Benalmadena Weather in January: Local Guide [2024]

Benalmadena Weather in January: Local Guide [2024]

Are you considering a trip to Benalmadena in January 2024?

If you’re worried about the weather and what to expect, you have come to the right place. This article will answer all your weather and travel-related questions in full detail.

How do I know?

I have been living next to Benalmadena (in Fuengirola) since 2020, so in addition to weather insights, I can also share lots of practical tips and insights you will only get from a local.

Let’s take a look at what to expect.

Benalmadena Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain
Benalmadena Pueblo

Is January a Good Month to Visit Benalmadena?

Spain’s Costa del Sol may be known for its idyllic weather and beaches, but don’t let that reputation fool you. Winter conditions can be starkly different.

In January, the weather is cool and windy, meaning it may be difficult to find things to do outdoors or spend entire days outside exploring. There’s certainly no weather for sunbathing or swimming in the sea, but if you’re looking for January without freeze and snow, it will tick both boxes.

A January getaway to Benalmadena can be significantly more budget-friendly, but it’s important to be aware of weather risks before locking in a date.

The weather forecast is rarely accurate long time in advance due to quickly changing conditions, so you need to be prepared to be flexible with your plans if the weather changes.

Paloma Park

Benalmádena Weather in January: Climate Overview

  • Average High Temperatures: 16C (61F)
  • Average Low Temperatures: 4C (39F)
  • Sea Temperature: 16C (61F)
  • Rainy Days: 9 days
  • Sunshine Hours: 5 hours

Average Temperatures in January

If you’re still considering a winter getaway to Benalmadena, being aware of expected temperatures ahead of time can affect your decisions. The following estimates can help you plan for winter weather if you’re still planning to explore the Costa del Sol in January. 

January temperatures in Benalmadena generally reach highs of 61 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 16 degrees Celsius. Lows remain around 39 degrees Fahrenheit, or only 4 degrees Celsius. 

Though the weather warms up at midday, mornings and evenings can be very chilly especially if you are staying right on the coast.

Average Rainy Days in January

January sees plenty of wet weather in Benalmadena. Average rainfall in January measures about 51 mm, which is a little over 2 inches.  

You can expect about 9 rainy days throughout January. This can be quite significant depending on how long you are planning to stay on the coast, so keep this prediction in mind as you plan.

Benalmadena Bil Bil Castle

Sea Temperatures in January

January is not a good time to swim in the Mediterranean, as sea temperatures are guaranteed to be too cold for comfort. In January, the Mediterranean Sea temperatures near Benalmadena only go up to about 61 degrees Fahrenheit, or 16 degrees Celsius. 

This is generally too cold and can even be dangerous for most recreational swimmers.

Average Sunny Days in January

January in Benalmadena sees about 5 hours of sunshine a day, meaning you likely won’t experience a full day of sun. While you likely won’t be sunbathing on the beach, you can still catch some sunlight and comfortably spend time outdoors, provided oyu bundle up when necessary.

Humidity in January

More rain means more humidity, and Benalmadena experiences both in January. Humidity measures about 72% percent throughout the month, meaning it may be a little muggy. However, the month’s cool temperatures counter this, and you likely won’t feel the humidity hovering in the air.

benalmadena spain 1 2

What to Expect in Benalmádena in January 

Low Tourism Activity

January sees Benalmadena’s tourist traffic slow to a crawl as compared to warmer months.

Most people visit in summer, meaning that in January, you’ll have the area’s beaches and other attractions to yourself. Many businesses remain open throughout the winter, so visiting in January doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have anywhere to shop or enjoy local cuisine, but you won’t have as many options as in the main season.

This mainly applies to the selection of restaurants, facilities at the beach or hotel options.

Cheaper Accommodation

Less tourist traffic means lower prices, especially when it comes to accommodation, restaurants and shopping. One benefit of visiting Benalmadena in January is that winter may offer opportunities that would be far out of your price range during a busier time of the year.

It’s the perfect time to score a stay in a luxury hotel that would be otherwise outside of your budget, or perhaps a bigger house with sea views that gets booked up immediately in the summer months.

Parque de la Batteria, Benalmadena

Quick Changes in Weather Conditions

Winters in Benalmadena are prone to rainfall, wind gusts, and powerful storms. It’s highly important to take storm warnings seriously, as conditions can quickly become disruptive and even dangerous. Preparing a backup itinerary is a good idea. If there is a storm forecast, try to plan your trip around it as best as you can.

If a storm takes place while you are enjoying Benalmadena, plan to hunker down and wait out the bad weather indoors. If you’re planning to reserve your trip with a travel company, find out if anything can be done about weather-related changes before you book to avoid losing money in the worst-case scenario.

Packing for Your Trip in January

A compact umbrella and packable rain jacket are a handy combo that will keep you covered. Make sure you also bring shoes that are somewhat water-resistant so that you can keep exploring even when it’s wet outside.

Be sure to pack a wide range of layering items, as evening and morning temperatures can fall rapidly in January. Essentials like long sleeve tops, sweaters, a light jacket, long pants, warm socks and leggings will make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

Benalmadena Events in January 2024

Though January in Benalmadena is outside of the region’s peak season, the city stays busy. Local events are a great way to meet people and learn about Spanish culture.

The main event in January are related to the Orthodox Christmas celebrations around 6th of January – keep an eye on local forums or ask around in the place where you will be staying for gatherings and events near you.

Benalmadena marina

Things to do in Benalmadena in January 2024

Getting Around Benalmadena in January

If you’re planning to use trains or visit nearby towns, I have a few detailed guides that will help you plan your trip or day trip:

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Benalmadena Pueblo

Benalmadena Weather in January: Frequent Questions

How hot is Benalamdena in January?

With high temperatures reaching 61 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 16 degrees Celsius, Benalmadena’s weather is mild in January, but far from hot. It gets warmer towards the middle of the day, then gradually cools as evening approaches.

What is Benalmadena like in January?

Throughout January, Benalmadena stays quiet, cool, and calm. Many businesses are fully functional, but there are nowhere near as many visitors as in the summer. 

Is the Costa del Sol warm in January?

The Costa del Sol experiences mild temperatures and a few hours of daily sun in January. The climate during this time of year is generally cool, wet, windy, with temperatures rarely rising above 661 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 degrees Celsius.

Is Benalmadena busy in winter?

Benalmadena is much quieter in January than it is in warmer months, but this can be a benefit if you’re looking for a leisurely getaway. Less crowds mean you have more of a chance to explore popular attractions at your own pace- and, often, at lower prices. 

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