Marbella Weather in March: Expert Guide [2024]

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Marbella Weather in March: Expert Guide [2024]

Are you wondering when is the best time to visit Marbella in Southern Spain?

While this charming resort town on Costa del Sol is well-known for its sunny days, not every month is equally blessed with fabulous weather.

In this article, you’ll get more than just the usual temperature and weather stats.

As I live right next to Marbella, I will also add some personal insights and practical tips, so you can find out whether Marbella is worth visiting in March from a local expert.

In a nutshell, March is the beginning of spring, with temperatures slowly rising and days getting longer. The weather can be still pretty unpredictable, and there is plenty of rain around. The tourism season picks up at the end of the month ahead of the Easter celebrations.

The pretty streets and squares of Marbella old town in Southern Spain.
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Is March a Good Month to Visit Marbella?

Well, it could be, especially if you’re hunting for hotel deals or don’t mind dodging a few raindrops.

Despite the cooler temperatures and rain, Marbella still enjoys a higher average daily temperature than much of Europe (and even other parts of Spain).

Let’s check the weather details for March!


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Marbella Weather in March: At Glance

People at a cafe watching over the marina of Puerto Banus, marbella.
In March, you can expect plenty of sunny days made for enjoying the outdoor terrace, just like here in Puerto Banus.

As spring arrives in Marbella, the weather begins to change and bring a bit more rain compared to February, along with a slight rise in temperatures.

The humidity stays roughly within the same range, but March brings about the most rainfall of the year to date, averaging about 47mm over approximately 11.8 days.

However, Marbella continues to offer enjoyable weather, with plenty of sunshine and a consistent, soothing sea breeze balancing out the rainfall.

  • Average High Temperatures: 16.3°C
  • Average Night Temperatures: 10.1°C
  • Sea Temperature: 15°C
  • Rainy Days: 11.8 days
  • Humidity: 73%
  • Daylight: nearly 12 hours

Average Temperatures in Marbella

As you can see from the annual graph overview, March is the first month after winter when the temperatures start to gradually go up.

Even though the average high of 16.3°C doesn’t sound like much, it actually feels much warmer in the sun.

Remember that the temperature drops pretty quickly as soon as the sun goes down, so be prepared and don’t forget to take warm clothing with you.

average high and low daily temperatures in Marbella, Southern Spain
weather data source

Average Humidity in Marbella

The average humidity in March is around 73%, which is pretty normal for the winter and spring months.

graph showing average humidity in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Rainfall Days in Marbella

March doesn’t bring about a huge amount of rain when you check the annual statistics for rainfall in mm, but it does have the most rainy days of the year.

In my experience, the rainy days tend to be scattered through the month, and it’s rarely the case of an extended period of never-ending rain.

So it’s very unlikely that if you’re coming to Marbella for a week, your whole holiday will be spoiled by rain.

Having said that, I’m not a wizard and can’t see the future, so it’s best to check the short-term weather forecast before your trip, they tend to be more accurate than the long-term forecasts.

a graph showing average rainfall in Marbella for each month of the year

Here is the average amount of rainy days per each month:

graph showing average rainy days for marbella for the whole year

Best Things to Do in Marbella When it Rains

While Marbella doesn’t offer a huge number of indoor activities like museums, there are still a few good options to choose from.

Here are a few ideas for rainy-day activities:

  • Visit Iglesia de la Encarnación Church in the old town
  • Enjoy some retail therapy at La Cañada shopping center
  • Hide from the rain in the best tapas restaurants
  • Visit the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings
  • Escape the rain by booking a day trip to places like Ronda, Granada or even Gibraltar
  • Visit the Ralli Museum
  • Book a Yoga Class
  • Book a Cooking Class
  • Enjoy a tapas tasting tour
  • Stay in your hotel with a good book

Average Sea Temperature in Marbella

It is no surprise that after the winter, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea will not be very pleasant, at around 15 C.

If you’re visiting from Northern Europe, that might be totally acceptable, but for most people, it will be way too cold.

graph showing average sea water temperatures in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Boat Trips in March

If you want to spend some time at sea, you can check local tour companies that offer boat trips and boat rentals even in March. Just be mindful of the waves, and if you get seasick easily you might want to skip these.

I can recommend a sunset sailing cruise from Puerto Banus, or a sailing and dolphin watching cruise with drinks. Both of these come with free cancellation up to 24 hours before the trip and should be running also in the spring months.


Daylight Hours in Marbella

Daylight hours jump from an average of 10 in February to 12 in March, giving you plenty of opportunities to discover what Marbella has to offer!

chart showing average daylight and sunshine hours in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Can You Get Sunburn in March?

Of course, you can! Packing a good sun-protecting lotion is a must when you’re visiting in March.

On that note, here is what the average UV index looks like in Marbella throughout the year.

a graph showing the average uv index in marbella throughout the year

Wind Speed in Marbella

Strong winds can make a huge difference to your day, and I know this firsthand!

Even if the temperatures start climbing, the strong wind from the sea will leave you freezing.

In March, you’re better off packing some wind-proof jacket as the average wind speed this time of year can reach up to 13 km/h.

graph showing average wind speed in marbella throughout the year
weather source

What to Expect for Marbella in March 

empty beach with sun umbrellas in Marbella, Southern Spain
Marbella in March also comes with the added bonus of empty beaches.

March is still very much a low season in Marbella, but the first crowds arrive for the start of Semana Santa, or the Easter celebrations. In 2024, this falls at the end of the month, between 24 to 31 of March.

Easter is a big event in Southern Spain, so a lot of local travelers from Spain come down to the coast to celebrate. In addition to that, a lot of people with kids on Easter break will visit to spend some time in a warmer climate.

At the beginning of March, you’re more likely to get good deals on your accommodation and flights, compared to the end of March.


Planning Your Trip to Marbella in March

Pretty corners of Marbella's old town ins pring.
Pretty corners of Marbella’s old town ins pring.

Now that you know the weather, here are some practical tips that will help you plan your trip.

What to Wear in Marbella in March

Pack up with plenty of warm layers, because despite the higher average temperatures, it will still feel pretty cold by the sea. Check out my guide on what to pack for Marbella in March here.

Which Airport for Marbella?

To get to Marbella, you will fly to Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP). From there, it’s about 40 minutes drive by car, but you can also take a local bus or taxi. There are no trains to Marbella available from the airport (Marbella doesn’t have a train station).

Puerto Banus is technically part of Marbella, but it’s further away, so expect to pay more than average prices for your taxi journey.

Airport Transfer Tip

To get the best price on your airport transfer, I recommend booking it ahead of your trip and using Get Transfer. I have lots of experience with them and they will get you the best price.

Events in Marbella in March 2024

The biggest event of the month is the Easter celebration, which is largely focused on the area of the old town.

Marbella town hall didn’t announce the exact procession times and schedule, so you should check my things to do list for March which I will update as soon as I have some news.

Popular Tours in Marbella in March 2024

If you’re ready to explore beyond the city, a guided tour to Caminito del Rey will certainly be the highlight of your trip. It’s the most popular natural attraction in the Malaga district, and even if you’re scared of heights I promise you will love it (just like I did!).

If you want to discover some gems of Southern Spain, consider this trip to Ronda, seeing the famous Alhambra in Granada (with palace tickets included) or even an escape to the African continent and booking a day trip to Morroco.

Local tours in Marbella that are popular this time of the year are a walking tour of Marbella old town, and this tapas and wine tasting tour.


Key Takeaways

March might be the most rainy month of the whole year, but compared to the rest of Europe, offers a very mild climate with plenty of daylight hours and even sunny days.

As it’s still considered a low season, you’re very likely to find great bargains on accomodation and tours.

Not sure about March?

Check out my weather guides for other months of the year:

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