Malaga Weather in July: Insider Travel Tips [2024]

Malaga Weather in July: Insider Travel Tips [2024]

Are you planning to travel to Malaga in July?

Do you wonder what the temperatures are like and if it’s jam-packed already?

I will answer these and all your other questions in this article.

How do I know?

I’ve been living next to Malaga since 2020, and have seen it in all seasons. I know the city better than a passing tourist and can also offer some practical insights that will make your trip much more enjoyable.

Let’s get into it!

Park in Malaga, Spain

July Weather Conditions in Malaga

Malaga enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, with relatively warm dry winters and very hot summers. Thanks to its location in Southern Spain, it boasts over 300 sunny days per year, and is one of the most popular destinations on Costa del Sol.

The weather conditions in July are very stable, with the only variations being the daytime temperatures and nearly zero chance of rain or bad weather.

The daytime temperatures normally reach around 30C (87F), and the early mornings and nights are also very warm. The sea water is also getting closer to swim-friendly temperatures, at around 23C (76F).

July is one of the warmest and busiest months for Malaga, so keep that in mind if you’re planning your trip. I have added some practical tips and list of things to do at the end of this article.

Muelle Uno in Malaga

Average Temperatures in July

  • Average day temperatures: 25C (77F)
  • Average high temperatures: 30C (87F)
  • Average low temperatures: 20C (69F)
  • Average night temperatures: 24C (76F)
  • Sea water temperature: 23C (76F)

July is a scorching month in Malaga, so those estimates above are the lower end of what you can expect.

Nights and early mornings are already pretty warm, so keep that in mind as you venture out from your hotel. Exploring any outdoor activities is best done in the early morning hours to avoid the mid-day and afternoon heat and also crowds.

Average Rainfall in July

There is virtually no chance of rain in Malaga in July.

While central Europe may enjoy the occasional summer storm, rain is unheard of in the middle of the summer in Southern Spain.

Sunshine & Daylight Hours in July

In July, you can expect around 11 hours of sunshine daily – that’s what I call a proper summer!

As I said earlier, the daytime temperatures can be pretty high, so you need to plan your activities accordingly. It’s not enjoyable climbing your way through monuments in the scorching heat.

Sea Temperature in July

The sea temperature in July is around 23C, which is very pleasant for swimming.

The sea also tends to be more calm this time of the year, so there isn’t a chance that you would see the red flag next to the lifeguard station.

Central Malaga, Spain

Travel Tips for Visiting Malaga in July

While July may sound like the perfect time to visit Malaga, there are a few practical things you should keep in mind, and I will cover those here.

Crowds in July

If there is one thing that might spoil your stay in Malaga, it’s certainly the crowds.

July is one of the busiest months of the year, both on beaches and in the city, especially in the old town.

On top of regular visitors staying in the city, there are day tours to Malaga from nearby towns, and also huge cruise ships that dock in the port and do shore excursions to the old town.

If you don’t like the idea of navigating the landmarks or the city sandwiches among hundreds of other tourists, the best advice I have is to plan your activities for the morning hours.

Visiting popular places like the Cathedral or Picasso Museum can be a nightmare. If you don’t buy your tickets in advance, you might spend close to an hour in a line waiting to get in.

Navigating Through the Heat

If you’re planning to do some exploring in Malaga, I suggest booking your activities for the early morning hours before the temperatures reach their peak.

In the morning, most of the popular attractions are not yet crowded, so you can see them in relative peace.

Most businesses (even restaurants) and some places of interest close every day for siesta hours, usually from 2pm to 4pm. Check the opening hours before you venture out to a specific place.

Bringing a refillable water bottle with you is a great idea and saves you from buying plastic water bottles each time you go out.

Sun protection, including a hat, is a must when exploring Malaga, including comfortable shoes.

If you plan to book some day trips or day tours out of Malaga (see my tips lower down), keep in mind that the temperatures inland are much higher than by the coast.

Muelle Uno in Malaga, Spain

Beach Time in Malaga

The urban beaches of Malaga are well equipped and have everything you need for a nice beach day: rentals of sunchairs and umbrellas, beach restaurants, lifeguards on duty, and small shops close by where you can get any essentials you might need.

If you don’t want to rent a sunchair, you can bring your towel and umbrella, but get to the beach early as the spots closer to the water get crowded fast.

For those that do not like the idea of crowded beaches – which is undoubtedly the case in July, you can easily rent a car and drive to the lesser-known spots and natural beaches around Malaga.

Check the instruction signs by the entrance to the beach – smoking is not allowed, and so are dogs on the beach (yet I see people breaking these rules all the time).

Things to do in Malaga in July

So what should you do on your trip to Malaga? Here are some recommendations for the best activities!

Outdoor Activities in Malaga

Indoor Activities in Malaga

Activities for Kids in Malaga

Suggested Day Trips from Malaga

Events & Festivals in Malaga in July 2023

  • Flamenco Festival – Saturday, 1 July – free flamenco concerts with some of the best local artists. Calle Alcazabilla from 10pm.
  • Open Air Cinema – until 1 August – free entrance, more info here.
  • Terral 2023 – 1 to 11 July – music festival, details here.
  • Beat Festival – 20 to 30 July – details here.
  • Gibralfaro Night Concerts – starting at 10pm, you can buy tickets here.
Muelle Uno in Malaga, Spain

Traveling from Malaga

If you’re planning to do a bit of exploring outside of Malaga, I have some detailed transport guides ready to help you plan your trips!

These include practical tips for using public transport and options to book a day trip with a local travel company.

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Malaga Weather in July: Frequent Questions

Here are some frequent questions about visiting Malaga in July. If you didn’t find answers to your questions in this article, please leave a comment at the bottom and I will be happy to answer it.

How hot is Malaga in July?

Malaga is very hot in July. It is one of the hottest months of the year, together with August. Average temperatures are hovering around 30C (86F).

Is July a good time to visit Malaga?

July is not the best time to visit Malaga due to the high temperatures and crowds in the city. July is the main holiday season in Malaga, so you can expect lots of people everywhere, including the beaches.

Prices of accommodation and flights are also at their peak. However, if you’re planning a trip for some sun and sea, without any chance of bad weather, then Malaga is a good bet.

What is the average temperature in Malaga in July?

Average temperatures in Malaga in July are hovering around 30C (86F).

Central Malaga, Spain

Can you swim in Malaga in July?

Yes, you can swim in Malaga in July. The average sea temperature is around 23C (76F), which is very pleasant for swimming, especially with the overall temperatures being quite high.

Is Malaga busy in July?

Yes, Malaga is very busy in July.

July is part of the main tourist season in Malaga, when you can expect big crowds pretty much everywhere, including the main attractions, beach and old town.

Is Malaga worth visiting in summer?

Malaga is worth visiting in the summer, but you need to prepare for the heat and crowds. It’s the perfect summer holiday destination, and in the month of July, there is virtually zero chance of rain.

If you have more flexibility and do not have to travel in the summer, I recommend visiting in late spring or early autumn.

What is the hottest month in Malaga?

The hottest month in Malaga is August, when average temperatures reach way over 30C (87F).

Are the beaches in Malaga crowded in July?

Yes, the beaches get crowded in Malaga in July. If you want to enjoy your time at the beach, I recommend heading there early in the morning when the temperatures are still pleasant and there are not many people around.

Does it rain in Malaga in July?

No, it doesn’t rain in Malaga in July.

Central Malaga, Spain

Final Words

I hope this article gave you a perfect idea about what you can expect in Malaga in July, both in terms of weather conditions but also travel.

As always, if you need any help with planning your trip, I’m happy to answer your questions below in the article, or in my private Facebook group.

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