expect in Malaga in August, both in terms of weather conditions but also travel.

As always, if you need any help planning your trip, I’m happy to answer your questions below in the article or in my private Facebook group.

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