Marbella Weather in April: Expert Guide [2024]

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Marbella Weather in April: Expert Guide [2024]

Are you planning a trip to Marbella in April?

If you’re wondering what’s the weather like in spring, and whether or not it will rain a lot, this article covers everything you need to know before booking your trip.

As I live right next to Marbella, I will also provide some practical tips and personal insights that will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Let’s dive in and check what’s the weather in Marbella like in April!

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Is April a Good Month to Visit Marbella?

Yes, April is a good month to visit Marbella!

The mornings and evenings are still pretty cold, but the temperatures during the day are very pleasant and there is plenty of sunshine around. Even though you can expect the occasional rain and cloudy days, they are less frequent compared to the start of the year.

In April, you can also benefit from off-season deals and it may be the last less crowded month before the main season starts in May.

Practical Tip:

If you’re visiting Marbella in spring, I highly recommend renting a car. It will allow you to explore some of the other wonderful destinations you can’t reach by public transport. Check Discover Cars to get the best prices for your car rental. 

Marbella Weather in April: At Glance

typical andalusian street in marbella old town on costa del sol
Discovering the pretty streets of Marbella old town in April.

April in Marbella brings a gentle rise in temperatures, signaling the upcoming summer season.

There is less rain than in March, and the days are becoming sunnier, extending the hours for outdoor fun. There’s a slight dip in atmospheric pressure, averaging around 1015.3mb, a subtle change from the month before.

Mornings and evenings are still pretty cold, so don’t leave your jacket at home.

The delightful climate in April brings a harmonious transition from the fading winter to the approaching summer, creating ideal weather for your trip.

Marbella Weather in April
Average High Temperatures 18.3°C
Average Low Temperatures 11.5°C
Sea Temperature 16°C
Rainy Days 10.3 days
Humidity 73%
Daylight nearly 13 hours

Average Temperatures in Marbella in April

In April, you can see from the chart below that the average temperatures climb to around 18C, with the average low temperature around 11.5°C.

Closer to the end of the month it is not uncommon for the temperatures to go over 20C. This is roughly the same average temperature you would expect also in November.

average high and low daily temperatures in Marbella, Southern Spain
weather data source

Average Humidity in Marbella in April

Humidity in April remains constant and in line with March and February, around 73%.

graph showing average humidity in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Rainy Days in Marbella in April

In April you will see a considerable drop in the amount of rainfall, when compared to the previous month – only about 38 mm.

That doesn’t translate to too many rainy days – you can expect on average around 10 rainy days, which tend to be scattered towards the start of the month. That’s a drop from 12 rainy days in March.

a graph showing average rainfall in Marbella for each month of the year

Here is the average amount of rainy days per month:

graph showing average rainy days for marbella for the whole year

Best Things to Do in Marbella When it Rains

If you do get stuck indoors with some rainy days in the forecast, there are a few options on what to explore in the city and stay dry. Here they are:

  • Visit Iglesia de la Encarnación Church in the old town
  • Enjoy some retail therapy at La Cañada shopping center
  • Hide from the rain in the best tapas restaurants
  • Visit the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings
  • Escape the rain by booking a day trip to places like Ronda, Granada or even Gibraltar
  • Visit the Ralli Museum
  • Book a Yoga Class
  • Book a Cooking Class
  • Enjoy a tapas tasting tour
  • Stay in your hotel with a good book

Average Sea Temperature in Marbella

The sea temperature in April starts to slowly climb and warm up, but for most people, it will be still pretty cold for swimming, with an average of around 16C, only one degree warmer compared to March.

The highest temperature for the Mediterranean sea can be expected in August.

graph showing average sea water temperatures in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Daylight Hours in Marbella in April

April brings about more sun and also daylight, an average of 13 daylight hours and an average of 8 sunshine hours too.

chart showing average daylight and sunshine hours in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

UV Index in Marbella in April

April is the last month of the spring with a very low UV index, around 4.0.

When the UV Index is between 3 and 5, it indicates a moderate risk of damage from sun exposure without protection. It’s best to stay in the shade around midday, which is when the sun’s rays are most intense. If you’re going to be outside, make sure to wear protective clothing, a hat with a wide brim, and sunglasses that block UV rays.

a graph showing the average uv index in marbella throughout the year

Wind Speed in Marbella

Wind can make a big difference in how warm you feel in the spring, especially if you’re strolling along the coastline (Paseo Maritimo) or sitting out on a terrace.

In April, the average wind speed is around 12 km/h, a drop from 13 km/h in March.

graph showing average wind speed in marbella throughout the year
weather source

What to Expect for Marbella in April 

marbella in april 42
Plaza de los Naranjos in Marbella Old Town.

April usually signals the arrival of Semana Santa, or the Easter celebrations in Andalucia. This year, the celebration falls at the end of March instead (24 – 31st).

That means April should be relatively peaceful in terms of tourist numbers because the first heavy traffic arrives ahead of Semana Santa. There are no Easter holidays either, so the families who would travel to Costa del Sol with kids on school break will also likely come in March.

April is the last month of relatively low activity, but it does pick up closer to the end of the month when you have the first crowds looking to escape the spring in Europe.

How does that translate to prices and services?

The good news is that almost everything is running as normal – that includes sunbed rentals, and all the hotels are fully operational by this time.

The bad news is that you won’t score any amazing deals on your flights or accommodation, as April signals the slow awakening of the tourism sector. It’s obviously not as expensive as in July and August, but also nowhere near as cheap as in January or February.


Planning Your Trip to Marbella in April

flower pots on a wall on a street in Marbella old town on costa del sol, southern spain
Pretty flower pots are the trademark of Marbella Old Town.

Now that you know the weather, here are some practical tips that will help you plan your trip.

What to Wear in Marbella in April

What should you pack and what should you wear in Marbella in April?

You need to prepare for both cooler and warmer weather: pack a lot of layers with long sleeves, long pants, and some lighter clothing for warmer days. Bring an umbrella and also sunscreen, to cover both scenarios.

Which Airport for Marbella?

The closest airport to Marbella is Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), which is about 50 km from Marbella.

You can rent a car directly from the airport (I recommend getting a quote from Discover Cars) or book your airport transfer in advance, to avoid the hassle of waiting for a local taxi.

I have lots of personal experience with Get Transfer, I have used them for long and shorter trips and even business trips. They are a price comparison platform, so they will source the best prices for your airport pick-up. They will also wait for you free of charge in case your flight is delayed.

If you’re driving to Marbella or want to explore options for public transport, I have a detailed transport guide here. Please note there is no train network in Marbella, so the bus is the only option.

Popular Tours in Marbella in April 2024

So what’s there to do in Marbella in April?

In addition to exploring the main highlights of Marbella, like the old town, Paseo Maritimo, and Puerto Banus, there are lots of options for local tours that will allow you to experience Marbeall in a bit more authentic way.

Book Online With Ease:

All tours for Marbella and around can be booked online in advance.

Best Local Tours in Marbella for April

One of the best ways to explore what Marbella has to offer is by booking a walking tour with a professional guide.

This very affordable walking tour only takes 1.5 hours and will show you everything you need in Marbella old town. Or you can combine the best of both worlds by booking a walking tour combined with tapas tasting, just like this tour.

If you want to spend some time at sea, there are pretty good cruise options available, both from Marbella’s port but also Puerto Banus. The most popular ones are this sunset sailing cruise from Puerto Banus, this cruise with drinks and dolphin watching, or a sunset cruise with drinks and snacks.

Best Day Trips from Marbella for April

Marbella is a great base for exploring the rest of Southern Spain, and you certainly don’t have to drive a car if you don’t want to.

The most popular day trips organized by local tour companies are a trip to the British territory of Gibraltar, a day trip to see the famous Alhambra in Granada or the famous white village of Ronda.

If you want something out of the ordinary, you can book a day trip to the African continent and see Morrocco in just a day, or book a day trip to Caminito del Rey, the most popular natural attraction in Malaga district.


All of the tours and day trips mentioned earlier offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before your trip or tour, giving you plenty of flexibility in case your plans change or the weather turns bad. A foolproof way to plan your trip!

Final Thoughts

I hope you have made up your mind about visiting Marbella in April – it’s a wonderful choice especially if you want to enjoy your trip without crowds, and like to do a lot of outdoor activities. The weather in April is perfect for those.

Are you still not sure about April?

Check out my weather guides for other months of the year:

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