Marbella in July: Weather & Expert Tips [2024]

Marbella in July: Weather & Expert Tips [2024]

Are you planning to visit Marbella in July?

It’s the perfect summer getaway, and the weather will be the least of your worries.

Marbella is at its best in July, and you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to water activities and beach days but also plenty of options to explore the rest of Costa del Sol.

I have been living next to Marbella since 2020, and in this article I will offer my local insights and tips for making the most out of your visit to Marbella in July.

Luxury Boats in the marina of Puerto Banus in Marbella.
Luxury Boats in the marina of Puerto Banus in Marbella.

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Is July a Good Month to Visit Marbella?

Yes and no.

If you’re after sun, sea, and vibrant nightlife, it’s the place to be.

However, prices in Marbella are at their peak in July and it does get super hot and busy. Take a look at the comparison of the pros and cons of visiting in July below.

Reasons to Visit Reasons Against Visiting
Warm and sunny weather, perfect for beach activities. Peak tourist season can lead to crowded beaches and attractions.
Vibrant nightlife with many bars and clubs at their most active. Higher accommodation and service prices due to demand.
Opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining and the local summer festivals. Temperatures can be very high, sometimes uncomfortably so.
Great time for water sports and other outdoor activities. Possible long waits at restaurants and for public services.

Planning Your Trip to Marbella in July

Things To Do in Marbella in July 2024

So what’s there to do in Marbella in July?

In addition to spending plenty of time on the golden beaches of Marbella, don’t forget to add the old town to your travel itinerary. It’s best to visit early in the morning when it’s more peaceful and the temperatures are not high yet.

Another popular hotspot you should explore is Puerto Banus. Check out the luxurious megayachts in the marina, walk through the main street and check out the boutique shops, or stop over for a drink and watch the supercars drive by. Puerto Banus is also a great spot for nightlife.

Here are some other ideas to add to your travel plans:

old town of Marbella, Southern Spain
Pretty streets of Marbella old town.

Best Day Trips from Marbella in July

It would be a shame to visit Marbella and miss out on some of the other stunning destinations in Southern Spain.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to rent a car to see them if you don’t want to.

You can simply book a tour with a local company, and they will pick you up directly from Marbella.

I recently took a day trip to Morocco (Tetouan) – you can book the same here, and I think you will also love a day trip to Gibraltar – super affordable and also fast.

If you want to tick off the must-see landmarks in Southern Spain, then you can’t miss a day trip to Granada to see the famous Alhambra.

The beautiful mosque-cathedral of Cordoba is also available on an easy day trip from Marbella – book your spot here.

Don’t Miss Out!

Summer is a popular time to travel and the tours sell out very fast. Book your spot now – you can always cancel if needed, up to 24 hours before, for free.

If you’re on a tight budget and still want to see more of Costa del Sol, you can reach a number of destination pretty easily by bus.

There are direct bus connections from Marbella to Estepona (about 1 hour bus journey), to Fuengirola (30 mins fast bus) and you can also get to Ronda (1.5 hours) and Malaga (1 hour).

What to Wear in Marbella in July

Summer on Costa del Sol means light summer clothes, from breathable fabrics and comfortable shoes. Sun protection is absolutely crucial, bring your summer hat and plenty of sunscreen.

For a full packing guide for July, check this article.

Coastal promenade with palm trees in Marbella, Southern Spain
Paseo Maritimo in Marbella

Getting Around Marbella

The closest airport to Marbella is Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), which is about 50 km, approximately a 40 minute drive.

You can get a taxi directly next to the arrivals hall, but it does get busy and you might have to wait for one to be available. If you want to save time, you can book your airport transfer online in advance.

I recommend Get Transfer – they will source quotes from local travel companies and you can also book extras like car seats for kids or bigger car if you have more luggage.

You can also get a local bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella.

To get around Marbella, you can use a network of local buses or taxis, uber is also available in Marbella. There are no trains available in Marbella.


You don’t need a car to explore Marbella, but to see more of Costa del Sol, I highly recommend renting a car.

Marbella Weather in July: Overview

Here is a quick overview of what to expect, and further down you will see a detailed breakdown for the weather conditions.

Marbella Weather in July
Average High Temperatures 29°C
Average Low Temperatures 19°C
Sea Temperature 22°C
Rainy Days 0 days
Humidity 60%
Daylight 14 hours

Average Temperatures in Marbella in July

July means summer is in full swing, and with that you can expect the temperature to reach 30C on average, and it’s not unusual to also experience 35C days.

Mornings are late evenings are also pretty hot, and you might struggle to sleep well at night without airconditioning.

average high and low daily temperatures in Marbella, Southern Spain
weather data source

Average Humidity in Marbella in July

Humidity in July is under 60%, which can be uncomfortable at times.

graph showing average humidity in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Rainy Days in Marbella in July

July is the driest month of the year in Marbella, and there is virtually zero chance that you will see any rain during this month.

Summer storms may be quite common in the summer in Europe, but they are a rare event on Costa del Sol.

a graph showing average rainfall in Marbella for each month of the year
graph showing average rainy days for marbella for the whole year

Average Sea Temperature

As you would expect, sea is at its best in July, with an average temperature around 22C, so perfectly comfortable for swimming, especially on the hot sunny days.

graph showing average sea water temperatures in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

Daylight Hours in Marbella in July

In July, you can expect, on average, 14 daylight hours and 10 sunshine hours.

chart showing average daylight and sunshine hours in marbella throughout the year
weather data source

UV Index in Marbella in July

The UV index in July is at it’s highest level at 7.0, which means a high risk to skin damage from unprotected sun exposure. Do not underestimate the sun and if possible, avoid the midday sun and wear plenty of sunscreen through the day.

a graph showing the average uv index in marbella throughout the year

Wind Speed in Marbella

In July, the average wind speed is around 1o km/h, which is not bad at all, and it won’t cause you any discomfort.

graph showing average wind speed in marbella throughout the year
weather source

Practical Travel Tips for Visiting Marbella 

1. Beach Time

Marbella has over 27 kilometers of sandy beaches, with hotels and restaurants scattered around the coastline.

Most will offer sunbed rentals, but there are also more natural ones where you can just bring your own beach towel. The easiest way to access them is on foot – simply walk down to Paseo Maritimo (the coastal promenade) and pick your favourite spot.

I recommend heading to the beach early in the morning, the best spots closer to the water get busy very quickly.

2. Nightlife in Marbella in July

Marbella is famous for its vibrant nightlife, especially the district of Puerto Banús. It is the hub for high-end nightlife, but if you prefer a more laid-back evening, check out the bars in the Old Town.

3. Eating Out

Marbella can get pretty crowded in the summer months, so if you’re heading out for dinner don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table.

Local Spaniards eat quite late, usually between 9 – 10 pm for dinner, and around 2 – 3 pm for lunch. Keep that in mind when you’re making your restaurant reservations.

Check my guide for best restaurants in Marbella here.

4. Street Sellers

Street sellers are a sad and oftentimes annoying reality of spending summer on Costa del Sol. They sell fake goods and often block the promenade with the display for their ‘shop’. They will harass people on the beach and in restaurants.

Unfortunately there is no way of avoiding them.

5. Shopping

If you want to buy some souvenirs, I recommend heading to the old town of Marbella where you will find more boutique shops and unique finds. You will find small shops alongside the promenade for things like beach equipment or small items.

You can visit the La Canada shopping mall just outside of Marbella for more shopping options.

White building in Marbella old tow on Costa del Sol, Southern Spain
Pretty corners in Marbella old town.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article covers everything you need to know about booking your trip to Marbella in July.

If you have any questions that were not covered here, please leave a comment and I will be happy to help!

Here are all of my other weather reports for Marbella in case you haven’t made up your mind yet about visiting in July.

Thank you for reading!

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Pinterest image showing Marbella old town with a headline - Marbella in July weather and travel, Southern Spain Travel tips
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