Escape to Malaga in March: Weather & Local Travel Tips

Malaga Things to Do in Malaga

Escape to Malaga in March: Weather & Local Travel Tips

Malaga is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Spain, thanks to over 300 sunny days per year, easy and affordable travel connections, and of course, very mild winters.

If you’re considering Malaga for your trip in March, it’s undoubtedly a great option!

Before you book your trip, this article will give you all the local insights and tips you need to make the most out of your time in Malaga.

How do I know?

I’ve been living next to Malaga since 2020, and have seen it in all seasons and weather conditions. Thanks to that, I can share many practical insights that will allow you to have an enjoyable trip to Malaga in March.

This article is divided into two main sections.

In the beginning, you will find all the details about the weather conditions in March, and the second part of the article focuses on practical travel tips and recommendations for things to do, especially on bad weather days.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

things to do in Malaga, Spain

Malaga Weather in March: Climate Overview

March is considered the last winter month of the year in Malaga.

It’s the month when the weather conditions stabilize a little more, and you can expect less rain and more sunshine compared to the previous two months.

Malaga is well known for its warm winters, but let that not confuse you – you can still expect some rainy, windy, and cloudy days around, even in March.

What makes Malaga an excellent choice for a trip in March are the relatively warm temperatures, availability of things to do, even in rainy weather, and opportunities for exploring the rest of Southern Spain, thanks to great travel connections.

If you’re considering visiting in March, it can be a great choice as you’re getting a great deal on your accommodation and flight prices, but there is still a risk of bad weather visiting while you’re in the city.

March is a considerably ‘safer’ month to visit compared to January or February, which tend to be more rainy and much colder.

Let’s look at the weather conditions you can expect in March.

Weather Conditions in Malaga in March

March marks the transition from winter to spring on Costa del Sol, with weather conditions improving and the temperatures on the rise.

You can expect plenty of sunny days, with temperatures around 15C (59C) during the day.

In the sun, it will feel hot indeed.

Cold strong winds still visit the city during this month, which will make you feel much colder. Mornings and late afternoons are still pretty cold, so you need to wrap up warm if you’re planning to be out all day.

Malaga old town
Pretty streets of Malaga old town

Average Temperatures in March

  • Average day temperatures: 15C (59F)
  • Average high temperatures: 19C (67F)
  • Average low temperatures: 9C (50F)
  • Average night temperatures: 14C (57F)
  • Sea water temperature: 16C (61F)

Sunny Days in March

In March, you will be blessed with about 8 hours of sunshine daily, and plenty of sunny days around.

While there is still some rain, the wet periods stretch to one or two days here and there, so nothing that would ruin your whole trip.

Please remember that checking a long-term 10-day weather forecast is pretty useless this time of the year. The weather conditions change quickly, and the long-term forecast is rarely accurate.

Rainy & Cloudy Days in March

There are, on average, four to seven rainy days in March.

Most of these will be just showers that pass the city, and you can enjoy pleasant weather for the rest of the day.

The average rainfall for March is around 52mm.

If you see rain in the forecast for your trip, you shouldn’t be too worried. Usually, these conditions clear up pretty quickly and you will have plenty of time to enjoy some good weather.

malaga cathedral, spain

Planning Your Trip to Malaga in March

In the sections below, you will find everything you need to plan your trip to Malaga!

Malaga Weather in March: Clothing & Packing Tips

So the vital question: what should you pack?

The best thing you can do is pack warmer clothing that you can layer on during the day, and then take off as appropriate when it gets warmer.

You certainly need a jacket, but it’s not necessary to pack your winter gear with you.

No gloves or hats are needed.

Lighter winter jackets will be fine, along with warmer waterproof shoes, but no winter booths are necessary.

An umbrella and/or waterproof jacket is a good idea to take with you, along with a pair of warmer slippers if you’re staying in a rented apartment. Most of the places in Malaga are old flats with old stone floors that are super cold in winter, and not pleasant at all to walk with socks on.

Best Malaga Activities & Events in March 2024

Whether you’re planning to spend time outdoors, or find something to keep the kids busy, there is plenty to do and explore in Malaga in March!

I also suggested some day trip options in case you have some extra time and want to see what Southern Spain has to offer!

Picasso Museum, Malaga

March Outdoor Activities in Malaga

March Indoor Activities in Malaga

March Kids Activities in Malaga

March Day Trips from Malaga

March 2024 Events in Malaga

hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain

March Weather in Malaga: Travel Tips

March is a month with low tourism activity, which means it’s a great time to visit the usually crowded monuments like Alcazaba, Roman Theater, Gibralfaro Castle or the Picasso Museum.

I also strongly recommend checking out the day trip recommendations above, as this month is the best chance to see the famous monuments of Andalusia without long queues and many people around.

If you’re looking for a great deal on your trip, March is one of the best months to get a bargain.

Flight prices are still very affordable and in the low season price ranges, which changes pretty quickly towards the end of the month.

March is also the last month when you can get some fantastic deals on hotels and accommodation. In April, with the arrival of Semana Santa (Easter celebrations), the prices spike up again, and continue to rise until the start of the main tourist season in June.

Traveling from Malaga

If you’re planning to do a bit of exploring outside of Malaga, I have some detailed transport guides ready to help you plan your trips!

These include practical tips for using the public transport and also options to book a day trip with a local travel company.

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Malaga To Granada Day Trip: Expert Travel Tips

Malaga To Ronda Day Trip: Tickets & Tips

Malaga to Cordoba Train: Tickets & Travel Tips

Day Trip To Gibraltar From Malaga: Expert Travel Tips

Málaga to Seville: Tickets & Tips For 5 Best Transport Options

Malaga To Seville Day Trip: Best Transport Tips

Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Malaga: Tickets & Tips

Malaga old town

Final Words

I hope you found many practical tips and inspiration for planning your trip to Malaga in March.

If you keep an open mind about the weather and be prepared for changing weather conditions, I’m sure you will have a great trip and a memorable experience visiting not just Malaga but also other cities in Southern Spain.

Thank you for reading!

Malaga Weather in March: Frequent Questions

If there is something specific you wanted to know and didn’t find an answer in the article, please leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer it!

Is it warm in Malaga in March?

Yes, Malaga is relatively warm even in March, compared to other European destinations. While it certainly doesn’t have the weather for sunbathing or swimming, you have plenty of sunny days and sunshine during the day.

The average temperatures in March are between 9C (50F) and 19C (67F).

Can you sunbathe in Malaga in March?

You cannot sunbathe in Malaga in March, at least on most days. Towards the end of the month, when the temperatures rise, you will get to sunbathe as the temperatures start hitting close to 20C.

Can you swim in Malaga in March?

No, you cannot swim in Malaga in March. The sea is at its coldest this time of the year, with an average temperature around 16C (61F).

What month is best to visit Malaga?

The best month to visit Malaga is April, May, October, and November. These months have the perfect mix of good weather and low tourism activity, which make your trip much more enjoyable.

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